Message From Bruce

- April 26, 2016

Bruce KulickI just returned from an exciting weekend in Stockholm, Sweden. It was a very long trip from LA just for a few days, but it was worth it to see my friends and fans in Scandinavia.

My first full day, Friday, started with a photo session for a popular Swedish artist, Robert Haglund, followed by some radio interviews and a long video interview for a TV show on KISS. All of that was done at the famous studio ABBA recorded at, so I enjoyed the historic nature of the setting. After that I did a quick guitar session for some friends, then rehearsed with my backing band for the expo, some of them friends of mine from many years ago and UNION tours of Sweden.

But the big day was Saturday. The KISS Expo was professionally presented and arranged by some die hard KISS fans in Sweden. There was a special meet and greet I did for the VIP ticket, and that was fun talking and meeting those fans one on one. I took photos with them, signed items and even did a hand print for one fan that he had in a frame. That's a first!

Bruce KulickThe expo featured a 90-minute interview of me conducted by Alex Bergdahl, who is an uber KISS fan and especially well informed on my era of KISS. He took the crowd and me deep into the Asylum era of the band with thoughtful questions and a slideshow behind me to spark my memory. We ended with a rare video of the band live from an Asylum show, and I was freaked out by how many flashbacks I had from 30 years ago!

Next was the performance with my Swedish friends. It wasn't a long set, but I enjoyed playing "Unholy," "Turn On The Night," "Hell or High Water," "Domino," "Parasite," "I Walk Alone," and "Tears Are Falling," ending with the hit "Crazy Nights." It was a very crazy night indeed! I was so thrilled I couldn't even sleep before my early trip home to LA via a stop in Heathrow.

Like I said in my interview on Friday for Swedish television, every day of my life is touched by my 12 years in the band. Because of the worldwide fame of KISS and the passionate fans everywhere, it is something that seems to continue to grow. The weekend in Sweden proved that many miles away people love my era and are willing to come celebrate it, like the many Star Wars fans enjoy their conventions. I am very thankful for my fans' support, and I hope they enjoyed the event as much as I did.

Bruce Kulick

Thank you all at KISSIN Time and the KISS Army fans in Sweden. Thanks to Mats and all in the guys in the band for working so hard on backing me. Thanks to all my friends who live and work in Sweden. They are a part of my life even here in LA. It's a small world after all, isn't it!

All the best,

Bruce Kulick

PS - Thanks to Mattias Lindhs/Lindhs Grafiska for the clinic photo.
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