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- December 29, 2003 -
Happy Holidays

Well the holidays are here and I have so much to tell you all. First off, my big birthday that I celebrated, my 50th on December 12th. I know in the past I was always very concerned about that one; who woundn't be? Half a century old. Yes Paul McCartney is going strong at 60 making music and babies, but wow 50 years. In light of what happened in October to me, I am happy to be alive and glad I made it!

Thank you for all your birthday wishes... many emails and gifts from my fans and friends. I really loved them all. I went to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant that night with my close friends. People who took care of me when I was hurt. That felt good, and we had a great time.

Next morning off to New Orleans for the first KISS expo put on by Phil Elliot of Creatures of the South. Me and some guests of his, and my close expo friends hit the famous French Quarter for a great dinner (once again Italian!) and celebrated my b-day again with a very nice cake. Thanks to all of you for having yet another meal to celebrate the big day.

The expo was fun, I jammed with the SSG guys, Ron Keel came up and sang, and of course got to meet and greet and take pictures with the fans. Everyone had a great time there. Was given a special award by my friend Gene Hall, he made a Transformer "mulit-gold" plaque the day of the Expo. Very cool... will hang proudly.

I want to announce now some new Bruce merchandise. Some "chikara" style shirts, that were done. They are available for a short time, in womens and mens. Some long sleeve and short, all in black, and for the woman two different styles. View the pictures and email me with the order. Just testing the market shall I say. They are nice.

Now the past few weeks have beenfull of the holiday madness.. you know getting ready for Christmas and Chanukah, and New Years... so shopping and taking care of year end business. (How about a new dishwasher, and laundry washer anddryer for my home!!! Love it! Thank you Sears!).

I have been putting together a few shows in Australia for thefirst week of Feb 2004. So look for news on that. But before that I have a trip to Indianapolis with my brotherBob for a KISS expo on Jan 25th.That should be a blast.I will jam with SSG and so will my brother. Bob will have lotsof cool stories for the Q and A. Should be fun. The Indy crowd is always great!

Of course January will bring me to the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. So look for me at ESP guitars sometime on the weekend of the show. I have some new ESP models to play that are awesome.

Grand Funk will start getting busy in the spring, so in the meantime, the UNION DVD will be getting some much needed attention. My brother and his partner, will be mixing the music side of the main gig. We did three songs already so that is sounding great. The DVD will be a mixture of the two shows prior to going Argentina in late 2001, with stuff from Sweden and Argentina thrown in. Also a bonus show from Musicians Institute from the year before, and other links... Will keep you all posted. Title of the DVD is "Do Your Own Thing Live".

My book will finally get some attention soon as well. Lots of new stuff to get to. My recovery is going well, although I still have some pain, I am still having therapy, training and getting follow ups with the doctor. I have to be patient. I am 50 years now. Can I be 20?

Oh yes... almost forgot.. saw KISS on Dec 18th in Los Angeles at the Forum. Good show. Nice to see the guys... was backstage to say hello and saw many people I have not seen in a while. Of course everyone was happy to see me alive etc, they all heard the news about my injury etc. Aerosmith was great.. never seen them before live and I am afan so that was a treat. Had great seats to catch them.

So I hope you all are having a great holiday this 2003. I look forward to productive 2004 and want you all to know live every day like it is your last.. be good to your loved ones, and enjoy what you have. ( I need to write that from time to time for even me to remember!)

- November 13, 2003 -
Hello everyone, many of you have been asking about how I have been doing, and how the events I recently attended were. So here is the news.

My doctor cleared me as I hoped for all the dates in Canada and in the US. First travel date was Winnipeg, and I was happy to finally join the real world after being home so much recovering from the leg wound. It was bitter cold there, (nickname for Winnipeg is Winterpeg!), but the fans were very warm to me. I jammed with Brent Fitz and two guys from SSG (a band that plays at expos in the US) and had a really good time performing for the fans. It did fatigue my leg, but that would be expected. The fans loved the idea of a KISS expo, and the press covered it as well. Eric Singer joined me as well on stage and we played some songs from our Unplugged and Alive III KISS days. Thanks to everyone who made that event a success. Maybe we should do it again in the SUMMER! I admit I am a wimp with the cold, but my leg did NOT like it!

Next weekend I was in sunny/rainy Florida for a show with Grand Funk. We played a big celebrity dog wash event in Jupiter. You all know that I love my dog, so seeing all the fun the dogs at the park were having made me homesick but glad everyone was having a good time. By nightfall, it was time for us to hit the stage and during the lunar eclipse (which was awesome) we did a great show for a great crowd. I was very tired with my leg being a bit achy but that is all to be expected. Everyone was very happy to see me alive and kicking and I loved playing on stage. Just couldn't jump around like I like to.

Next morning (and I mean morning..5:30 AM flight!)off to Toronto for the KISS expo. (My third in Canada this year!) I love Toronto, as it is a great city and we had a good crowd. Mark St John was also the guest and he was happy to see me doing well. So the weekend was a success, but somewhat more difficult for me than usual of course. I know why the doctors were not recommending the EUROPE trip I was planning. I need to be 100% to do that kind of adventure. I feel bad about postponing those shows, but I have to be happy just to be alive and healing, and am glad I got to do these past events.

My physical therapy is going well. I can walk my dog, but it still feels strange. I pray in time all will be perfect. Now that I home I can be consistant with the therapy.

Thanks for all the support from you all. It has made me heal better for sure! I have some time to enjoy home for a while, and the next event planned is the KISS expo in New Orleans on Dec 14th. Will be a fun one, as it is a great city.

Otherwise, looking forward to some chillin at home, and Thanksgiving here instead of overseas. Keep in touch and more updates coming soon.

- October 29, 2003 -
Hello everyone, I want to first off thank all my fans and friends and family who reached out with emails, phone calls, flowers, cards and well wishes. It made me feel great to know how many people care about me. So a huge thank you to all of you!

I am doing physical therapy for my leg, and finally walking on it, although it hurts and sometimes feels very strange. But that is to be expected of course. The body is amazing how it heals. My doctor is pleased with the progress and I will see him again soon for another follow up. The temple wound is almost completely healed.

Regarding my schedule, I will be going to Winnipeg for the KISS EXPO and party, (Nov 1 and 2nd) and to the Grand Funk Railroad show in Florida (Nov 8th) and the KISS EXPO in Toronto (Nov 9th). Looking forward to them all.

My doctor was fine with the trips that kept me away from home for only a few days, but did advise against the trip I was planning on for Europe in mid November.

I will postpone the dates in ITALY, SWITZERLAND, and SWEDEN that I was going to announce around the time the shooting occured. I am sorry about that, but the trip is too long and I need to be doing my physical therapy for a full recovery.

I am amazed how much press I received about this misfortune, but I will take the press. No choice in that matter. I still have many thoughts about the event, some making sense and others none, but that is to be expected. My dear close friends and family have helped me through this episode of my life, and they know who they are, and how much it means to me for them to change their lives to be there for me. A huge thank you!

So as always, be good to your loved ones, and the people that are kind to you. You never know when you may need them to help you in a time of crisis.

And I should thank the angels that protected me from death that night. I hope none of you ever have to be that close to bullets or danger of any kind.

Be well... see ya on tour and have a Happy Halloween. More news coming soon.

- September 23, 2003 -
Hello Everyone! I trust that everyone's summer activities are over and the fall means that my schedule has finally slowed down a bit, and allowed me to be home in LA .

Being home has given me some opportunities for some very fun social events that I want to share with all of you! First exciting event was getting a call to go the rehearsal taping of "The George Lopez Show". George is an LA comedian with a hit show on ABC. He also is a KISS fan and guitar freak. And none other than James Hunting from UNION called me to accompany him to the taping. James has a friend that works on the show...who also plays guitar! So after watching George's show rehearsal , he invited us to his office, the guitars and acoustics came out and a big jam session/guitar lesson ensued. George, who is a great guy, was quite happy to have James and I riffing in his presence. And it always amazes me how fascinated the acting world is with the music world. A good time was had by all and I hope to do it again with George!

Next night was the Dodger game with my brother, Eric Singer and Karl Cochran. Bob invited another musician named Page Hamilton, from the band Helmet. He brought his girlfriend to our special box seats at the stadium from our connection and KISS friend, Rande who works for the Dodger organization. For those "in the know" Page has been dating Winona Ryder!!! She was very sweet and of course quite beautiful and I think enjoyed being the only girl amongst a group of guys! The Dodgers lost but we all loved the game and talking about the music business and life in general. I told Winona I wished she would get busy with another movie. She told me that she was still taking some time off. I've always been a huge fan of hers so it was quite exciting. Page is a great guy who has been doing some recording for my brother and is also a fellow ESP guitar endorser.

A few nights before this, at a deli in the valley, sitting just a few tables from mine was Mary Tyler Moore! I was freaking out!! We all know she's been in the business a long time but she was glowing from her table. I was too shy to even approach her.

Even got some jam session in last week at the Cat Club on the Strip in LA. Wound up jamming with Eric Singer, John Corabi, Dizzy (keyboards from GNR), Teddy Z, Ryan Roxy, Stefan Adika and Gilby Clarke. We did some Beatles and Aerosmith and it was quite a late evening.

So as you can tell, I've been keeping myself quite socially active here back in Los Angeles. I do miss the band (GFR) and we do have a few more shows coming up in Tulsa, OK, Jackson, MS and two LA dates which many of my friends will attend. For more info go to www.grandfunkrailroad.com.

Just in case you haven't noticed, I am now giving out Transformer picks with your orders for the CD, so please be aware of that! I have worked out a distribution deal in Canada so you can start asking for my solo CDs in that country and I also will have discs available in Australia in the coming months. I still have been cleaning out my closets so please take a look at my auction link as many people have been very happy with the items they've bid on and won. Remember I deal with this directly, no middle man.

I have 4 expos coming up, the first one being next weekend in Montreal on the 28th, Winnipeg on NOV 2, Toronto on Nov 9 and New Orleans on DEC 14th. So make your plans now! I will be looking to make progress with the UNION live DVD this fall and moving forward on my book as well.

Please keep in touch and I wish you all well. Hopefully I'll see you at one of these upcoming events.

- August 27, 2003 -
Had a very busy past few weeks. Not only have the Grand Funk dates been taking me all around this great land of ours, but I also squeezed in an Expo in Charlotte, NC.

Bruce & a fan at the Charlotte KISS Expo
I had a great time and I want to thank Phil Elliot and my backing band SSG for having a successful event. Everyone went home very happy. Like the big NY KISS expo (in NJ this last May) I jammed live with a band, and did some KISS classics and songs from my two solo discs, Audio Dog and Transformer.

Fielded questions as usual and signed everything the fans wanted. So thanks again for coming to the show and everyone who made it a success. I was very lucky to get home from Ohio the day before, so that I could travel back east to make the expo. The black out was in my life as well.... and I remember the one in NYC many years ago so it was weird. Luckily, Grand Funk was playing a county fair,and even though it was in the state of Michigan, they had generators to keep everything working! And when we got back to Ohio for our hotel the electricity was on in Toledo. So we dodged a tough time. Of course our plane home was canceled on the way home due to mechanical failure the next day so I was lucky to get Delta find me a way to make it home. Some of the band got stuck another night in Toledo! YIKES!!

Wow what a crazy weekend that was. But shortly after that a very exciting trip for Grand Funk started that takes the band from ALASKA to the BAHAMAS in 12 days. Of course we fly so don't ask how we do it.

The Alaska State Fair was a great show, and the scenery just amazing. Almost three quarters through the set, we had a rainbow so huge, I was floored. Could hardly play. Then the mountains in the distance started to light up from the sun, and it was just breathtaking. God's country for sure. Catering made us a meal fit for kings.

Off to Washington State for a huge crowd in the center of the state, and then Estes Park in the Colorado Rockies. What a great vibe up there. Found a guitar dealer as a vender and made a deal on a sweet Martin acoustic from 1970. Cant wait to write some songs on that guitar!  Also saw the cool hotel, The Stanley, that the classic movie the SHINING was filmed out. CREEPY!

Looking forward to the rest of our journey, and I have to say, that it's many miles to travel for shows but I love playing new places. Even my 12 years in KISS didn't take me to Alaska or the Bahamas. Couldn't be any further in this side of the world. The band is really cooking on stage so please check out the site and see if you can make it. I always try to stick around a bit, to meet the fans by the fence shall I say.

Thanks for those of you who bid on my items in my auction. Excited fans were happy when they got the winning items. Look for more items each month.

I am looking forward also to four KISS expos coming up. SEPT 28th in Montreal. Have not gotten to Canada since 2001, then Winnipeg on NOV 1 and 2nd, and Toronto on NOV 9th. Also a big expo in New Orleans, on DEC 14th. Might have to celebrate my birthday a little early and get there a few days before. Hitting a nice number then!

Well, as always, all the best to you all, hope your summer was fun and cool as mine!

P.S. I have TRANSFORMER guitar picks available and you get one free with ordering the TRANSFORMER CD.

- July 7, 2003 -
Hello everyone! Hope your summer has kicked off with a July 4th bang! I saw some awesome fireworks at a Grand Funk Railroad show over the holiday in Virginia, and in Marin County, CA.

Had a great long trip with the band for the past few weeks, and of course all summer long and in the early fall, the band will be coming to your town like the words from "We're An American Band" state.  So please check on the GFR site at www.grandfunkrailroad.com.

Now some other hot news... first off, I got a chance to play guitars on two tracks for Gene Simmons new solo disc, which I believe will come out early next year. Exciting working with the Demon, and we had fun with the songs. Eric Singer played drums and I guess a little reunion of sorts happened. Gene's solo disc, will turn some heads for sure.

Also excited that Paul Stanley was in Las Vegas last week, when Grand Funk had a show, so he came backstage, said hello to the guys, and enjoyed watching us tear up the night. It gets hot in Vegas as you all know, and of course I was on fire knowing Paul was watching. Great to see him and his girl.

IMPORTANT information as I get asked SO much that I need to tell the KISS world.

ON the record, I was never asked to be the Spaceman (Ace) by Gene and Paul. Fans wonder why. I have theories but the point is I was never asked and I certainly don't take it like I couldn't cut the job. Tommy Thayer is a friend and is a good musician, and Gene and Paul make the decisions. So everyone should understand, I did not turn it down, or even had to consider becoming the Spaceman.

I hope to catch a show as well when they tour with Aerosmith, and of course still consider myself part of the family, as strange as the family may behave. But my best sincere wishes go out to the band, and to Ace in hoping everyone gets what they desire. I miss the band, but am very happy with my current situation. Getting that off my chest makes me feel GOOD!!

See you all in Charlotte, Aug 17th as well, and working on going to Montreal, and some other surprises with KISS expos in the works.

Thanks again for all the support with my solo disc Transformer. Without you all to listen and enjoy the thrill of making the music from my heart would not be the same. Have a great summer and please all keep in touch.

PS Please be sure to check out my "Bruce comes out of the closet Auction". I have some great things for you all to bid on. Direct from me.

- May 29, 2003 -
HELLO everyone! Hope your Memorial Day holiday was a good one!  I finally got to rest at home after all my journeys. Australia was so much fun. The fans are so cool I have to say I understand why KISS goes there so much lately.

I did four shows, after rehearsing with the band STAND as my backing group in Melbourne. We did only two shows last time, and the band was super tight. Of course we mixed things up a bit with some new songs from TRANSFORMER, and some different KISS classics that were never played by the group.

We played 19 songs, and I did a short guitar solo as well. After each show I stayed and did a meet and great. Exhausting but very rewarding hearing the comments from the fans. Also did some instore appearances that were very successful.

So I need to thank my fans who make it obvious that Australia wants me to return every year! And of course I want to thank my band, Paul, Steve, Matt, and Vince, my crew Paul and Andrew, and Nico and Glenn for helping make my trip an amazing one.

Also I am so thankful that I sold out of all the CD's that I brought! What a great feeling that is. So I will return to the land downunder, and I look forward to playing and seeing my fans. THANK YOU!

I want also to thank everyone that came to my clinics for ESP guitars in the midwest, and of course the fun I had at the NJ KISS expo.  I jammed both days with a band called SSG and want to thank them for learning a few new songs from my solo discs. It was great to play them live for the first time!

I also could not help the fact that during my midwest clinics I got to go to music stores that I do not get to visit often. So of course I feel in love. THREE times. So now there are 3 new kids to play with!! Thanks to the stores who made it worth my while to spend my money in!

In NJ I also sold out of all my discs that I brought. So it seems people are responding to the new music. I appreciate that.

Well check out the pictures that fans already have sent to me! And look at the Grand Funk site for the summer dates. For now I am taking time off as I was on quite a tear there, promoting my new disc. I know my dog JOE is happy!

I am looking forward to the shows this summer and we have a great schedule taking us everywhere!!! Look up the gig schedule at: www.grandfunkrailroad.com

- April 15, 2003 -
I want to thank everyone who has ordered my new disc TRANSFORMER! So far the response has been amazing! Please be patient as I had to catch up with the pre-orders for the disc first. I should get everyones in the mail within 4 weeks of receiving the order, but usually much quicker than that.

The lyrics for the disc will be up soon, but I would love to get you all to write in your reviews of the disc. Some internet sites are doing this, but what really matters is the fans. Tell me your faves, and what the songs mean to you etc. I am very curious to read all of that, and you all can read what others will say as well. Just follow the instructions on the site and we can post them.

You all know the dates and where I will be in April and May, and I will be doing some interviews along the way. So you never know where I will pop up! Looking foward to my clinics, and the INDY and NJ Expo and of course very excited about going to Australia. The response down there has been awesome.

- April 3, 2003 -
Hello everyone! TRANSFORMER has arrived and I am very excited to have the CD's in my hand. I am very happy how it looks, and sounds and I know you all will really enjoy the music and packaging.

As you know I am selling them myself, although in time, some KISS merch sites and CD stores will have a limited number of them.  Those of you who have pre-ordered, and I thank you very much for that, should have the CD in the mail in the next two weeks.

I am promoting the disc this month by doing some ESP guitar clinics, as April is guitar month! These are fun, and don't be afraid if you are not a musician. They are for everyone, and I play guitar, take questions and do an autograph signing afterwards. Eight of them in the midwest this April.

I also have a few expos planned as well. On April 26th I will be in INDY for a special KISS expo KULICK release party, so please come to that if you are in the area.

In May, I will at the NJ KISS expo in E. Rutherford, NJ. It is a two day event and I will be there both days. I will perform and jam, and meet you all. Should be fun. Of course the new disc will be available for sale.

Also in May I have a trip to Australia, and will be doing 4 shows, with a backing band promoting my new disc, and celebrating my years with KISS. (meaning doing songs they NEVER do). I am very excited to return as I had a great time last Feb. 02.

In between all of this solo stuff, I am of course doing Grand Funk shows as well. Please go to the GFR site for those dates. I want to thank Grand Funk for letting me have to opportunity to go to Australia as sometimes it is hard to schedule all these dates as you can imagine.

SO be patient with the disc, and thanks again for the support. The lyrics will be on the site shortly, so don't look for them in the booklet. Too many people to thank etc.

Have a safe spring, and hope to see you all on the road.

- March 13, 2003 -

View More Photos

Aloha everyone! I have recently returned from a week long vacation in Hawaii. It was very beautiful and I do believe it is one of the most amazing places to see in the world. Nice to have it in the good old USA. I will share some very cool pix with you in this message.

I have an Aunt who lives in Honolulu, and a cousin, so I got to visit some family that I rarely get a chance to see. It had been so long since I saw her, so that felt great! The island of Oahu, is lots of fun, with lots of shops and a great beach called Waikiki.

After a few days there, I then hopped a plane for a visit to the big island of Hawaii. That is where the lava flows and it really looks like the moon with black rocks everywhere. The Hilton hotel was amazing, large, beautiful and with tons of pools to enjoy. It was quite amazing to enjoy the fresh sea breezes and the delicious fish they serve. Not the mention the potent Kona coffee!

Got to visit a store near the hotel on the Big Island, called the Ukulele House. Of course I had to do it. I found a beautiful Koa wood Soprano one with a long neck. Hand made in Hawaii by a company called "G-String Ukulele". Funny name, but great instruments. I want to thank Jason for his help. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith was in the store the week before to get his!

So back to the mainland and of course dates with Grand Funk. The shows are going great and the band is doing a new opening song that Max wrote. So check us out when we are in your area.

Click Here To Order

Now I want to tell you all that TRANSFORMER the new BK solo disc, is now ready for sale. I will have them in stock in 2 weeks time, so I am taking orders for the disc. 12 new songs, 4 instrumentals, and as you will find out, classic Kulick riffs everywhere. Can't wait for you all to hear it.

Go to the link on this page for ordering. For now, you can ONLY get the disc from me online. I can assure you that this is best, and do not worry about PayPal or if I got your check or money order etc. I am very diligent in the orders, and everyone gets taken care of as promptly as possible. It went very well for me for Audio Dog, so I am doing the same. In time some small amounts of discs will gotten to a distributor, or to some of the KISS dealers that I like to work with.

I hope you all enjoy the pix from my first vacation in 7 years, and of course enjoy my new disc. Thanks for the support and your emails.

More news coming about going on an ESP clinic tour of the Midwest in April, and a visit to Australia in May for 4 or 5 live shows!

- February 2, 2003 -

On my birthday Dec 12, I started to record the basic tracks with Brent Fitz on drums for the new Kulick solo disc, Transformer. We spent three days recording the drum tracks, and with the help of Curt Cuomo, and Jon Krupp the engineer, then got to transfering the analog tape recordings of the drums to digital. We then worked on the latest Pro Tools digital system. I then got to work overdubbing my guitars and basses and singing the songs. That went well into the second week of January and we didnt take much time off at all. I brought in John Corabi to sing one song, "It's Just My Life", that came out smokin! Curt sang some backgrounds, and then it was time to mix. We mixed in 5 days, and I must say I am very excited and proud of the music, production and playing.

In some ways of course Transformer is similar to Audio Dog, but in many ways it is not. There will be 4 instrumentals, and they are all very different styles as well. One called "Inn of the Mountain Gods" will take you to the mountains of Tibet, (on a rocking carpet ride I assure you) and one called "Jump the Shark" will remind you of kick ass Van Halen style guitar themes. The other two instrumentals being very different. One is a country style rock excursion, that is very hard to describe but my friends love it! The last all acoustic instrumental is moody and cool. It will feature some acoustic instruments that I purchased in the past few years that don't get on every rock release.

Regarding the vocal tunes, I pushed myself on this record as I got a chance to better understand my range and vocal abilities. I have worked with some great singers in my career so I am always shy with my vocals, but I have turned it up a bit in what I have accomplished vocally on the disc.

Songs like "If Love's the Answer", "Don't Tell Me Something", and "Beautiful to Me", are melodic, all with very big choruses and guitars of course. I sang about love, life, and how relationships affect all of us. The good and the bad things that you feel with people you love. I think you all will identify deeply with some of the lyrics, and my close friends were very proud of me expressing myself this way.

I also have a song my engineer Jon called the "sleazy song". It is really titled "All That I Need" and it is written from the point of view of the typical horny male going to a strip club. I guess I can be guilty of that as well as every man I know! But that is balanced out by songs of love, like "Crazy", and "Beautiful To Me", and "If Love's the Answer".

"Truth or Dare" deals with all the emotions of a relationship that you don't know if you are coming or going. "I Can't Breathe" actually is sung from the point of view of a fan so obsessed with his or her favorite rock star, they are going blind without them and can't breathe without them. So I think I really covered all the bases with the lyrics on this disc.

I wrote all the music and the lyrics on this disc, and had no writers block that can so easily happen. Working with Grand Funk and traveling so much gave me the time to just kick back and write what I was feeling at the time, and jamming alone in my hotel room gave me great music ideas.

Here are the song titles in no particular order:

• Inn Of The Mountain Gods
• Jump The Shark
• Crazy
• I Can't Breathe
• Beautiful To Me
• All I Need
• It's Just My Life
• Do It Right
• Don't Tell Me Something
• Against The Grain
• Truth or Dare
• If Love's The Answer

The artwork is being worked on now, and I am excited about the concept that I will use. Of course you must be wondering so when can I hear it? Well I master in a few weeks, which is the process of putting all the songs together in CD format, and by March I hope to have all the parts ready and assemble the disc for an APRIL release.

I will keep you all informed as things get closer. Of course I took this opportunity to do the disc, as Grand Funk is slower in the winter. You all know I get very busy with group in the summer. I will try to make it to Australia and Europe as well before that though, to support the disc. Not sure about any US dates, but I will consider anything that comes my way. I will also do some more ESP clinics and KISS expos this year, so the news will be coming about all of that soon. The book I have talked about is back in the groove now that my disc is out of its way, and this year it will be out. So please be patient about that as well.

Thanks for the support, and your emails, and for those of you I saw briefly at NAMM, thanks for stopping by the ESP booth on Saturday.


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