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October 1998

October 13

A Word From Bruce
"Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you all know how things went for me and UNION on the road as well as what's coming up in the future. First, we made up all the dates we had postponed from the first time we went out and are very proud to be able to point out that we did that for all those fans who wanted to see us in those cities. We then went on to do several dozen more new shows and I'm very very proud of what we accomplished on our Mid-West/East Coast tour. As always, it was really great making new friends and meeting all the fans. It's also making the band more united and allowing UNION to really find itself by getting out there on the road as a band and performing for our fans. It's definitely an experience the guys and I have all benefited from and grown as a band. And rest assured, we're going to try and say "yes" to touring and be on the road as much as we can, so be patient if we haven't hit your area yet 'cause we will. There's definitely some exciting things happening for me and UNION in the coming weeks and months!"

UNION Update From Bruce
Well, Bruce and the guys are back home from the very successful 31 dates they played on the Second Leg of their UNION Tour '98. While he was out on the road several topics have been the subject of discussion among the fans, and Bruce wanted to address them so all his fans know the official word on what's coming up for him and UNION.

  • Swedish/Scandinavian Mini-Tour -- Bruce and UNION are planning to head to Sweden for a mini-tour in early November. They plan to do 6 to 8 shows in Sweden (and possibly a date or two in other Scandinavian cities) between November 5th and 15th. A show in Stockholm (November 5th) and two in Goteborg (November 6th & 7th) are the only cities/dates currently available, but more will be announced soon.
  • ESP Tour Possibility -- There has been rumor and speculation about the possibility of a tour to support the ESP project. Bruce pointed out that with all that is going on for the individual members who contributed to the ESP project that it is impossible to say if or when any type of tour would take place. He didn't rule it out, however, saying that it would be fun and that anything is possible.
  • Bruce Kulick Solo Album -- Bruce confirmed that a solo album is something that he would like to pursue..... at some point. He said that as of now there is no definite timeline established for this project, much less a title or a release date. He did, however, say that he envisioned it as a mix of both instrumentals ("495" and "Liar" type material) as well as tracks featuring vocals when he does begin writing and recording for it in the future.
  • Atlanta KISS Expo '99 -- Another one of those situations where it is hard to say 100% what the band will be doing in February of 1999 that may make an appearance at this event impracticle. However, he did say that schedule willing it was something that he and UNION would like to be involved with.

    Finally, Bruce said that there is also a possibility that he and UNION will be heading to Europe to do some dates later this year in December, but that nothing was officially confirmed at this point. As always, as soon as more details on any of the above events are available they will be available here at the Virtual Studio

    UNION Live at the Coconut Teaser in Hollywood
    Bruce and the band will be appearing for a special performance at the Coconut Teaser on Thursday, October 29th. The Teaser is located at the corner of Sunset and Cresant Heights in Hollywood, California and the guys are scheduled to hit the stage at 11:00 p.m. There will be a $6.00 cover charge. For any additional information you can contact the club directly at 213-654--4774.

    "ESP: ESP Lost & Spaced" Album Info
    More news on the ESP project Bruce has been involved with. The CD is called ESP Lost and Spaced, and the ESP line-up consists of:

  • Bruce Kulick - lead, rhythm & bass
  • Eric Singer - drums and vocals
  • John Corabi - vocals, rhythm & bass
  • Karl Cochran - vocals, lead, rhythm & bass

    The CD was produced by ESP & Curt Cuomo and includes ten 70's covers:
    1) Sweet's "Set Me Free" - sung by Eric
    2) Humble Pie's "Four Day Creep" - sung by Karl, Eric & John
    3) Edgar Winter's "Free Ride" - sung by John
    4) Johnny Winter's "Still Alive & Well" - sung by Karl
    5) Deep Purple's "Never Before" - sung by John
    6) KISS' "Goin' Blind" - sung by Karl
    7) Nazareth's "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" - sung by Eric
    8) Band Of Gypsy's "Changes" - sung by Karl
    9) Aerosmith's "SOS" - sung by John
    10) Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" - sung by John

    The CD, to be released by Rock Hard Records, will most likely not be in the stores until early '99, but it will be available via mail order and at conventions in about 2 weeks. If anyone wants to go ahead and order the CD they can email Rock Hard Records and they'll send you the details. Finally, there will be a full page color ad promoting the CD in the new KISS Metal Edge Tour issue coming out on November 3rd so be on the lookout.

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