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- December 10, 2002 -
Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick In
Switzerland & Norway
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Hello everyone!! Had an amazing time in Switzerland and Norway, and I have included many pictures of my journey. I am waiting on some more to come in from Norway, and I will get those up when I receive them.

I rehearsed for three days with a group of musicians who became my band for the four Swiss shows. After a good trip there, and staying in SION, one of the most beautiful places in the world, I was ready for the shows. Did press in a few cities by day, and rehearsed at night with the guys.

Each club was unique but most important was the fans reaction to my set list which I have also included for your viewing. The guys in the band did a great job and a special thanks to Bob, Sam, Jean-Da, and Vince. Vince spent the time before I arrived playing musical director and did a fine job getting them ready. Of course there would be no tour without my friend from years ago, Nicolas Kostadimas who looked after me, and got the show on the road. His crew of David and Stephen on sound and his friends from STAFF the opening act, were all a class act to me and everyone we came in contact with. So the clubs and hotels were very happy with our professionalism which is important to me. Also thanks to Alexander who helped with merch, and the Kiss Creatures Swiss fanclub.

I included some Swiss dog photos as, they let dogs in the restaurants there! I would love to have Joe with me like that in America! So all in all, great friends to travel with, and great food, and amazing scenery in Switzerland. The chocolate rules as well!

Off to Norway, and there it was a bit of a winter wonderland! As soon as I landed I was "ouch it is freakin cold out"! Had a few days off in OSLO, but did press for NRK which is like the BBC in England. We did a long interview for a special they are working on about KISS. But they already have aired some of my interview as they really thought it was cool. Stig from the KISS army Norway was very helpful to me and he played road manager for me for the week. Off to Skien, a city of 50,000 a few hours drive from Oslo, and we settled in to the 1001 Watt Festival, a Metal Rock concert three day event. Mats from the festival booked me for the event and I want to thank him for asking me to be there. I was the special guest from the US, and bands from Norway, Sweden and even Poland performed.

First night of the three day festival, I jammed with a KISS tribute band. The band and I had fun on stage and were joined by two young Norwegian girls in Kiss make-up "The Kissettes" for Lick It Up and Rock and Roll all Night. Pretty funny actually. Kind of like "Take It Off" from the Revenge tour!!

Next day I did a meet and greet and introduced a few bands. By then it was truly a winter wonderland with freezing rain and snow... YIKES! Nothing some former New Yorker can't handle! Hit the local mall each afternoon to burn some calories and my wallet!

Last day was a guitar clinic from me, and that was really fun playing the Revenge tracks I jam over and the ones from Audio Dog, my solo disc. Had to leave town early so after some quick waffles in the lobby of the hotel, off to Oslo straight to the Radisson airport hotel.

Very early flight and because of snow in Oslo, missed my connection home in Paris. Almost cried about that, but fortunately Air France had a flight 3 hours later to get me back to Los Angeles.... thankfully!!! What a scary 3 hours.. I really wanted to go home and I was traveling all alone then. But 11 hours later I arrived safe and sound and happy to be home again.

All very successful and I want to thank the fans and my friends for making my journey fun, cool and adventurous! (Driving thru the Alps, and snowy roads in Norway is very adventurous to me!) I hope to return for more solo shows in Europe and even cover more countries of course next time. But not until I have my next disc done.

Now what is up now? Well, I am finally going to start my next solo disc, as I could not get started prior to my trip to Europe. I will relax during the holidays, but really looking forward to getting the disc of new music going. Lots of guitars, melodies and big riffs!!!

The book that has been talked about, is still a work in progress so please don't ask when it will come out. Same with the UNION DVD. My next appearances will be in Janurary at the Philly KISS expo on Sunday, Jan 5th.

Then check with www.grandfunkrailroad.com for the news about shows as early as Jan with them! We will do some serious road work next year, so don't miss us if we are in your area. I hope you all have a great holiday season and keep in touch.

- November 1, 2002 -
Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a while since my last message but I have been enjoying mostly being home taking care of things that I can never get to when I travel. I will be going to Switzerland and Norway in November. The Switzerland dates are up on my site and this will be much like what I did in Australia earlier in the year. Also a few of them will have KISS expos as well at the venue. So please check the information carefully. I will have a great band to back me up, and I will feature songs from my solo disc, Audio Dog, and of course celebrate my years with KISS with songs the band has not done recently if ever actually. I know that these dates are not a full tour of Europe, but I am glad to have the opportunity to do the 4 shows. From what I hear from the promoter, I could have booked 20 in 5 countries but time does not permit with my schedule of my next solo disc, and Grand Funk shows booked a long time ago.

From Switzerland I will go directly to Norway, to be the special guest for a three day metal festival in SKIEN. Skien is a city about 2 hours away from OSLO. The Norway fans are great, and I will be involved all three days the events planned. I will jam with a KISS cover band, do my clinic with my backing tracks, do meet and greets with the fans, interviews, Q & A , photos etc. The dates are Nov 28, 29, 30. So I will have a link to more info on this event up in a few days. So I am excited to be able to get to Europe as I usually do each year. The fans make me feel very special, and it is great to see them.

In regard to my new solo disc, that I have written, I have not yet started recording, due to studio scheduling, but Brent Fitz (UNION, Vince Neil drummer) and I have been rehearsing to get the material ready to record before I leave for Europe. Very excited about the material, and all the songs have titles and all I have to is RECORD!

December I will pick up again with the recording of course and enjoy my birthday, and the holidays. In regard to my book, things are going slower than expected so sorry about the December release announcement a year ago. Same with the UNION DVD.

Bruce & Jeff

But I will keep you all posted. OK now for some pix! I went to Jeff Pilson's (DOKKEN, movie Rock Star) wedding in early October. Got some great pix. Jeff and his lovely bride Ravinder had a full Indian wedding... wild! I could finally wear a suit! Some guests included Bobby Blotzer from Ratt, Gerri Miller from the Metal Edge Hair band years, George Lynch (Dokken, ESP guitar poster boy) and a cast of thousands from India! I had a great time, and I want to wish them all the best! I went out and bought Indian music CD's the next day. The food and the music was great! Spicy in each way!!!!! So now we are up to date! Thanks for the continued support for my solo career and Grand Funk gig, and keep in touch. All the best to you all!

- October 2, 2002 -
Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a while, but I have been of course traveling a lot again with Grand Funk. A few cities like Ruidoso, NM were particularly memorable as we all got to see some great scenery and a great guitar store called Folk of the Wood. Bought a mandolin there that rocks! I love getting into new string instruments and will try to get them on my next solo disc somehow.

All of the shows and cities have been fun, (Ft Worth Texas another high light for us and Denver as well) and of course, I use the down time while traveling to finish up some songs for the next BK solo disc, "Transformer" (tentative title).

I have 12 songs ready to go now, and that feels great. I have met with Curt Cuomo (KISS, UNION, Audio Dog, Eddie Money, etc.) and we are all ready to start in the middle of October. I will use Brent Fitz of UNION on drums, and on one song called "It's Just My Life" I will have John Corabi on lead vocals. It is not meant as a UNION reunion, just John has THE voice for this song. I well cover all the guitars and bass on the disc and lead vocals.

I have 8 vocal tracks to do and 4 instrumentals. This disc will be a great follow up to Audio Dog and I will fill you all in as I make progress on it.

Regarding merch, I have new photos up on my Audio Dog shirts, as fans that have gotten them, say the web shots do NOT do them justice. So check them out.

Now recently you may have heard that I was at the second Gene Simmon's Tongue party at Barfly in LA this past Friday night. Carrie Stevens who is the cover girl, (Eric Carr's old flame) and Gene invited me, and it was quite a party. Very crowded, and even though I was the only other past or present KISS member to show up, I did see many friends there.

Of course it was more about the girls, and Hugh Hefner did show up with his army of babes, and so did Bill Maher, from Politically Incorrect. Shannon Tweed was there, as was the editor of the magazine Allen Tuller, and some girls you have seen on Gene's site or in his company. Hmmmmm. Anyway, it was a good time, and by the time I left, my eyes hurt from the overload of woman in fine outfits.

Well, the Grand Funk tour is winding down, and that gives me an opportunity to record, and get over to Europe in November. Details of that trip will be coming soon... hint (Switzerland and Norway!!!)

So all the best to you all, and keep in touch!

- September 2, 2002 -
Bruce's KISS Box Set Gold Award Bruce's KISS Box Set Gold Award

Bruce Kulick Receives KISS Box Set Gold Award

Well, summer is almost over, and how fast it has flown. I must say I have enjoyed my time at the shows and hope you all enjoyed your summertime. The KISS Charlotte Expo was a huge success! I want to thank everyone who helped me and of course all the fans who came out and made it one to remember. I also got to a vintage guitar show very close to the expo, and that made my head spin. I resisted buying but found a great guitar for Tim Cashion, the keyboard player in Grand Funk. I found a beat up Ukulele, that was so cool, so I did not go home empty handed.

The week prior, I had the honor of being a guest of Dale the Demon Torborg, and the Florida Marlins at Dodger Stadium. I got to go on the field, and met both Jonathan Silverman, (actor from Weekend at Bernie's) and Chris Noth (Mr. Big in Sex in the City). We all laughed and loved being ON the field. My brother Bob was like a kid in the sand box! Met up with Gilby Clarke, and Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer. It was cool, and the Dodgers won. Always a pleasure to see Dale and be a part of a baseball game. (would love to play the national anthem at Dodger stadium!!) [Click here to view photos]

Audio Dog Womens Shirt

Women's Audio Dog Jersey

Also just received from KISS my GOLD Box set RIAA disc! Very cool. Check out the photos of it! Anyway, more traveling, more songs being written, and check out the merch page for the new AUDIO DOG apparel. The woman's jerseys, which are quite flattering on the girls, were very popular at the Charlotte Expo. Be safe, and be well. More news coming soon.

- August 7, 2002 -
GFR Gold Disc

Bruce Kulick's GFR Gold Album

Hello everyone, Hope the summer is going good for you all. I of course have been all over the country with Grand Funk, and the dates have been very exciting. I love the reaction we have been getting, and we really have been lucky with great weather and crowds as we play outdoors quite alot. Thanks to my fans who come holding signs or my Audio Dog CD up!! That is so cool.

We just finished some dates in the midwest, and I want to apologize to Chicago for a short show. Mother nature got very angry and a huge lightning storm hit the area, so we were told we needed to stop the show after about 50 minutes. At least I got to play my Star Spangled Banner!

I am working on new material for the next Kulick solo disc, and I should start recording that this year. Very happy with writing in the hotels and then lyrics on the plane rides. The book is being worked on as well, and I will have some real info coming this summer on the progress. The UNION DVD is still moving along well.

Also I am going to have some interesting merchandise for AUDIO DOG. An embroidery design taken from the cover of the EP of my dog Joe as a rock star. It looks amazing. I will have for sale at the expo in Charlotte Aug 25th.  Then I will put it up on the site as well.  And if you didnt order Audio Dog (the CD),  I have recently dropped the price, so check that out on the link on my website.

Well, catch you all on the road or drop me an email and thanks again for all the support!

- July 10, 2002 -
Bruce Kulick with Tommy Shaw of Styx

Bruce Kulick Performing Star Spangled Banner At Marlins Game

HELLO EVERYONE! Hope your July 4th Holiday was safe and fun! I caught a ballgame, and did the Star Spangled Banner again in my heavy Hendrix style for the Marlins vs the Chicago Cubs at Pro Player Stadium in Miami. Went over great! So many people gave me thumbs up when I was in the crowd I felt like a hero!

The Marlins lost, but the game was fun to watch. For a while the Marlins let me sit directly behind home plate. It was exciting to come out of the dugout for my performance. Last comment, ballplayers are very much like rock stars! And of course thanks to Dale the Demon (Torborg) and his dad Jeff.

The show for Grand Funk on the 4th was a success, and nature behaved, so no thunderstorms. The firework display was very cool as well. Sunrise, FL knew how to celebrate! Of course my anthem went over very well especially on the holiday. Chicago was another park with a July 4th theme, and we did a very powerful show there. The crowd was sad our set was over.

So a very successful mini tour, and even came home with a very nice KOA Ukulele from Mars music. Thanks to Jaymes who helped me at the Florida gigs. I had to have one after seeing McCartney use one in concert. Just not sure how to get a pickup on it and blast it through a Marshall 100 watt amp!!

Saw some footage to the UNION DVD/VHS concert, being put together. VERY COOL!! It will be a nice stocking stuffer for sure!

Again check the site for the tour dates for GFR and I do have some expo's being planned. First one of course is August 25th, in Charlotte. That one will be a great time. I will perform live like I do in my clinics.

- June 13, 2002 -

Bruce Kulick At Evansville KISS Expo 2002
Hello everyone, Had the pleasure last night to be in attendance for Gene's launch party for his new magazine, Gene Simmons Tongue, at Barfly in West Hollywood, Ca. It was definitely a reunion of sorts, with Gene, Paul, Eric, and myself. The party was very crowded, and here are some highlights. I don't think I will ever forget seeing Hugh Hefner, looking fine, dancing with 6 or 7 Playmates, in a velvet roped off section of the dance floor with bodyguards and security! I think the girls were the ones on the cover of Gene's Tongue Magazine. Not a sight to forget! Got to see my old friend from Motley Crue, Mr. Nikki Sixx, and his beautiful wife Donna D'Errico who had lots of cameras following them all night. Nikki did agree to be in my book as we got to hangout a lot in the early 90's during his very domestic days with his first wife, Brandi. Saw Carrie Stevens looking great, she is the proud Mom of a little boy and had the pictures for all to enjoy. Being a playmate herself, she fit in quite well and it is always good to see her.

Lit, the band that you may have heard of had a few members in attendance who introduced themselves to me. Kevin the bass player actually spits fire this past year on tour. ( A Gene/KISS fan for sure!) Shannon Tweed, mother of Gene's children as the Demon likes to say, was there along with her sister Tracy. It has been a while since I saw them together other than on TV's EXTRA. Of course the EXTRA cameras were in attendance as well, so I am sure the event will be on an upcoming show. Laughed with Gene about how intense his website is, and when does he have time to SLEEP!!

Spoke with Tommy Thayer (the new Ace Frehley) looking good in a suit. We spoke about him catching a Grand Funk show in Oregon, as that is where Tommy grew up. All in all a great evening, even came home with some Gene Simmons Condoms that a naked girl in Gene's makeup was walking around with in a jar! The only weirder thing was that she said hello Bruce! Don't have a clue who was under the greasepaint! A dear friend of mine called her a "La La" whatever that means!!

Now getting back to my recent travels. Thanks to the fans in Evansville for coming to the KISS expo. It was warm and humid, but everyone had a great time at the Holiday Inn. I want to thank Alan Tate, the promoter for taking care of me at the event.

As you know summer is here, so the AMERICAN BAND has many dates, so please go to the site to check out when you can come for a visit. (www.grandfunkrailroad.com). Last week, Max Carl the singer came out to LA and we got together to write music for the band. Had a very fruitful time, and looking forward to getting the rest band involved with some of these new ideas.

Also I have been writing for another solo disc and although I have no firm plans for when I will start recording, I know I have half the disc already written.

The book is coming along GREAT, and the recent interviews by the author Ken Gullic with Bob Ezrin and Larry Mazer has some severely juicy material. This summer we will be really in the groove with getting it done. Very excited about it!

UNION DVD/VHS tape still being worked on, and that will be fun for the fans to get their hands on. Definitely out this year.

Just to wrap up, sorry AGAIN about problems with my site, but things are really OK now. And I want to specially thank Chris and Beth White for looking out for me, and getting it going again.

See you this summer and have fun, and come say hello on tour!

- May 16, 2002 -
Hello everyone! Sorry for the downtime (again) on my site, but I believe things have finally been sorted out.

As you know I have gotten busy again with Grand Funk, and please go check the schedule for dates in your area. We have quite a busy summer coming up, and you will not be disappointed. I got a surprise in the mail on Saturday, a Gold Grand Funk Railroad disc made out to me, for their greatest hits CD. The catalog obviously sells from our shows, and that is a nice addition for my collection. Also we are still working on new material that we will keep adding into the show. We just did a show in Peoria, ILL to kick off a Blue Angel air show. Got to see them practice... AMAZING. These guys are so precise. Some of the pilots got to watch the "American Band" do their thing and came backstage for some pizza and cake. (Don's wife had a birthday). Speaking of Don, you should all have caught that commercial by now for GMC, or Buick, or Pontiac featuring "We're An American Band". So good to hear our encore song on the TV every five minutes or so!!

I have been doing some clinics for ESP guitar of late and that has been really great in educating once again my solo disc Audio Dog, and my Grand Funk gig. They have some new guitar models that are great, so I get to feature me and the guitars up close. My clinic at Mars in Ft Lauderdale had a great crowd, and I have one this weekend. Saturday May 18th, Sacramento, CA. Skips Music. 1PM sharp. Free to all and I will be signing etc, after ripping some riffs on my guitar. I really enjoy these, so dont miss it. Skips number is 916-484-7575.

Next stop will be the KISS expo in Evansville, IN and that should be a good one. June 8th for that event. Never had one there before. I will be performing my clinic there, so come check that out. For those of you who dont know what a clinic is, I play some KISS faves from Revenge with a backing CD, some Audio Dog songs as well, and answer questions etc. Everyone enjoys watching me close up. So see you soon at one of these events.

Also I am the speical guest at the first Charlotte KISS expo on Aug 25th. Looking forward to getting to the south, as I have not been there in a while.

So sorry again about the web server problems, keep in touch, and thanks again for the support. More news and pix are coming. Also my author and me are making some great progress on my book!!!

- April 8, 2002 -
Hello everyone, Just back from a clinic tour for ESP guitars in the Ohio area, and I want to thank the stores, fans, and friends I met and played for during my trip.  I had a great time, and I must thank Rob Joseph, the ESP rep, for taking me everywhere and being my friend on the road. Lots of cool guitar and music stories were shared!

Started off in Pittsburgh, went to Wheeling WV, and then Columbus, and Mansfield Ohio. It was great to field the questions about KISS and my instuments and talk about my solo disc, Audio Dog. Of course the playing was my highlight and if you caught one of these you know they are a cool way to catch me play up close. I have one more coming up this month in Ft Lauderdale on the 28th of April, at Mars Music 3PM sharp.

Bruce Kulick At Metronome Music
Click Over to Metronome Music for a full report and 25 snapshots from the clinic in Mansfield, Ohio

For fans in Southwest, GFR is playing in Las Vegas and Laughlin NV on the 25th and 26th of April, so look those dates up. We are playing that new song I wrote with Max now in the set, so check that out. (Who Took Down The Stars).

On a sad note, the day before my trip, I was invited to the memorial for Randy Castillo, former Ozzy, Crue drummer. I didnt know Randy really well, but he was a talented drummer and performer, and a very friendly guy. It was a sad event but a giant crowd attended and showed their respects to him and his family. Ozzy was there, and so was Nikki Sixx. Glad to catch up with him, as it has been some time since we spoke in person. Of course all the drummers in LA were there including Eric Singer, Matt Sorum etc.

The whole thing reminded me of Eric Carr's funeral day of course so it was a sad time for me. But we need to remember these fallen friends as they were, full of life, and how they shared their talent with the world.

On to other things, sorry about the week of down time with the website, things have worked out.  And keep in touch of course, and take care of your loved ones.

- March 14, 2002 -
Hello everyone, things have been finally slowing down a bit for me after a very successful and busy Feb 2002. February had dates in Australia (my first solo ones) which were very exciting, Portland Oregon area, (actually right by the ocean and the day we got there, the winds were howling) a show and clinic in Orlando Florida, (great to be outdoors at Sea World) and my performance at Mars Music had a great turnout. Then off to Indio,CA (near Palm Springs) for an outdoor festival gig which was amazing, and off to a Casino in the mystical New Mexico area, for a show with Steppenwolf! That was a great rock concert. Had one of our best shows that night.

View The New GFR Promo Photos!
March has only gotten me to Florida, where we did a big show for the American Cancer Society, and we were able to jump on the BOB and TOM show for a quick "Star Spangled Banner" and "We're An American Band" performance to the delight of the crowd at the Mars Amphitheater in West Palm Beach. That was so cool to surprise this hugh crowd and blast them with our performance! Check out "The Bob & Tom Show" here. Grand Funk has a date in Iowa coming up and I know that the KISS army OMAHA will be showing up in full force.

So, so far a good year 2002. Audio Dog is still selling well for me, there is a Joe Satriani / Steve Vai tribute disc which I contributed a performance of the Satriani song, "Always With Me, Always With You", which I did a very interesting version of, mostly acoustic actually. The disc is out on Versailles Records. My track leads off the disc!

The UNION DVD will be a reality, but be patient about that, and my book of course is slowly being worked on.

Well, have to get my taxes done, and play with some new gear for my studio. (Not to mention some new awesome ESP guitars that I have recently been performing with.) Go to www.espguitars.com to check out the H-1000 and Viper 301 LTD models. Great guitars and a very good price. Keep in mind, I may still play my signature model out on the road, but it is not sold anymore by ESP. You can still own one of the 12 left in stock, by contacting me. They are out of production and will be quite a collectors item in the future because of how few were made. (They are quite excellent I might add)!

Also I have committed to some clinics for ESP guitars in the Ohio area starting April 1st. They are at music shops and the info is coming in a few days right here on KULICK.net. So please come to one in your area. I will play some Audio Dog live to a backing CD, and some KISS of course as well. I will also take questions and then sign autographs. If you don't have Audio Dog, I will make them available to you at a great price.

Well, the summer is looking good for Grand Funk, so come and party with the "American Band" (hey did you see the cool new GMC commercial using the song?) Check the site OK? All the best to you all. Thank again so much for your support.

- February 12, 2002 -
Bruce Kulick Australian Poster Hello everyone! Back safe and sound, (a bit tired) but I want to tell everyone that Australia was great and the reaction from the fans for my first ever solo gigs was tremendous.

Long flight there of course, and because of lousy weather in LA, nearly didnt make it out when I was supposed to. But thanks to a concerned United gate woman, (she must of liked me!) I got out on a different flight. First to Sydney, then arrived in Melbourne, but my guitar (red ESP) did NOT!!It caught up with me a few days later!! UGGHHH, but I rehearsed with a borrowed old Gibson.

Stand the band that opened and backed me, worked hard on the song list we discussed but we needed to whip it all into shape, so we went through three hard days of rehearsal and I want to personally thank, Paul, Steve, Matt and Vince for the great job they did learning my Audio Dog songs, and the interesting mix of KISS songs for the set.

SO after some nervousness in the morning of the Melbourne show, I knew things would go well. It was a sold out crowd with over 500 people jammed in this club, but after sound check the weather turned rather nasty! IT HAILED!! Golf balls!!! It is summer in Australia you know, so that was WEIRD! I was freakin' out!

View The Photos!
By show time things calmed down, but the air conditioning in the club was broken and with the packed crowd and humidity, OUCH!!! I sweated so hard, my bandana was bleeding color on my face! Hottest gig I can remember, and the guys in the band said the same.

I did my meet and greet and the fans there are so cool. They waited patiently even in the heat to get my autograph. Off to Sydney the next day for an in-store at Utopia Records. Great shop, and thanks to Craig for a successful turnout. They stocked my disc there, so if you are in Aussie Land, order it from them.

Sunday was show day, and air conditioning working, we had a great turnout and the show was quite a success again. Very proud of the band, and the reaction from the crowd. I did my autographs and a much exhausted BK and band retired from an exhausting week.

I stayed in Sydney for a few days to relax, but it rained and rained and rained! I did not get a break! Had some good meals and caught some movies I missed in the states. Flew home (with no problems) and left 24 hours later for my shows with Grand Funk in Oregon for the weekend.

So the overview of the trip was, it was great to do the solo shows featuring songs from the solo disc, and do some of the rare KISS songs, that mean alot to me. (Tears Are Falling, Tough Love, Domino, Master and Slave, I Walk Alone, Crazy Crazy Nights for example).

Big thank you to the guys and Stand of course, and to my friend Nico who was on hand to sell some rare KISS merch as well. You know him from Strike magazine.

I learned some funny sounding Australian slang! Sold all my merchandise which is quite a nice feeling; so thank you again to all the fans down under for such an amazing turn out. It felt WONDERFUL to be greeted so warmly by the fans.

All the best to you all, and watch my site KULICK.net for all the dates coming up for me, as many get added often.

- January 28, 2002 -
Hello everyone. Well, I am off to Australia, and that is quite an exciting adventure for Bruce. First time solo ever!! Should be fun. Looking forward to the fans and the shows! I will have a full report when I return. NAMM show was fun down in Anaheim, signed autographs at the ESP booth with George Lynch (Dokken) and Micheal Wilton (Queensryche). Of course ran into many of my friends in the business and jammed onstage with Laidlaw, a great band with the guy who did my Flash video. It was at the Galaxy Theatre (where UNION did its live disc). I played two songs with the guys and thanks to the guys and Paul Reed Smith for the invite. Had a great time. Also went to a big 40th anniversary party for Jim Marshall of Marshall Amps. Nice party for him, with guitarist Eric Johnson, as the performer.

Click For Larger Image

JOE (aka "Audio Dog")
Click For Larger Image

So while I am gone to promote Audio Dog, I want you all to look at my other dog named Booty. He is an Alaskan Malamute, and I co-own him with my friend Bernadette Quierco. She has a kennel and breeds these dogs. She will have some of her beautiful creatures in some upcoming movies and Hollywood has taken to her flock of animals. Booty has won many awards, and of course he makes me proud. He is not a house dog, and he doesn't actually live with me. I hope when he retires from winning medals he will come live with me and Joe. Speaking of Joe, (my small dog and best friend in the world (Audio Dog!!!), he stays quite often with Bernadette when I travel. He knows Booty, although Booty has been known to relieve himself on Joe's head!! Well, I have some Booty photos here for you to see and another one of Joe for the site. Plus info on Bernadette and Booty's accomplishments. So check it out.

BOOTY NEWS: CHAMPION ARTIC-LUV'S BOOTY SHAKER finished his American Kennel Club Championship Dec 18!! What a wonderful Christmas Present for Bruce and Joe!! While he became a Champion his Son Artic Luv's Beau received some blue ribbons at the same show! His sister Artic Luv's Missy Flynn received some Championship points at the same show. Booty comes from a line of Alaskan Malamutes that has made history in the breed such as the First Best in Show winner and some of top wieght pull dogs! Booty's dad Champion Artic Luv's Red Jake and his grandfather 12 time Best in Show Winner Champion Artic Luv's Skullduggery Known as Trick! Like Trick who was used in the Dr Quinn Medicine Women--Booty is being used in a made for TV movie with Ann Archer Eyes of the Wolf. This is Bruce's first Champion Alaskan Malamute Champion and Booty has sired some future Champions for Bruce!! Booty's Breeder is Bernadette Quercio of Artic Luv Kennels. Bruce is the Proud Owner and Bernadette the Co owner. Future breedings of Booty are planned to continue the winning ways!

Everyone be well, and more pix and news when I return from my trip. I hope to see you this year on tour with Grand Funk. I am also planning some clinics for ESP guitars and some KISS expo appearances as well.

- January 7, 2002 -
Happy 2002 everyone! I hope you had a great New Years with friends and family. I got some much needed rest, and it has been a very busy year. When looking back, I cant believe how many places I traveled to, how many different type shows I did both with Grand Funk and UNION and of course some expo appearances around the world. I was in Norway, Argentina, Puerto Rico and much of the US, and Montreal (came home on the 10th of Sept fortunately!).

I did about 45 shows with Grand Funk Railroad, and once again I must say, the band is not only great to play in, they are all first rate people to hang with. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them. Also late in 2001 I wrote a song with Max Carl the singer, that is so amazing, it might be the best thing I ever co-wrote. It is called "Who Took Down the Stars," and we have plans to record this year and that song will be very important. From Festivals, to Motorcycle events to the Palace in Detroit, it was a fun year with Don, Mel, Max and Tim.

In December we all got together in Los Angeles and did a photo shoot and interview video with Norman Seef. He was the photographer for KISS's Hotter Than Hell cover session. Amazing guy. I am was so happy to have everyone in town during my birthday and we all celebrated at Jerry's Deli in the Valley here in LA. So look for the new shots on the GFR site coming soon. AMAZING Shots!! More on that later after the pix are up. Our dates for the year are coming in, the 12th of Jan being the first in Hallandale Florida. Looking forwarding to jamming again on stage with the "American Band"!

I am scheduling some clinics this year for ESP guitars at Mars Music so I will get the news out to you all about those. One firmed up already is on the 18th of Feb in Orlando at Mars Music.

2002 is just shaping up with my commitments, and of course I am very excited about my upcoming trip down under to Australia. I will only be able to do shows in Melbourne and Sydney as I have get back to the US for show with GFR in Oregon. I will promote Audio Dog, and perform live songs from the disc for the first time. (Lets not count the song "Liar" which I have done with UNION and in clinics.) Also of course lots of KISS songs that KISS doesn't usually play, and that will be a real treat for the fans there. Also a KISS dealer will be present at the two shows, so merch will be available. Should be fun!!

For those of you curious about UNION, no plans for now for any shows or recording, except work on the DVD on the band. For those of you curious about my book, things are moving forward very well, and I am excited about it. (How is KISS YOUR ASS GOOD-BYE for a title???) My new favorite!

Well, I will be at NAMM this year of course, so catch you there if you are attending. Please try to watch the GFR tour dates and you will not be sorry seeing the band.

Audio Dog is still selling well, and remember the free exclusive Audio Dog signature pick with an order now. And check out the Flash video again. Lots of work went into that!!

My sincere wishes for a great 2002 to you all!!

- December 6, 2001 -
Now that you have just visited my site, KULICK.net, you have seen my new FLASH video for a song from Audio Dog, my solo disc, called "Strange To Me". [Click To View The Flash Video]. I love this technology, and I hope you dig all the pictures the creator crammed into the video. Thanks to my friend Craig DeFalco and his partner Deb, for doing this for me! Craig is from the band Laidlaw, and for info on his work in web design contact: www.spillysoundstudios.com

Now for the exciting info on Audio Dog. For those of you who do not want to order by mail etc, the disc can be bought in certain stores! Perris Records is distributing the disc to Tower, Best Buy, CD Now etc. Now this does not mean it will be easily found though. They have a good amount out there, but if you will have to ask someone that works at your store that seems to know Rock and Roll and KISS so here is the info. The bar code # is 670573009429. It is listed under Perris Rec/Select-O-Hits number PER 94. With this info, any store can order it as well if they dont already have it in their system. So support the rock stuff and ask for the music you want!

Audio Dog Picks As a bonus to those of you that want to order directly from me, I will be offering while supplies last, a FREE Audio Dog signature guitar pick with your order. I have been trying to get these for a while now, and they are finally in. I may offer them for sale if the pick collectors bother me enough!! But for now, a free one with each order.

So either way, the holiday season will be easier for you to order my solo disc. Also visit the Perris Records site, www.perrisrecords.com as they are promoting my disc, and as well I have worked out with ESP guitars a giveaway for a VIPER LTD guitar made by ESP. This is a bitchin' guitar that I will be using in the future.

NOW .. what about Chicago? I want to thank everyone for making Chicago KISSFEST a HUGE success!! There was close to 1000 people and that made a cold windy day in Chicago a very warm place to be. Everyone was happy to meet me, Mark St John, and Dale the Demon at the show. A very special surprise person showed up. The guitarist of CREED, Mark Tremonti. He is a fan of KISS and a friend of Dale's. I know that not all KISS fans support Creed, but I would like to say that they are a favorite of mine, as they are heavy, melodic, and the lyrics are real. I took some photos of Mark and I, asked how things were (how could they not be amazing!) and congratulated him on Creed's huge success. I gave him my Audio Dog solo disc, which I promised him last Feb in LA at the Namm show! Well I make good on my promises.

Mark St John and I got stumped a few times during the Q & A, (hard to remember everything from 1984!) but it was great to answer the questions and sign the cool new KISS box set. I am proud to see it, and of course contributed to its set list. The box set will be a great holiday gift for sure.

Thanks again to the organizers of the event in Chicago, Jill and Shanon (who performed as ACE in his KISS tribute band.) I heard they were very good, and the crowd enjoyed them. KISSFEST will be every year now I am sure. Nice to see Chicago back strong in the world of KISS expo's.

SO enjoy the new Flash Video, the pictures from Chicago, and of course have a great holiday season. I finally have time at home to catch up with things.. Look for news about my upcoming shows in 2002 with Grand Funk, and more news coming about an overseas trip that I am very excited about.

- November 16, 2001 -
Hello Everyone, I want to thank all of the fans that came to Louisville, and want you all to know that it was a great Expo. Eric Singer, just off the tour with Alice Cooper was there as well, and of course we got a chance to catch up with each other on the flight home to LA.

I hope those of you in the Pittsburgh area go to see Eric this weekend, (I will be resting) and hope anyone in the Chicago area comes out to the Expo in Elgin on the 25th of November. Should be a really good one, Dale the Demon and Mark St. John will be in attendance as well.

News about Audio Dog is coming, plus a Flash video for one of the songs, so look for that in the coming weeks. Hope you are all doing well in these uneasy times, so take care and see you soon.

- October 25, 2001 -
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HELLO everyone! What an exciting time UNION had in Buenos Aires!! First off, as soon as we unpacked we went lunch to go over the schedule which of course was going to be hectic. After an amazing food experience, (I still cannot get over how good the food is there!), John and I had to go pick out some acoustic guitars from a local store, and then get ready for some interviews, and then to go to Much Music (like MTV) for an acoustic performance (live) and interview.

We arrived and there was a crowd mobbing us as we got out of the van. WILD!! We saw friends from the last time there, and of course was excited to play for the crowd. We practiced backstage, and then we performed 4 songs and an interview. As we left the crowd once again mobbed me, so much that I was not walking to the van, I was being lifted by the crowd!

Off to the hotel for dinner and some rest. Next day started with a live performance on a radio show called "Cual Es". It was really funny to play full on, in a small room live on the radio. Well Howard Stern does it!! After that performance and interview, which was difficult as the radio host was showing John and I some wild DVD of porn on his Laptop, off to lunch again. Then we were off to the theatre for a soundcheck and back to the hotel for more interviews.

Went to dinner, and then off to the Roxy club for some fun, and we even jammed a few songs as the club owner hoped we would play to hype the event there on Saturday. Another long day of course, but Buenos Aires NEVER SLEEPS!

Next day we had interviews and then off to the show for  meeting the fans, and then of course to play our set. The meet and greet was crazy, and the fans were pushing so hard even with full security, we had to stop and retreat. We tried again but only for 10 minutes as it got crazy again. WOW!

The show went great, and it was so much fun to be on a big stage with over 1000 fans packed in this small theatre. They sing to us, and sing the songs and riffs... what can I say... we felt like heroes up there. Off to a pizza place after and had many of our fans and friends along with us. (Yes food amazing again!!)

Next day we sound checked at the Roxy and John and I did a meet and greet with fans but it was early and limited. It was great to play on the radio again acoustically live from the club as the promoter Pablo did his radio show from the Roxy.

Later on, UNION did our set, and I actually preferred this show, as it was more intimate with the fans. We had a great set, and even our friend Pelusa from a great Argentine band called MAD came up and did Honkey Tonk Woman with us.

Off to see Pelusa's band play at a club (they do AC/DC better than the original!!) and we finally left after a hectic backstage party there, at 5 AM. I did not see my bed until dawn. A typical night in Buenos Aires. UNION would like to thank everyone from Pablo, Aldana, Leandro, Gabriel (Kiss Fever), Fito, Carina, Alejandro, and of course our own Jules Rocca from the US for helping us make the trip AMAZING.

To all our fans and friends THANK YOU again for the great time together and of course we hope to be there next year.

- October 17, 2001 -
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UNION was successful in our Re-union of UNION!! We had some important guests (Gene Simmons for example) and we rocked both the valley and Anaheim CA. It was great to perform the songs, and the reaction from the fans made us feel very welcome of course.

We also filmed both of these shows, as we are always considering the long form DVD and Video tape on the band that I have mentioned in the past. UNION is now off to Argentina, and we look forward to greeting our South American fans again.

Baltimore KISS expo was a success and I want to thank all the fans to come out to the first annual one. Dale (the Demon) and I want to tell everyone we had a great time there at the Hilton Hotel, and thank everyone putting and helping us at the event.

Well more news on my return from Argentina. Dont forget Grand Funk up in Michigan on the weekend of the 26th, 27th up in the UP! Hope I see a Moose or two! Take care and remember to take care of your loved ones and be alert. The world has changed since the 11th of Sept, so keep your eyes open.

- October 9, 2001 -
Hello everyone! With America at War it seems some things seem so strange now. These are very strange times for us all. The world has changed in the last month, and I do feel that family and friends, our pets and neighbors are very important to me. So do, as always my fans, as I have met so many around the world during my career. Their support and admiration has been a blessing for me.

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With that said, I wanted you all to get up to date with my recent travels. I was in Norway for two KISS parties put on by KISS Army Norway. Thanks to Stig, Lars, Henrik, Jardar for a safe and successful time. I have a great photo from an in-store in Halden, of two beautiful girls in KISS make-up there to greet me. Also a pix of me with the guys in Kiss Army Norway.

The party in MOSS was crazy! Some of the fans due to the late start seemed to have a bit too much to drink, but they were cool, and we all had a great time. Bergen is a beautiful city, and I did not get a chance to properly enjoy it. It was Sunday, my day off, and everything was closed. I did have a great Italian meal with everyone and we were all off to our homes early the next morning, and I mean early!! We had a 4:30 lobby call!

Back in LA I had a few days off, and then it was time to go to Washington State, for a big Grand Funk show in Yakima. The guys and I had not seen each other since the attack on the 11th of Sept. Since we are like family, we were glad to be together. The show was great and of course the Star Spangled Banner went over very well. I was particularly nervous, not wanting to make any mistakes as it seems so important to everyone in America.

Now rehearsals with UNION start with two upcoming warm-up shows in California for our travels down to Argentina. We are looking forward to performing. It has been a year and a half!! More about that when we return.

Be aware that the US mail is slow because of the war, so if you have placed any orders of Audio Dog from me, be patient. Thank you all for your support and take care of your loved ones in these troubling times. God Bless

- September 14, 2001 -

Photo by Mitch Lafon

Hello everyone, I want to thank all my fans that were concerned about me and my family and want everyone to know that we are all fine. I did fly the day before the tragedy, and was home safely much to my parents delight.

In Montreal on Saturday night, at Olympic Stadium, behind the pitchers mound of the major league game between the Montreal Expos and the Philadelphia Phillies, my electric guitar performance of the national anthem was as always very heartfelt. No one could have guessed what terrible events were about to happen a few short days later to America.

I find it also very interesting that I have been playing in Grand Funk Railroad, "The American Band." I have been performing the national anthem at our shows, and was very disappointed because of a curfew at the Portland show last Friday that I did not get a chance to perform it. We also use a giant US flag behind us when we do the song "We're an American Band."


Photo by Mitch Lafon

I guess I feel especially proud of the fact that I suggested doing the anthem for the Revenge tour back in 1992, and of course I am currently performing it whenever I can. We are all aware that the freedom and our way of life, has been threatened but that we will prevail over the evil that has occurred.. I firmly believe that good will conquer evil. We all have to be strong in this belief.

We all have someone that knows someone that has died in this tragedy. We will never forget it, and I hope it will bring all of us in America together, stronger than ever before. I visit many countries in the world, and I enjoy many of them, but love being an American and know that we represent freedom and democracy stronger than any other country.


Photo by Mitch Lafon

Well, enough politics, just my heart goes out to everyone who has suffered a senseless loss in this tragedy. Lets keep all the people who personally lost a loved one in our prayers.

The Montreal Kiss Expo was a success and it was great to be in Canada again.. The people were so cool to me, and the food was amazing! (the French influence). So everyone thanks for your thoughts, and take care of your loved ones. All the best in these very trying times.

- August 31, 2001 -
Hello everyone. I just got back from Puerto Rico, and I am proud to say that once again a successful KISS expo has occurred. The fans were great and the crowd at over 400 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Old San Juan, made for an amazing evening for all. I jammed with the promoters band, Rolando Lugo from Black Star Entertainment, and did three songs which included "Do You Love Me," "Strutter," and "Christine 16." This was after warming up with a few licks, and the Star Spangled Banner to the delight of the crowd.

After a Q&A and the jamming and singing, U.S. tribute band "Mr. Speed" played for over 2 hours and impressed the crowd with their passion for all things KISS (in make-up of course)! Prior to the big show day, Mr. Speed and myself got to do some great press. We were on TV twice and that was very cool. One of the times was at a "Blood Drive" (very Kiss like if you ask me) and then at a popular Spanish speaking variety show. All went well and a big thank you to Rolando and his lovely woman Irmaris who set up these events.

Besides me selling "Audio Dog" and my photos, the expo also had a major KISS dealer from the states. Keith and Jeff from www.KISSshop.com had their merchandise, and no fan went home empty handed. After a few days of rest on the sunny beach in San Juan, I came home satisfied at a great time and getting to meet new fans and friends.

Back to the Grand Funk gigs of course, and you all know about upcoming visit to Argentina for UNION. So things are busy, but enjoyable for me. I am looking forward to Norway, and of UNION may do some warm ups in the states as well. Thanks again for the support,

- August 15, 2001 -
Well with summertime in full swing, of course I have been busy with shows every weekend with Grand Funk Railroad. We have been making fans and enjoying performing. If you have seen us, you know that I have been having a great time with the guys. We hit some big State Fairs and some amazing Biker events. I felt like a "Woodstock 1969" vibe at some of these shows which was very cool. I play the Star Spangled Banner like Hendrix in the show now before the classic guitar GFR song, "Inside Looking Out." So it all fits in with summer in the USA.

Speaking of the National Anthem, I will be performing it at a Canadian Major league ballpark on September 8th in Montreal. I have to thank the Demon, Dale Torborg, who is working with his Dad for the Montreal Expo's. I will only perform the U.S. Anthem for the event and NOT the Canadian one. So if you are in town for the KISS expo the next day, come to the game!

I am off to Puerto Rico in August for the first ever KISS expo. Very excited about that one and I will have pix and a full report for you all. Norway is booked in late September, and that should be amazing. There are always great fans there! I have some other upcoming events that I will promote as it get closer such as the Baltimore KISS Expo on October 14th.

My solo disc, is still only available from KULICK.net, and www.KISSshop.com although there are some other places to find it on the web, but NOT in stores. The sales are steady and I am so excited about the reaction from the fans. Metal Edge had a review and article recently as well.

Well, I hope you all are enjoying your summer, as it will be winding down soon. Hope to see you on the road with GFR, or a KISS expo, and thanks again for all the support. By the way, the VH-1 special was very cool!! More news coming!

- June 17, 2001 -
Hello everyone! I know we are all enjoying our summertime, and that means barbecues, outdoor fun, swimming pools, or the beach, the sun, and hopefully great music. (Oh, don't forget your sunscreen!)

Of course I have had lots of shows with Grand Funk under my belt now, and if you were fortunate enough to catch one, you know we have a great time. Some of the shows were of course outside, and even if it was a bit cool, the crowd and the music were much warmer of course! Reno, Kansas and the Redwood Bike run stand out in my mind as exciting shows.

I have been happily selling my Audio Dog release on my site, and thanks to all of you that have made it a success. Still no news on getting it in stores, but spread the word to your friends if you like the music. Metal Edge just ran a review, in the new issue I believe, which is great publicity for me of course.

Keep checking the Grand Funk site for info on the dates, and be on the lookout for an interview I did for KULICK.net to be posted here on the webpage very soon!

Also look for the VH-1 KISS special coming in July. Should be very cool. Everyone have a safe and wonderful summer, and of course I will get the news to you all if something exciting develops. There is some news of expo's coming in some exciting places... so look for that news soon.

- May 3, 2001 -
Hello all Audio Dogs! Thanks for the orders and the reviews. They keep coming in and it is so cool to read your comments on the disc. I want to thank Ed Trunk in NY for two hours of co-hosting his show on WNEW in NY on Saturday night. We had a great time.

The big NJ expo was great, and I sold all the Cd's I brought with me! Thanks to Richie, The Demon, and Smallie Paulie from the Howard Stern show for helping me take care of things in NJ. Many of the fans commented on hearing it on the radio the night before, so that was so good to hear. You hear something on the radio you like, you buy it the next day. EXCELLENT!!

Getting busier with Grand Funk Railroad now so watch KULICK.net for the latest tour dates. I will of course keep in touch about all the other upcoming things going on for me in regards to promoting the new disc and other appearances that are coming in the future.

Look for lyrics of the full length Audio Dog release to be up soon as well. Thanks for asking for them. Have a great spring, and keep checking back to KULICK.net for news.

- April 13, 2001 -
Audio Dog is here and they have begun shipping. (What a relief, and what a big job for me and my merch girl!) Please give me feedback as I am so curious about what you all think. I was generous and gave more than 200 picks out, as I did an approximate cut-off date of April 1st. If you ordered before then, you definately get a pick. And if came a day or so after.. you might have as well. So over 300 orders will have a free BK pick! Please remember that I cannot sign these when they are first sent out, but I will if you return the booklet with a self addressed stamped envelope. And please, when you want to order more than two, the shipping must be adjusted. Some of the foreign orders, when using airmail, do not get covered by $5 when you order more than one. So contact me about shipping prices for that. I still have not gotten my disc in stores, so understand that you have something that can only be ordered from me, at least for a while. I am proud of creating it, funding it, and getting it out to you all. I will be attending the big NY/NJ KISS EXPO on April 29th. I will have Audio Dog CDs with me of course, so all of you that can make it there can buy it from me. I should also be on Ed Trunk's WNEW show Saturday April 28th. Great show in the tri-state area. I will be playing AudioDog and doing some giveaways. This Sunday, April 15, I will be on KNAC.com at 3 p.m. PST promoting the disc. Look for more internet radio, and other places as I start to get the word out on my release. I look forward to a full schedule with Grand Funk this spring and summer, as MANY more dates have been coming in. YOU WILL LOVE the group, so please try to come to a show. There is a link on my site to the Grand Funk site that shows the upcoming gigs. Thanks again. Hope you all are enjoying Spring, and remember to send me your reviews and comments on my Audio Dog release. (Oh yes... anyone into slot car racing?? 1/32 scale. Me and my friends are into it right now... and I want to decal one to make an Audio Dog race car!!)

- March 27, 2001 -
Hello everyone! Lots of travelling for me this past week so here goes with my recap. Thanks for coming to the Palace in Detroit. The show was a huge success, and it was so much fun to play that arena again. (So many KISS memories there). The band had a great time and what a huge meet and great after that show! Now off to the east coast. I want to thank all the fans who made the New England Expo such a good time. I got to meet many of my fans and my remaining AudioDog EP's were grabbed up quickly. A great crowd, and thanks to Lou and his staff for looking out for me. And to Pamela, a UNION fan who helped me out at my table.

The pre-orders for the full length AudioDog have been coming in, and I want to thank all of you who ordered early. You will of course get a guitar pick with the order. I should begin shipping the CD's mid April. I am very happy with the artwork for my solo disc, and I think you all will love it as well. For now, I am selling AudioDog, MYSELF from my website, www.Kulick.net. I am very dissappointed with the state of the music business, as I am sure many of you are as well. But it will not stop my music getting out to my fans. If anything changes with me working with a label, or distributor, I will let you all know. There are really no problems with ordering from me, with either paypal, or check or money order. Of course if you prefer to pay by credit card, I will offer the disc through one other site, www.KissShop.com They also ship worldwide and fans and collectors know them well. So let me know what you think of the full length once you get them. I will keep you all informed on news for the summer, and of course for now, Grand Funk Railroad does have lots of dates scheduled. So check with the site www.grandfunkrailroad.com for that info. Take care and enjoy AudioDog!

- March 7, 2001 -
WOW!! I want to thank all my fans and friends for ordering my EP... so fast I need to say SOLD OUT! I was blown away at how many orders. They are still being processed and if you havent gotten it yet, be patient you will. BUT what SOLD OUT also means is, if you already sent a check or money order, your order WILL be filled. That is why I had to stop taking orders now... so the ones still coming in can be sent to you. I will offer some copies of the EP at the New England Expo (up close and personal way to sell it!).

The artwork for the full length will be ready in a few days, and the cover will go up very shortly on Kulick.net. Is it VERY different from the EP cover and, once again, an Argentine fan who came up with the concept for the full length will have to be thanked... Martin Comoglio. (Very odd that two Argentine friends helped me out on my artwork!!) Flavia Mattina created my dog as a rock star on the EP cover. (So thanks again to you both).

You may then pre-order the 11 song full length disc, and they will not be limited (but they sound better when you are first on the block to have one!!). This will be ready to ship in APRIL.... so that is NOT much of a wait. I am so excited about getting my first ever solo disc out, and I am also so grateful to all you fans. Please look for all of this very soon.

To all of my foreign fans who had problems with Paypay, my regrets about that. But remember, the full length will be available with a US money order as well, which most countries do allow you to purchase. But Paypal will continue to get better with this, so don't give up right away.

More news will be coming very soon, and be sure to catch me in Florida on the 10th, and Detroit on the 22nd of this month with Grand Funk. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

- February 21, 2001 -
AUDIO DOG Hello everyone, I just got back home from Indy and Atlanta! THANK YOU to all the fans that attended. You were all so gracious with me. I sold all 300 of the "AudioDog" EP's I brought with me!! Both Expo's were filled to capacity, and everyone had an amazing time. Personal thanks to Keith Leroux and his family, and to Phil Elliot and his family for the excellent work on making the events such a success.

It was great to meet the fans, and I got a chance to catch up with an old friend, Mark St. John, in Atlanta. Eric Singer couldn't make the Indy Expo, but I called him so that he could say hi to the fans. Meeting the Demon was GREAT, as I remember him from 1994 -- a typical KISS fan excited to talk about all things KISS. Now he was tall then, but not 275 lbs! His heart was as big as his body, and the fans loved meeting him in full Demon outfit. Hope the WCW treats him good, as he represents the Wrestling and KISS worlds in all the best ways.

So, I am very excited about the reaction to my "AudioDog" EP. And now I have the information up on my site on how to order this Limited Edition EP. I will be posting reviews from the fans, so please send them in as you listen and make your opinions known to the world.

I also got to preview some info on Grand Funk and the fans, especially in Indy, got to hear some little bits of what the band sounds like with me in it. And they got to hear the great hits this band has. So keep your eyes on the dates I post in the future. Definitely worth the trip to see this band.

Now it's back to work finishing up the artwork for the full length version of "AudioDog". I will be in touch with the news about that release, but for now the EP will make you ROCK! Thanks again to all the fans for your support!

- February 7, 2001 -
Attention Kulick fans! Sorry for the lack of information, but things are going full tilt for me of late. First off, preparing the release of the 4 song "Audiodog" EP is very exciting. It will be available for sale at the two expos coming up this month. (Indy and Atlanta). I am making 1000 of them, and they will all be numbered and autographed! The song list is: Pair of Dice * Strange to Me * Change is Coming * 495. The first and last ones are instrumentals, but I sing on tracks two and three. I don't want to give anything away, but you will be surprised and I hope you get as excited as I am about the music.

News on the full length 11 song disc (AUDIODOG) will be coming soon. Need to get all the business straight about that before I announce the details. But I am working on getting the package together.. don't ask for lyrics in it, you will be able to go to my site www.Kulick.net for the lyrics. I like that approach, and the way Cd's are now it is so hard to read them anyway.

The past week I was in Michigan, rehearsing and getting ready for the two big Grand Funk Shows. They were a great success. We sold out both nights, and the crowds were so much fun. It really is a pleasure performing with Don, Mel, Max and Tim. Class acts, with great attitude and talent. And I certainly get a chance to do my thing which I love. We have dates confirmed in Florida, and a new one at the Palace in Detroit on March 22nd. Check often for dates in your area and go to www.grandfunkrailroad.com for the new look and information just recently added.

Rockline was fun, and of course I got to make my statement about Eric in Peter's place. (I am such a great source of KISS information right?!!!). So look for more news, including all the info on how to get my new EP, and a new great photo on the front page of www.kulick.net very soon! Also remember to check out the Celebrity News Auction site, as I have more cool KISS related items on EBAY. Just click on my site for the link to the goodies.

- January 11, 2001 -
Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great holiday season! I saw lots of friends, ate too much, and got a chance to relax which is rare for me. Spent New Years with friends at Eric Singer's gig with Glamnation. A good time was had by all.

Now on to what is new for me....
I am finally mixing AUDIODOG the solo disc that I so urgently wanted to finish last year. So far I am really pleased and by the upcoming NAMM show, it will be all mixed! I am planning to release a Limited Edition 4 song EP first, as I need to figure out who will release the full length disc. There will be a song on the EP that will of course NOT be on the full length, as you will want to have both right??? (Sorry, it makes sense to make them different and then you will have the bonus track from the EP). Not sure which songs will be on which one, but I am so happy to hear my music cranked in the studio. I will have the EP ready for my first event this year, Feb 17th in Indianapolis. The info on this will be coming soon.

I will also appear at the New England KISS Expo on March 25th and I will have it there as well. I should be offering the EP on my site, Kulick.net and KISSshop.com as well.

As for Grand Funk, we are of course booked on February 2-3 in Traverse City, MI. This is where we have rehearsed and the people who run the casino are so amazing to us. ( And a few of the tribal council, LOVE KISS!!!). We have a date in Florida on the 10 of March, which is in Hallendale. (Close to Ft Lauderdale). There are other dates coming in April, May etc, and of course the summer will be the busiest time for the band. I will make sure to update Kulick.net with info and you can always go to www.grandfunkrailroad.com for info as well.

If you are coming to LA for the NAMM show, look for an appearance from me, at ESP sometime on Saturday the 20th of January. Don Brewer from Grand Funk will be around as well, as he is doing the same for Peavey.

As to the book, it's coming along, more work (in a good way) than either Ken (my writer) or I thought it would be as we both have full time careers. But the book does start at an important point in Kisstory (1984) and essentially four to five chapters later I am in Detroit filming Animalize live. Ken's a fan and a musician and he takes you through the struggling musician point of view, in a personal way, and essentially walks the reader into "becoming a Beatle" as Ken would say! Ken is very good at his story writing, drawn from my intensive interviews. So I will keep you all posted about the progress. It will be worth the wait!

I will promise you all that the music on AUDIODOG will surprise you. I finally have achieved a definite KULICK sound, and I think my singing and playing will turn some heads. But THAT will be up to you all.

Lastly, I am proud to say that the auction site I have been involved in, has been a great success, and my KISS "ASYLUM" award got quite a high bid on EBAY. The immediate goal is to get Eric Carr a plaque at St. Jude's hospital, which I am proud to say is coming sooner than I expected. Look for more goodies from my collection to be featured on EBAY. Thanks for those who participated in bidding.


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