BK3 Full-Length CD

Track Listing

1. Fate
2. Ain't Gonna Die (featuring Gene Simmons)
3. No Friend Of Mine (featuring John Corabi)
4. Hand of the King (featuring Nick Simmons)
5. I'll Survive
6. Dirty Girl (featuring Doug Fieger)
7. Final Mile
8. I'm The Animal (featuring Tobias Sammet & Eric Singer)
9. And I Know
10. Between The Lines (featuring Steve Lukather)
11. Life

BK3: Hand of the King "Hand Of The King" (featuring Nick Simmons on vocals) is available NOW at the following online digital retailers: iTunes, Amazon, Amie Street, Emusic, Lala, Napster, Rhapsody, Shockhound, Thinkindie, Walmart.com and Zune! Unfortunately, "Hand Of The King" is only available as a digital download in North America.

"Although 'Hand Of The King' marks Nick's debut as a recording artist, he was a natural behind the microphone," says Kulick. "His lyrics are based on his passion for the dark imagery of the graphic novel world. The combination of vivid lyrics and brooding guitar riffs, against Nick's powerful vocal performance, absolutely resulted in one of my favorite tracks on BK3."

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BK3 will be released February 2nd on Twenty 4 Records /Rocket Science Ventures.

Bruce Kulick will release the debut single from his forthcoming album, BK3 on January 12th. The single "Hand Of The King" featuring Nick Simmons (son of KISS bassist Gene Simmons) will be a digital only release available at all online music stores, including iTunes. Nick was seen in Season 4 of Gene Simmons' Family Jewels in the studio with Gene performing for the BK3 CD.

Bruce Kulick's third solo album, BK3, will be released on February 2nd via Twenty 4 Records / Rocket Science Ventures. Produced by Jeremy Rubulino, BK3 features a jaw dropping guest roster that also includes Gene Simmons, Knack frontman Doug Fieger, John Corabi (Motley Crue, Kulick's own Union) Toto axe authoritarian Steve Lukather, KISS drummer Eric Singer, and more.

If you ever play Six Degrees of Bruce Kulick, the former KISS/current Grand Funk Railroad guitarist's résumé will keep you happily busy for hours. Having been tapped by artists as diverse as Meat Loaf and Kanye West, the veteran axeman's boundless creative energy permeates his third solo LP, BK3. In the works for nearly six years and produced by Jeremy Rubolino, BK3 delivers explosive hard rock arrangements and addictive pop melodies that honor both Kulick's singular past and bright future. And then there's the jaw-dropping guest list, boasting members of KISS, the Knack, Toto, Mötley Crüe and more.

"Bruce was to KISS what Ronnie Wood is to the Stones," says Rocket Science GM & Fanboy Enterprises A&R executive Ken Gullic. "The new guy to one generation, and the long standing stable horse to another."

After getting his solo feet wet with 2001's Audio Dog and 2003's Transformer, Kulick - the often unheralded driving force on 12 years of classic KISS records, from 1984's Animalize to 1992's Revenge - assembled his own rock 'n' roll dream team. The roster: KISS icon Gene Simmons and up-and-coming son Nick (each vocally appearing separately), longtime friend John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, Kulick's own Union), Knack mainman Doug Fieger, Toto axe authoritarian Steve Lukather, Edguy power metal stalwart Tobias Sammet and even current KISS drummer Eric Singer.

"Many albums lack cohesion with different vocalists, but I know that my guitar playing is the glue on BK3," Kulick says. "There was the clear goal of making absolutely the best record that I could put together. I feel like this is my Revenge."

  BK3 will be released February 2nd on Twenty 4 Records /Rocket Science Ventures.

BK3 EP TRACK LIST (Click song titles for audio sample)

Lead Vocals: John Corabi
Bass & Guitars: Bruce Kulick
Acoustic guitar: Jeremy Rubolino
Drums: Brent Fitz
Backing vocals: Jeremy Rubolino and Cliff Calabro
Written by: John Corabi, Bruce Kulick, and Jeremy Rubolino

Lead Vocals: Bruce Kulick
Bass & Guitars: Bruce Kulick
Drums: Brent Fitz
Backing Vocals: Jeremy Rubolino and Cliff Calabro
Written by: Bruce Kulick and Jeremy Rubolino

Lead Guitar: Steve Lukather
Guitars: Bruce Kulick
Bass: Jimmy Haslip
Drums: Kenny Aronoff
Written by: Bruce Kulick and Jeremy Rubolino

All songs mixed by Brian Virtue
Engineered by Brian Virtue, Steve Churchyard and Jeremy Rubolino
Produced by Jeremy Rubolino and Bruce Kulick
Mastered at Precision Mastering, Hollywood, CA by Don C Tyler
Fan Reviews of the BK3 EP
Please Note: While Bruce loves hearing from all his fans about his work, not all reviews submitted will be published.
It's always a treat when new music is delivered by the postman, but more so when it's Kiss related. Bruce has been working hard on his third solo album, and sharing with the fans his experiences and work during the process. As a treat for his Australian fans Bruce had a limited number of EP samplers of material from his forthcoming album pressed. These are now available on his website for order by all fans.

"No Friend Of Mine," quickly discards the acoustic intro in favor of more familiar COS-sounding riffs, before returning to the softer sound. This song perfectly compliments John Corabi's voice, though I don't feel that we slip back into Union era sound. If nothing else, this song is far better crafted than the sort of material from that band that immediately comes to mind, even if 3/4 of that band is performing the track (Drummer Brent Fitz performs on the first two tracks). A progression in craft, it undulates sonically balanced nicely between John's vocals (always a treat to hear Crabby rock) and a very powerful backing track that displays plenty of Bruce's considerable skills, without becoming muddled. Fantastic song with excellent lyrics!

"And I Know" is a revelation. From the opening it immediately feels to be a happy song, but I also feel it's some of Bruce's strongest vocal work ever. He certainly seems far more comfortable in the role. He's also complimented nicely with the gang chorus vocals. It's hard not to tap your feet along to the song. Very nice classic feeling guitar solo on this one, which certainly comes more from a 1980s school of rock.

The "BK3-EP" closes with "Between The Lines," an instrumental featuring the talents of Steve Lukather (who played on Peter's 1978 solo and "Out Of Control") and ex-Blackjack alumni Jimmy Haslip. Highly melodic, there's elements present that make a clear connection between 21st century Kulick and the Kulick of 1974 (for those who haven't, get the "KKB" disc). With a powerful rhythm driven by Haslip and drummer Kenny Aronoff the guitars are allowed to soar without becoming lost in competition.

If this sampler is representative of the rest of the album then fans will be in for a treat. Bruce is definitely like a fine wine, getting better and better with age, yet retaining all of the elements that made his talents appealing in the first place. If you're looking forward to his new release, then grab a copy of the EP from the man direct! - Julian Gill of KISSFAQ.com
Out of the ashes of the KISS dust and rising to the top once again is guitarist Bruce Kulick. Bruce was always a gracious man to fan and foe but always had a backseat to Gene & Paul. Kulick became a household name with his time in KISS. No shame in reaping the benefits of legends but now Bruce has come back strong with many accolades with guest appearances and solo music of his own. With his new limited edition Australian EP "BK3" Bruce thrives from the attention being given with a new outlook and a new full-length solo release coming in August/September '09, but for the time being let's check out this sampler.

Starting things off is "No Friend of Mine" with lead vocals by John Corabi and written by Corabi, Kulick and Jeremy Rubolino. This melodic gem is not totally a direction change from Kulick's KISS days, showing the man can live up to past endeavors. "No Friend of Mine" is a jolt to the system with melodic drive but also pulsates with murderous guitar solos. Cora bi makes one helluva showing on vocals and Bruce simply shines.

Track 2 "And I Know" has Kulick stepping into the lead vocal role with this soft rocker; kind of reminded me of a smoother Ace Frehley! This could sure make it to AOR radio with the hook filled chorus and sweet guitar chords.

Ending the disc is "Between The Lines" with the lead guitar of Steve Lukather (ex-TOTO) giving the song a Satriani feel as Kulick and Lukather share the limelight on this nice instrumental. I definitely will be looking forward to the full-length release later this year. - Brian Rademacher
Bruce Kulick's latest sampler EP BK3 offers a glimpse into his next full album with an introduction of 3 new exciting tunes.

NO FRIEND OF MINE: Features John Corabi giving a strong vocal performance in a very progressive tune. Vocals, guitars, drums have been blended and balanced perfectly in an impressive production. The acoustic guitar sounds of Jeremy Rubolino add an appealing dimension to this song.

AND I KNOW: I really like this song! It features Bruce on vocals with excellent harmonizing by Jeremy Rubolino and Cliff Calabro on back-up vocals. An especially catchy guitar riff with a superior lead solo - as per typical Bruce. This heavy pop song will create an earworm in my head for a long time!

BETWEEN THE LINES: Is an instrumental with the intricately woven guitar sounds of Bruce Kulick and Steve Lukather. The two guitarists provide and eclectic mix of personal styles that compliment each other as would the right amount of spice to a perfectly cooked meal. Extraordinary bass and drum work add the icing to the cake in this multidimensional tune.

Overall, this is a very well-recorded EP with strong production, clean guitar sounds and a masterful mix. Well done to all who worked on this EP! We wait in anticipation for the full album. - Paul and Vickie Tikkanen
First of all I must say, this EP is the first solo stuff that I hear from you. And I must say I really like it. "No Friend Of Mine" is a really really good and strong song. I really like the atmosphere with the acoustic guitar and the strong rock riffs in the chorus. John's vocals are amazing!

"And I Know" is also a cool song, but not entirely as strong as "No Friend Of Mine". I like your vocals and the lyrics, good job! "Beetween The Lines" is a good tune, you recognize Luke from the very first note he plays. Nice to listen to!

I hope there are some more songs like No Friend Of Mine" on the album. I especially look forward to the song with Tobias Sammet as I also come frome Fulda (where Tobi lives), and I sometimes meet him when we take a tour through local bars. I wish you good luck with your music and the new record!
- Tobias Wilken
Got your CD in the mail yesterday. Played it ten times in a row, and must say you got a great album coming up! These three songs really rocks! "No Friend Of Mine" with John on vocals makes me remember how great Union where and how much I miss that band. I know that you play a couple of Union songs with Eric Singer Project but I want more! Great song with a killer lick as a bridge just after the chourus.

"And I Know" is my favourite song. A good verse followed by a great chourus, with excellent vocals from you. If there's any justice out there this should be a hit! "Between the lines" is, to be honest, my least favourite track. Not that it is a bad one, the guitar work is excellent, but compared to the other two...

And just a small thing about the title: you do know that both ex-Kiss members Peter Criss and Mark St John have recorded a song called "Between the lines"? Different song, same title. Once again, thanks a lot! I really looking forward to hear the full length album. - Erik Pettersson
Bruce is like a good wine, time passes and he gets more and more taste, colour and intensity. "No Friend Of Mine" - An acoustic guitar arpeggio open up to a ferocious riffs of Childhood's End memory... John Corabi's voice starts crafting a catchy melody that goes in and out through the backing guitars which display at a full range Bruce's amazing skills. This is the tune you keep on playing on your recorder and you never get bored about, each time you listen to it, you hear something new and different from the previous run; great song and wonderful lyrics!

"And I Know" - Bruce, Bruce, Bruce! The song itself is a classic '80s rock tune, an happy song with a strong melody and a cool guitars work on the bridge and in the chorus; it could be called a classic BK tune, but with something more, the vocals! Bruce has made a tremendous step forward. It's Bruce's strongest and greatest vocal work ever. You feel him while singing, with an intensity and a confidence that I never get from him in his previous works, magnifico!!!

"Between The Lines" - A battle of guitars. Steve Lukather and Bruce fight on the powerful rhythm carpet built by Haslip and Aronoff. Cool and killer guitar playing throughout the tune, quite like a sort of time machine that brings us the consummate guitar master of nowadays from the young Bruce of KKB. Amazing duet that never ever leaves the listener lost on arid technicalities but let him walk along with melodies and catchy riffs. - Fabio "Deuce" Mainardi
Former Kiss guitarist, Bruce Kulick, has just released a sampling of tracks from his forthcoming solo album in the form of a three song EP called BK3. Lead off track, No Friend Of Mine, reunites three fourth of (his first post-Kiss band) Union and features a strong lead vocal by John Corabi. With a sound reminiscent of that band's first album mixed with Kiss' Carnival Of Souls it is sure to please.

With its timeless guitar work, the album's second track, And I Know (an upbeat pop track with mid '80s Cheap Trick sensibilities), finds Kulick comfortable and confident behind the microphone.

Axe master Steve Lukather (best known for his work with Toto) trades licks with Kulick on the grooving instrumental and final track, Between The Lines. Overall, BK3 is a tasty appetizer and will leave fans wanting more. - Mitch Lafon
Featured Audio: Songs From BK3


First Single

  • Hand of the King
  • (featuring Nick Simmons)

BK3 Track Listing

  • Fate
  • Ain't Gonna Die
  • No Friend Of Mine
  • Hand of the King
  • I'll Survive
  • Dirty Girl
  • Final Mile
  • I'm The Animal
  • And I Know
  • Between The Lines
  • Life
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