Message From Bruce

- November 23, 2015

Bruce KulickHad a wonderful weekend outside of Mexico City in Toluca, Mexico recently at an amazing venue called the KISS Lounge. It can only be described as a shrine to all things KISS and Kiko, the owner, is a HUGE fan of the band.

I jammed a set of classic KISS with the house band, Overdrive, to help celebrate KISS Lounge's 12th Anniversary. The only thing different for them was the drummer, Jon Carr, who obviously is totally obsessed with Eric Carr. He did a fine job, along with the singer from his tribute band, Tony.

The meet and greet was fun, and I received many thoughtful gifts. Some even cried when meeting me! Ironically, since I don't eat Mexican food (can't really digest it right) I had pizza and pasta from Antonino's Pizza nearby Kiko's place every day. Being on the road, you have to do what works!

Thank you Kiko and Daniel, and your lovely wives. Thanks to Jon, his amazing girlfriend Katie, Daniel for helping the band before my arrival, Sergio, Fernando, Tony and Roman. You all made the performances exciting for me.

Thank you Mr Abbattista for your hard work, and most of all thanks to the fans who showed me their love. I always love the passion you all have for my guitar playing and all things KISS!

You all rule in my world.

All the best,

Bruce Kulick

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