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January 2000

January 27

UNION's "The Blue Room" Gets Great Reviews In Europe!
The new album by UNION will be out on February 21 in Europe. In Holland the album will be released by PIAS/Spitfire. Titled "The Blue Room," the upcoming album contains just under 50 minutes of great, powerful rock with Beatlesque harmonies produced by Bob Marlette. Opening track "Do Your Own Thing" is a brilliant up-tempo rocker that immediately tells you what you need to know: these guys mean business. One of the other highlights on the album is a track called "Dear Friend," on which Bruce Kulick shares lead vocals with singer John Corabi. The song is a homage to late KISS drummer Eric 'The Fox' Carr. The emotional song describes how much Bruce still misses his former bandmate and friend. One of the lyrics goes like this: "We saw the world together, travelled many miles. And you left the stage with laughter." "The Blue Room" is already getting great reviews in European rock magazines. For more info please check out:

January 26

UNION Appearing At NAMM News
UNION will appear at the ESP guitar booth at NAMM at 1PM on Sat February 5th and will be signing and taking pictures. UNION will have some limited tickets to give out to the show at Musicians Institute which is not open to the public for that evening in Hollywood. More detials forthcoming.

"Do Your Own Thing" Radio Chart News
Here are the latest UNION "Do Your Own Thing" radio chat news

  • + #1 New and Active at R n R
  • + #74 to #65 -- 324 spins -- +70 -- FMQB Hot Trax
  • + Debut #42 -- 229 Spins -- FMQB 25-44 Chart
  • + Debut #82 -- 313 spins -- Album Network Powercuts chart

    New UNION Sweden Tour T-shirt Now Available
    The UNION Sweden Tour T-shirt is now available at the UNION Asylum Merchandise page. There is a band photo on the front and the tour dates listed on the back. The shirt is extremely limited and those interested should inquire to for size availability. Click over to the UNION Asylum MERCHANDISE page to order the shirt and more great UNION gear!

    "The Blue Room" Coverage In German Rock Magazines
    Recently "The Blue Room" got nice coverage in the two biggest rock-magazines in Germany, Rock Hard (March 2000) and Hammer (March 2000)

    January 21

    "Do Your Own Thing" Debut's At #74 On FMQB Hot Trax
    UNION's first single "Do Your Own Thing" from "The Blue Room" album is getting airplay according to the last week FMQB Hot Trax chart. In fact "Do Your Own Thing" debuts this week at #74 with 254 spins and 32 stations playing it! For more radio station information an information on how you can help promote UNION on the radio click here!

    UNION Tour News
    UNION has added a February 24th Coconut Teaser date to their tour schedule. The concert will start at 10pm as it will be a special "The Blue Room" release party. UNION's CBGB gig also starts early at 7:30pm.

    January 19

    Bruce Kulick & UNION To Appear At Indy KISS Expo
    The 2000 INDY KISS EXPO has been confirmed for February 13th at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel 7701 E. 42nd St. Indianapolis. The expo will take place from 12pm-8pm with a live concert from UNION. The band will be available for autographs and photos and Bruce Kulick will do a Q&A session. We will also play UNION's new CD "The Blue Room". Dealers from around the country will be selling collectibles as well as new items. There will be some type of KISS related opening act which we expect to confirm this week. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Kids 12 and under are admitted free.You may purchase tickets at Ticketmaster or by calling 317-239-5151. You may also order direct by mailing a check or money order payable to ALIVE IV to: 8605 Allisonville Rd. Suite 125 Indianapolis, IN 46250. We must receive your order by Feb. 6th. Please include your phone number. You will receive a free sampler CD for each ticket purchased direct from us through the mail. The CD features tracks from ESP, Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick. To reserve a room call 317-897-4000 and ask for the KISS Expo rate - $69.00 plus tax. You must reserve by Feb. 1st to get the special rate. Please email us any questions to

    Bruce Kulick To Appear At New York KISS Expo
    The 14th Annual New York KISS Expo & Hard Rock Convention will take place at the Rothman Center 100 University Plaza Dr. Hackensack, NJ Sunday April 30th,2000 from 11 am-10 pm. The special guests include Bruce Kulick, Frehley Comet Members-John Regan, Richie Scarlet, KISS Album Cover Artist-Dennis Woloch and KISS tribute band Dressed To Kill will be performing. There will be150 International KISS dealers. Tickets are $16 in advance, $18 at the door. For more information please visit these websites: -- Jeff Kerr

    January 17

    The "Do Your Own Thing" Radio Campaign
    Ok UNION fans, the time has arrived to DO THE RADIO THING and call your local rock radio stations and show our support for UNION!! Spitfire Records has sent "Do Your Own Thing," the debut single from UNION's "The Blue Room" album, to radio stations around the country and radio adds for the single began on Monday, January 10, 2000. So, NOW is the time for you to be calling and e-mailing the stations nearest you to request they play "Do Your Own Thing" by UNION! Your call or e-mail will make a difference, so please support UNION by keeping these stations swamped with requests for the song!! Also, please keep in mind that it won't help the guys to be rude, so please be polite when you call or e-mail these stations and only contact stations in your area! All the radio stations that have already "added" the single need to be hit especially hard with requests. Please use our comprehensive list to find the ones nearest you! DO THE RADIO THING!!

    "Do Your Own Thing" Radio Action
    The buzz is definitely out there on the band and they are looking at another 10 - 15 adds for next week! "The Blue Room" is going for metal adds on January 31st. Below is the latest Commercial Radio Information report with the new adds this week on "Do Your Own Thing." WCCC (Hartford, CT) - WCMF (Rochester, NY) - WROQ (Greenville, SC) - WAQX (Syracuse, NY) - WRXF (Flint, MI) - KFLZ (Corpus Christi, TX) - WMZK (Wausau, WI), 9 spins - WZZQ (Terre Haute, IN) - WKLT (Traverse City, IL), 5 spins - WPHD (Elmira, NY) - WWWV (Charlottesville, VA) - KEYJ (Abilene, TX) - WOTT (Watertown, NY) - WBOP (Harrisonburg, VA) - WKIT (Bangor, ME) - KOZE (Lewiston, ID), 13 spins - WTBK (Manchester, KY) - WGLO (Peoria, IL) - WXCM (Owensboro, KY) - WZNX (Decautur,IL) - KXXI (Gallup, NM) - KSEK (Pittsburgh, KS) - WOBR (Wanachese, NC) - WQAK (Union City, TN) - WXJK (Farmville, VA) - KXIX (Bend, OR)
    Stations Spinning "Do Your Own Thing" include: KSHE (St Louis, MO), 7 spins - WQLZ (Springfield, IL), 9 spins - KSEZ (Sioux City, IA), 9 spins - KBUS (Paris, TX), 4 spins - KFFX (Emporia, KS), 7 spins - KRWN (Farmington, NM), 14 spins - KZZK (Quincy, IL), 13 spins.

    UNION To Play CBGB's In New York
    Spitfire Records has confirmed that UNION will play CBGB's in New York on February 9th.

    January 12

    UNION To Attend & Perform At NAMM
    In preparation for the release of The Blue Room on February 22, UNION will attend the annual NAMM convention in Los Angeles, held February 3-6, perform for students and industryites at the Musicians Institute in L.A. on February 5.

    UNION Live Chat on at RockOnline Chatstage
    Bruce Kulick and John Corabi of UNION will be featured in a live chat on on Tuesday, January 18th at 9PM (EST). UNION's new album, The Blue Room (Spitfire Records) is set to hit the stores on February 22, 2000. Fans will be able to chat live with Union on Tuesday, January 18th by logging onto or .

    January 10

    "The Blue Room" February Press Tour
    Spitfire Records has confirmed these dates for an upcoming February UNION Press Tour in support of UNION's new "The Blue Room" album.

  • Feb. 9th -- 1/2 day press in NY Show @ CBGB's
  • Feb. 10th -- Press in NY
  • Feb. 11th -- Hartford, CT / WCCC radio show
  • Feb. 12th -- Radio interviews WNEW & WDHA

    Official UNION Radio Adds For "Do Your Own Thing"
    Right out of the gate the first single, "Do Your Own Thing" from UNION's sophmore album, "The Blue Room" has already been added by 18 radio stations on its first official day for radio adds and is expected to have over 20 by next week. The current list of adds are as follows: WCCC (Hartford), KSHE (St Louis, MO), KSEZ (Sioux City, IA)), KZZK (Quincy, IL), KXXI (Gallup, NM), WQLZ (Springfield, IL), KRWN (Farmington, NM), KSEK (Pittsburgh, KS), KFFX (Emporia, KS), WRXF (Flint, MI), KEYJ (Abilene, TX), WTBK (Manchester, KY), KBUS (Paris, TX), WOTT (Watertown, NY), WPHD (Binghamton, NY), WBOP (Arrisonburg, VA), WMZK (Merrill, WI), KOZE (Lewiston, ID). UNION fans are encouraged to call up your local radio stations and begin to request "Do Your Own Thing" from UNION's "The Blue Room" album.

    Metal Edge Reviews "The Blue Room" Album
    The following is Metal Edge's review of "The Blue Room" album which will appear in an upcoming issue of Metal Edge magazine. "UNION were billed as a supergroup of sorts when they made their debut in 1998--Former members of Motley Crue and KISS uniting to show the world that honest rock could rise above any trend. Though their self-titled effort was solid, it lacked the cohesive gel that differentiates supergroups from bands: The songswere there, but the band still needed time to grow into each other. On sophomore release The Blue Room, UNION havegrown into each other. So much so, it's scary. Guitarist Bruce Kulick plays like a man possessed to defy, soulfully making the transition from the rock 'n' roll uproar of opening cut "Do Your Own Thing"--complete with a Chuck Berry-esque solo--and the crunch and grind groove of "Dead," into the stunning beauty of "Dear Friend," a sentimental tribute that Kulick sings to his deceased friend and former KISS drummer/bandmate Eric Carr. Vocally, Corabi is at the top of his game as well, chiseling his natural sense of melody with a rough-around-the-edges hue that makes "Shine" a brilliant standout, elevating the spirits with a chorus that soars with hope before flipping the agitated "Who Do You Think You Are" from explanatory to inflammatory, lifting "Hypnotized" to dynamic pop-rock heights, and propelling the jangley closer "No More" to a southern-fried romp. But more than any one member, The Blue Room is remarkable as the sum of all its parts--Corabi, Kulick, bassist Jamie Hunting and drummer Brent Fitz--creating a musical metamorphous that bleeds together the melodic irresistability of the Beatles, classic rock crescendos that combine the best of Bad Company and Cheap Trick, and an alluring grit. Ten tracks later, UNION is the perfect choice to usher rock 'n' roll into the year 2000. --Paul Gargano"

    "Do Your Own Thing" Promo Video / Long Form Video / N.A.M.M. Appearance
    Michael Edwards of UNION Force had a chance to speak with Bruce tonight and he said the band is currently planning to do a video for "Do Your Own Thing," using footage from the show they filmed in Argentina, along with some scenes featuring people, you guessed it, doing their own thing! Jack Sawyers, who worked with Bruce when he was in KISS and, more recently, on the excellent "Tale Of The Fox" video, will be directing/producing the clip. Bruce said the band also hopes to do a longer video tape that will feature the video, along with some "Making of" footage, interviews, and additional live material. This tape would be more of a video press kit type of thing, although it would probably also be made available to fans. He didn't really say what the plans were for it, and right now they're mainly interested in getting the video for the song done. In other news, the band will be traveling to New York in early February to do press, radio, and possibly an industry-only showcase concert. They'll also be doing a photo shoot for Metal Edge later this week for an upcoming article, and hope to make an appearance at the annual N.A.M.M. show in Los Angeles in February. The magazine will feature an extremely positive review of "The Blue Room" in an issue that will hit the stands on February 15th.

    January 4

    UNION is finally an international touring act which I must say is something to be proud of. It was such a thrill for the band to get to Europe, meet the press, get exposure, and most important, play our music, some of it brand new, to all.

    Just landing in London to change plans for Sweden was a blast! We all have deep feelings about bands like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Landing in Stockholm, with the cold weather and the snow on the ground was quite interesting for a band who lives in sunny LA! But our friends from Kiss Army Sweden, and our distributor Playground Records, were warm and helpful. The band did press and took photos for the major newspaper in Sweden, Expressen. The music critic is a fan and it was great to see him again. John and I filmed a live acoustic performance of "Love, I Don't Need It Anymore" for the local Stockholm TV show, and that was very cool. Can't wait for the copy!

    The shows in Sweden, were exciting and of course we had fans from all over Europe attending them. We thank you all for coming to see us and taking pictures with us.

    Toward the end of our days in Sweden, the weather turned really cold and a storm came. We actually were lucky that we didn't get too stuck in it, but the bus did break down twice, due to frozen fuel lines!!!

    We had a great crew, and made great friends with Bai Bang, who opened the show for us. They travel to many countries and perform even in Russia!! Great guys and we want to thank them for helping us. Of course we must mention Stefan and Johan from the Army site, who were always making sure we were comfortable, and very supportive to the UNION band. They made T-shirts for the event, that we are offering as well now (look for ordering info soon), as we bought the remaining few from them.

    Pontus our sound man was a great friend, and Mats from the crew and Stefan from the website... I know I am forgetting names so forgive me... Suzan of course from Playground is our dear friend and loves to ROCK!

    As cold as it was, the people made it a very hot time for UNION is Sweden. So we thank you all! Then we returned home to LA for 36 hours!! British Airways lost the luggage with the T-shirts!! They arrived a week later... but the band was in warm and summery Buenos Aires. We were met by our KISS Fever friends, and the opening act Suite 19 (who love UNION and KISS and Motley Crue). Off to the hotel, did press and off to Much Music for a TV interview with the whole band. Very cool people, fans following us to the station etc... Then the gig days comes and I warn the band how excited the fans get here! And true to South American style, they greet the band singing soccer songs, with UNION in the chant as the "team"! What a thrill.... great show ... one of two, and that night the band did some serious hanging out as, in Argentina, the night ends after the sun comes up (and that is early to stop the party)!

    Our second show, we really did the longest UNION show ever, with our three new songs from the Blue Room, Oh Darling, Honky Tonk, Cold Gin, She, Deuce, Parasite, and most of the UNION live record... even Tangerine which we hand not done in a while. So, we got a great tape of that performance and watch for news about that (subtle hint!!). We had members of KEFRAN and Suite 19 join us on stage for the encores and that really got almost out of hand!

    I shouldn't forget the acoustic performance John and I did at COMPUMONDO, (Computer World) for the Internet... and thanks to the fans for showing up for that event. We played Love, and Hide Your Love Away and Honky Tonk, I believe (they love the Stones in Argentina). So special thanks to our friends Pelusa (Mr. AC/DC) and his girl, Marcos our new friend who lives in the US, and of course Gabriel and Martin and Xavier and everyone at KISS FEVER. (If I forgot to mention someone please forgive me) Patricia and Gisela for helping with the merch and our new friends Mafe and Tammie who took photos all the time.

    My Birthday was celebrated the next day, as a fan who owns an amazing restaurant had all us there.... and what a party!! We played songs and ate and drank and it was one of the best birthdays of my life. THANK YOU! I had some special moments that night for sure! :) I received gifts from our friends, and the whole band got gifts as well during the trip.

    So as you can imagine, our trips were very exciting and we made friends in two different and very far from home countries ... but the common thread was music and respect and the friendship we shared with all of them.

    Special additional thanks go to the man who loves all things KISS, Keith Leroux for traveling with us in Europe, Andre Augustine, for being Andre, and Jules Rocca our friend who translated and traveled to Argentina with us (he loves going back home to Buenos Aires!).

    We hope the new year will get us to many more exciting places in support of the BLUE ROOM. Thanks and enjoy the photos!

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