Bruce's Gear
My amp gear live is very basic. I use Marshall 900 or 2000 series heads and 4 X 12 Marshall cabinets with Vintage 30's Celestion speakers. Amps for the studio will be various cool Marshalls, and a Vox AC 30, Fender Bassman from 66, vintage Ampeg Jet, Tweed Fender Amps, and Orange's Tiny Terror and Egnater Rebel 20 to name a few.

Of course you all know I use ESP Guitars. I have many LTD/ESP and Custom ESP models that I like to change up all the time. Viper, Horizon, Eclipse, and Vintage Plus models do the job for me quite well.  I am also a huge Gibson fan. I will use Les Paul's sometimes Explorers, or even SG's.  So if you come see me live, I promise there will be some interesting instruments.  I also use PRS, and Fender guitars as well.

If I had to take only TWO instruments, it would be an ESP vintage plus strat with a Duncan JB humbucker in the treble position, and my 1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard converted with two original PAF pickups.  That guitar is featured on many key KISS tracks, UNION and all my solo discs.

My pedal board is very important. It has a chorus pedal, analog delay, digital delay, phaser, wah wah, univibe, and an overdrive pedal. In the studio I use many different brands of pedals and I love trying new things all the time. From MXR, KEELEY, GEEKMACDADDY, to VOX, BOSS, BBE, TECH 21, MAESTRO, CREATION LABS, MAXON and on and on! You can see many of these pedals in my studio blog for BK3.

I should add that most of your sound really does come from your hands, but I am blessed with great gear for sure. My strings are SIT and I use either 10's or 9's or a combination, depending on the guitar.


Bruce's 3 Pedal Board Setups