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August 27, 2014 - So, a lot of people called me out for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and now that I'm back home after a couple of Grand Funk gigs I have stepped up to face the challenge.

As you know, the challenge is to help raise awareness and money for the fight against ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.


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Track Listing

1. Fate
2. Ain't Gonna Die (featuring Gene Simmons)
3. No Friend Of Mine (featuring John Corabi)
4. Hand of the King (featuring Nick Simmons)
5. I'll Survive
6. Dirty Girl (featuring Doug Fieger)
7. Final Mile
8. I'm The Animal (w/Tobias Sammet & Eric Singer)
9. And I Know
10. Between The Lines (featuring Steve Lukather)
11. Life


Grand Funk Tour Dates

  • 09/05/14 - Thunder Valley Casino, Lincoln, California
  • 09/11/14 - SE Missouri District Fair, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
  • 09/12/14 - Utah State Fair, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 09/20/14 - Oklahoma St.Fair, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 10/09/14 - Grey Eagle Casino, Calgary, Alberta Canada
  • 10/10/14 - River Cree Resort and Casino, Enoch, Alberta Canada
  • NEW! 10/11/14 - Quad Cities Waterfront, Bettendorf, Iowa
  • NEW! 11/21/14 - Stage 305 at Magic City Casino, Miami, Florida Featured Videos

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Now Playing:

  • Fate
  • Ain't Gonna Die
  • No Friend Of Mine
  • Hand of the King
  • I'll Survive
  • Dirty Girl
  • Final Mile
  • I'm The Animal
  • And I Know
  • Between The Lines
  • Life
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