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October 2000

October 26

Bruce Kulick At KISS Event
Bruce Kulick will be the special guest at's KISS event this Saturday, October 28 in Kissimmee, Florida. The free event will be held at the Ramada Main Gate hotel on Reedy Creek Blvd. from 11 AM-5 PM. Kulick will not, however, appear as previously announced at upcoming KISS Expo events in Toronto and Philadelphia due to family commitments.

October 21

Blue Room Released in South America
[From Gabriel Ravarini - KISSFEVER Online] I'm very glad to announce that the second album from Bruce's band UNION, "The Blue Room", has been officially released in South America! The Blue Room was officially released in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and Colombia, so you can look for the album in every major record store like Tower Records or Musimundo. The way to tell the difference between the US release and the South American release is to look for the logo of the Roadrunner label, a subsidiary of Sum Records, in the booklet. The Blue Room has been officially licenced to be released in all South America, so it is possible to find it in those countrys that were not mentioned above. It all depends if a local label in your country has a relationship with Sum Records/Roadrunner and if they decide to import it. So, if you don't have The Blue Room because you couldn't find it or your local retailers were charging too much for the US release, now is the time to run to your local record store and GET IT!!

October 15

Message From Bruce
Hello everyone. I want to thank first off all of my friends in Europe for a safe and cool trip. And of course to the fans who came out in support to greet me at the KISS Parties and my guitar clinic in Rotterdam.

First off, the clinic was a huge success at a great music store called FEEDBACK. They had an amazing poster of me which made me feel really welcome when I arrived. Although I was jetlagged and the trip there was long from Amsterdam, the crowd was very happy to hear me play and answer questions about my career with KISS and beyond. Amsterdam is the city you cant sleep in, so I didn't! Next day I was off to a studio where I played guitar for a producer who does cool stuff with samples and bands... so I may be featured on some very interesting music in the coming year! Thanks to Sidney and Joop for a great time in their very happening city of Amsterdam.

Then off to the first expo, which was great... the biggest crowd (as usual). Holland loves to party and this was a KISS party after all. Of course this was the first time to jam with Shameless, but it went off without a hitch so we were all proud. Off early the next day to Germany and from then on it was a blur -- lots of clouds and rain, lots of time together on the bus, lots of McDonalds, and hanging with the KISS dealers from around the world. And of course the jamming with Shameless got tighter and tighter. Steve Rachelle from Tuff did a great job fronting the band. A big hello to him (who I will see in LA anyway).

In Frankfurt I had a day off, so got to walk around go to an IMAX show, but mostly needed sleep! After a fun last night in Berlin where we all went out to have some fun, I made the long trip back to the states... what a trip. I had to take a train one day, to Frankfurt, then fly home the next... ouch. Anyway I want to thank Alex from Shameless, Rikk who looked after me with a eye of an eagle, Keith from for the company and help, Alexander from Switzerland, Phil Elliot from Atlanta, and the bands that played: SHAMELESS, CHIKARA and TOX-SIN... all cool people to hang with.

So thanks again for the fans I met. Watch the site for more info and pix coming soon from the trip. Glad to be home, but I had a good time in Europe.

October 10

Bruce Kulick in Holland
[By Joop van Pelt - KISS Kollector Online] Late September former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick spent some days in Holland to catch up with his friends down here, since he already had to be in Europe because of his appearances at the KISS Expos with glamband Shameless. He was the special guest at the KISS Expo in Zaandam (Holland) and travelled through Germany early October were he appeared as the special guest at five KISS Expos there. On Thursday, September 28 Bruce did a guitar clinic at Feedback in Rotterdam. The (usually) one hour trip from Amsterdam to Rotterdam took about two hours thanks to the slow traffic in rush hour (which gave Bruce some time to update us in detail with what has been going on in his career and personal life recently and also for him to read the latest issue of KISS Kollector) but still he arrived at the store in time. Already a few fans had lined up at the store when we arrived, so Bruce quickly went into the dressing room to get ready and then do a soundcheck at the room where the clinic took place. After tuning his guitar one more time, Bruce took the stage. Thanks to the aprox 150 fans who showed up, things got very steamy during Bruce's entertaining clinic. Having seen a few of Bruce's clinics before - in Australia ('95, on the 1st official KISS Convention Tour when KISS toured Down Under) and Germany ('96, on Bruce's clinic tour) - I thought this was one of the coolest ones, with Bruce often joking when he talked to the crowd in between the songs explaining things or just sharing interesting anecdotes with the fans. He did about 6 songs (mostly KISS songs from Revenge plus a new arrangement of Creatures Of The Night with Bruce's friend Curt Cuomo on drum machine), and talked quite a lot to the fans also answering questions that came from the audience. After the clinic Bruce did like a meet 'n greet session with the fans, signing autographs and posing for photos. After that Bruce spent some more time at the store and in the dressing room, before we headed back to Amsterdam. The day after the clinic Bruce had a day off to enjoy the shitty weather in Amsterdam, so he checked out several antiques and jewelry stores in the area and even bought himself a Crazy Nights button. After a belated breakfast Bruce checked his e-mail and later that day laid down some guitar tracks for a Dutch band in a local studio. Bruce also informed us on his solo album (he wrote a tune called Monster Island which features a duelling guitar solo, so he wants to have his brother Bob jam on that one) and book, which he couldn't work on for about a month because of his parent stuff. On Saturday Bruce of course had to appear at the KISS Expo at De Kade in Zaandam. One hour before the doors opened to the public, Bruce came in to check out the merchandise and say hello to the dealers/fanclubs present there. Then he left to have something to eat. Later on Bruce did a Question & Answer session and signed autographs for the fans. Backstage he also did many interviews, before he had to play the encores with Shameless. The glam band fronted by Alexx Michael from Germany put up a great, entertaining performance with (guest) lead vocalist Stevie Rachelle (ex Tuff) from Los Angeles. The band did songs from their two albums plus a cover of KISS' Tomorrow, and with Bruce they did some more KISS tunes, including Do You Love Me and Lick It Up. The next morning Bruce left for Germany, where he appeared at the Expos in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Ludwigsburg, München and Berlin.
Click Here For Photos From Bruce's Time In Holland!

October 9

Bruce Kulick On Party-Tour In Europe
[From:] Bruce Kulick has been Special Guest on a series of Kiss Parties and travelled for a week through Germany and Holland to sign autographs, pose for pictures and answer all kind of questions from the fans. We learned that Bruce is in the middle of writting a book, for which he is still looking for a distributor. According to Bruce it will be a "clean" book without any scandals. He is about to record 12 or 13 songs for his upcoming solo-album to be released early next year. Union are having a break now, but they are not splitting up. He also does not believe that Kiss will get him back into the band, because of his opinion there is not such a strong demand for a "Revenge" era Reunion. A lot dealers from around the globe were also present to sell all kinds of merchandise. A lot of old merchandise could be found as well, for the appropriate prices.... pretty much everything was available. The only collectible item missing was probably a nude Gene Simmons photo. Three live-bands were playing at each party. Opener were "Chikara" who played some Kiss covers, followed by "Toxic Sin", who didn't have anything in common with Kiss at all (pretty much a Rammstein cover-band). Headliners were shooting stars "Shameless", who played the very first time in Germany and Holland. The newcomers who had just released their second CD "Queen 4 a day" came with Tuff-singer Stevie, because their origianl singer was unfortunately unable to attend the shows. Some Kiss cover songs were of course included in the set (including a surprising "Tomorrow"), but they mainly played their own material. Bruce Kulick joined the band on stage for the encores to play 4 songs with them. Three Kiss songs and one Shameless-song, where Bruce had already played on the album.
Click here for a full report with photos!

October 2

Photos From Bruce's Rotterdam Guitar Clinic
Good news everyone, Barth van der Leck of Rotterdam, The Netherlands attended Bruce's guitar clinic in Rotterdam last Thursday night and has scanned his photos for everyone's viewing pleasure! Just click over to Barth's website to check the photos out!

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