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January - February 2008

February 26, 2008
New Grand Funk Tour Dates Added

New Grand Funk dates have recently been added in Mason, Ohio * Muskegon, Michigan * Williamsburg, Virginia * Webster, Massachusetts * Ft. Wayne, Indiana * Ft. Benning, Georgia. These are in addition to the numerous dates already on GFR's tour schedule!

Click over to the Tour Dates Page for Bruce's complete schedule.

February 19, 2008
Bruce's Hollywood '08 Rock Fantasy Camp Blog

As part of their year long 10th Anniversary Celebration the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp returned to Hollywood this year! Bruce, who has served as a camp counselor at numerous previous Fantasy Camps (including Hollywood '07), once again served as a camp counselor.

You can check out Bruce's complete Hollywood '08 Rock Fantasy Camp Blog by clicking here.

February 6, 2008
Music From Bruce's Sessions With Yayo Available Online

Bruce recently posted a Message about his work with young artist Yayo, who Bruce knows from his time as a counselor at the Rock Fantasy Camps. You can check out some of the music that has come from those recent recording sessions by visiting Yayo's MySpace page. Check it out now, because you're sure to be seeing Yayo's name in lights soon!

February 4, 2008
BK & ESP To Appear At 2008 Japan KISS Expo

The 2008 Japan KISS Expo will take place February 9th & 10th in Tokyo at Club One Two (ESP Music Academy, Building No.12). Bruce and ESP (Eric Singer, John Corabi & Chuck Garric) are scheduled to perform, as will the Expo's other special guest Richie Scarlet (Ace Frehley band). For more details, including ticket prices and purchase information, click here.

Bruce At LA Rock Fantasy Camp February 15-18

As part of their year long 10th Anniversary Celebration the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp will be returning to Hollywood this year! Bruce, who has served as a camp counselor at numerous previous Fantasy Camps (including Hollywood '07), will once again be serving as a camp counselor.

This Hollywood session will take place over Presidents' Day Weekend, February 15-18, 2008. For more details, visit the Rock Fantasy Camp website.

January 31, 2008
Grand Funk Delivers Nostalgia With Plenty Of Kick

"God bless America!" Don Brewer bellowed, from under an oversize and sweetly goofy Uncle Sam hat. "We're an American band!" This moment didn't come until the very end of Grand Funk Railroad's powerfully funky set Monday night at the South Florida Fair, but it pretty much summed it all up: salt-of-the-earth rock 'n' roll, with a theatrical flair and a healthy dash of nostalgia and enough in-your-face oomph to bring it home.

Original members Brewer, the singing drummer, and bassist Mel Schacher, along with newer singer Max Carl, keyboard player Tim Cashion and guitarist Bruce Kulick, certainly came into the town and helped it to party down long before their signature song. Beginning with the bluesy Bottle Rocket, the band did much to separate itself from the ranks of the strictly nostalgia band by refusing to phone it in.

Guitars wailed like shrieking banshees. High, soulful notes were hit, often courtesy of former .38 Special singer Carl, and Jupiter's own Brewer righteously beat the drums like they'd stolen something. "That's the best rock 'n' roll drummer in the world!" Carl proclaimed as Brewer took his bows at the end of a five-minute drum solo, during which his fluffy mane of gray hair shook emphatically. Oh, to have seen him during the 1970s with his righteous rock 'fro. While the hair was not as high as in Grand Funk's heyday, the funk at least was still flaming.

The band shone through sing-along favorites such as The Locomotion and Some Kind of Wonderful, during which Brewer name-checked wife Sunny Quinn; impressed on Walk Like a Man; and did a stripped-down version of .38 Special's Second Chance, which was arguably better than the original. The emotional highlight, however, was the stirring I'm Your Captain/Closer to Home, a hushed hymn to the yearning for the safety of home. The crowd, which had been clapping along, was suddenly reverent, singing together the refrain "I'm getting closer to my home" against the eerie clarity of Cashion's keyboard. Sometimes, you don't have to necessarily be partying down to bring the house down.

[By Leslie Gray Streeter, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer]

January 30, 2008
Bruce On Radio Reality "KISS This" Special

Radio Reality Check's next "KISS This" show will be this Thursday, January 31st at 11:00pm (EST), and the episode will feature new interviews from both Peter Criss and Bruce.

You can find out more info about Radio Reality Check and "KISS This", including how to listen on radio and via the web, by clicking here.

YouTube Video Of Bruce At NAMM '08

Bruce recently attended the 2008 NAMM convention and has already posted a Mesaage and Photo Gallery from his visit. Now there is also a nice video up on YouTube that features Bruce checking out the German designed Kulik Amps. Bruce and amps designer Sebastian Kulik are not related, but have a lot of fun talking about the sound and features of Kulik Amps.

January 29, 2008
Bruce Quoted In "Classic Rock" Article On Meat Loaf

Classic Rock Magazine recently did a 4 page feature article on Meat Loaf and Bruce, who toured with Meat Loaf, is quoted throughout the article. You can read the article by clicking on the links for each page.
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4

January 14, 2008
Bruce's Only Appearance At NAMM '08

Bruce, Eric Singer, Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Dio), and Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister) will appear at the Music Star Productions booth (#4904) on Saturday, January 19th at 12:30 for autographs and to promote their Icons of Rock DVD's (Bruce: KISS Forever / Eric Singer: All Access to Drumming) as well as their personal projects.

This will be Bruce's only appearance at this year's NAMM.

January 11, 2008
Win A Trip To Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp

Check out Music Star Productions at NAMM '08 January 17th - 20th (Booth #4904), and throw your name in the COFFIN CASE for your chance to be a guest at the Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp Summer Tour '08! Meet, greet and jam with legendary rockers as well as perform on-stage as the opening act in a major concert venue. Music Star Productions, the producers of #1 selling Icons of Rock instructional Book/DVD series and Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp, have teamed up to bring the legends to you in this Rockin' opportunity.

BRUCE KULICK will personally select the winning entry and the grand prize winner will be announced on Friday January 25th 2008. If you missed your flight and can't make it to Anaheim, simply send an email to info@musicstarproductions.com and you will automatically be entered for a chance to win.

Thomas Ian Nicholas Video On MySpace

Thomas Ian Nicholas, whose forthcoming CD Bruce appears on, has the video for the first song from that CD, "Without Warning", up now on MySpace. The "Without Warning" CD will be released on January 15th, and Bruce appears on the track "Wastin My Time".

January 2, 2008
Bruce Featured In Guitarhoo! Fave 5

Yahoo! has launched a new feature in their Guitarhoo! section called Fave 5 which features musicians sharing their 5 favorite songs of all time. Bruce was asked to participate in their inaugural posting, and among the songs Bruce named are "Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream, "Are You Experienced" by Jimi Hendrix, and "I am The Walrus" by the Beatles. You can check out Bruce's entire Fave 5, as well as read what Bruce had to say about why each song means so much to him, by clicking here.

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