Message From Bruce

- July 10, 2014

Bruce KulickIt's clearly summer in North America and Europe, and that's the busiest season for touring in most places in the world. Naturally, it's the time GFR gets busy and huge mega tours like KISS/Def Leppard, Motley Crue/Alice Cooper, etc., get going on the road.

I had a show with Grand Funk down in San Diego, CA on the 5th of July, so with KISS just a few miles away on the 6th in Chula Vista it made sense for me and Lisa and some friends to take in the festivities. I wanted to get there early to see the special meet and greet acoustic performance that KISS does late in the afternoon. I knew it would be kind of crazy.

As soon as the fans were led into the air conditioned tent, my party and I squeezed in the back. It was super casual, and I was calling out tunes to play, like "Going Blind," and sure enough they tore into it.

Much like the Unplugged Convention Tour from 1995 that led up to KISS doing the MTV Unplugged performance (that I am still very proud of), the guys were relaxed and having a ton of fun. They were all excited to see me in attendance, so that made it quite interesting for the fans too.

Bruce Kulick The Def Leppard guys I have met before at the Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, so I got some photos and quick hellos with most of them. I can tell the vibe of the tour is lots of fun for both bands, no ego issues at all. Well the crowd got what they paid for, and I know the tickets are pricey, but the production value of this tour is HUGE. I saw the "Spider" in action for KISS last summer in Ottawa, Canada, when GFR was in the town the same night and I was able to see the show. If you're a KISS fan, you shouldn't miss this spectacular display of music, pyro, lights and sound, not to mention all the typical wilder elements that are always a part of a full KISS show.

I have lots of shows with GFR this summer, but in a different way than KISS. We do what the biz calls "fly dates"--we fly into a city, do the show and fly home. Mostly on weekends. Sometimes there are a few shows in a row, but it's nothing like the mega tours I mentioned at the top of my message. If you haven't seen Grand Funk, do your best to come hear us! It's not a huge production like KISS of course, but the music is the message with us. And I get to really shine on their songs as well, playing solos in just about every song of the night.

I hope you all enjoy your summer. Be safe, and remember that music is a blessing, so enjoy it! I know I do. And also, if you haven't checked out BK3, my last solo disc, on iTunes please do. North America has a few new bonus tracks, and I am setting up to have Audiodog and Transformer released on iTunes and all digital outlets worldwide very soon. Of course, you can also find BK3 on Spotify and Pandora, as well as other streaming radio sites.

Thank you all,

Bruce Kulick

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