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November 2000

November 27

Rock fans everywhere will be thrilled to learn they can once again get a blast of hard rock heat as Grand Funk Railroad announces plans for a 2000-2002 tour that begins December 2, 2000 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The top selling American rock group of the 70's is back. Grand Funk is newly reformed, stoked by the reissue of the group's catalog on CD and the new box set Thirty Years of Funk, The Anthology by EMI-Capitol records. Currently, Grand Funk includes original founding members Don Brewer (vocals and drums, (writer and singer of the mega-hit "We're An American Band") and bassist Mel Schacher. Joining Don and Mel is an all-star cast featuring singer Max Carl (38 Special, Jack Mack and the Heart Attack), lead guitarist Bruce Kulick (12 years with KISS and credits with Michael Bolton, Meatloaf, Billy Squire) and keyboardist Tim Cashion (Bob Seger, Robert Palmer). Brewer and Schacher have created a dynamic and multi-talented five piece band that will carry on the tradition of Grand Funk hits as well as create a new chapter in the on-going legacy of Grand Funk Railroad. "We're Comin' To Your Town, We'll Help You Party It Down, WE'RE AN AMERICAN BAND!"

November 19

Bruce Kulick Interview On
Grand Funk Railroad, whose 70's chart topping hit "An American Band" became an anthem for rock music of that decade, have reunited to launch a concert tour beginning late 2000. Grand Funk’s founding members, drummer/singer & songwriter Don Brewer and bassist Mel Schacher have recruited the talent of Bruce Kulick (Kiss guitarist from 1984 - 1995), singer Max Carl (.38 Special, Jack Mack and the Heart Attack) and on keyboards Tim Cashion (Bob Seger, Robert Palmer).  This all-star line up will tour through 2002. Log on to internet radiostation for a live interview with Grand Funk Railroad. Guitarist Bruce Kulick will be live in-studio joined by Don Brewer by phone on ROCKNROLLSTATION.COM, Wednesday, November 22, 2000 at 11:00am PST.

November 7

Bruce takes a journey to the other side of the tracks.

Bruce Kulick in Grand Funk Railroad

Hello everyone! If you haven't heard already through the various sources of information, Pollstar announced late last week a date for Grand Funk Railroad at a radio show in West Palm Beach, Florida. The unusual thing about this is that yours truly will be playing lead guitar!! I got a call a while back from Don Brewer (drummer and singer of the hit American Band) about getting the band back together for shows, but without Mark Farner. I was flattered, and told him I would think about it. I asked who else was involved and he told me about Max Carl a singer, guitarist, keyboard player who was with 38 Special, and fronted a band for many years called Jack Mack and the Heartattack. Of course Mel Schacher, original bassist, and a keyboard player Tim Cashion, who played with Bob Seger and Robert Palmer. Not a shabby bunch at all, so I had nothing to lose but to fly up to Michigan for a trial run at the songs and meet the guys. After meeting everyone and hanging and playing, I was happy to have gotten the offer. I know a lot of you know the name of the band and maybe some of you know a hit or two from them, but their music is timeless and most of my friends know what great music they created in the 70's. So I agreed to jump on the train, to coin a phrase, to see what would happen. We took some quick press photos, met with a strong agent who loved our rehearsal, and we will see where this whole thing takes the band.

Now on to UNION and my solo music. I finally will have a chance to finish my solo disc in the coming months and that I am extremely happy about. I lost quite a bit of time with family matters as many of you know, but things are calm with that now (thankfully). I still have plans to release AUDIODOG next year (I can't wait). John, Brent and Jamie are all aware and understand this decision, but I will tell you all that the door is not shut with further things happening for the band. I love the music we have created and the band of course had many obstacles to overcome, but I am proud of all of our efforts. The market has made it very tough on all of us, but luckily other members got opportunities which made good sense at the time. So none of you should confuse that with us not caring about our music and our fans.

So the year 2001 will be interesting, and I will keep you all posted on developements of course. Thanks for all your support. I hope that my UNION fans and fans of mine from the KISS days will be happy with whatever musical journeys we take, together or apart. If you are curious about GFR and would like to go to a very basic site on them, go to Thanks again and watch for more info soon. (Careful crossing the tracks as well!!!)

Bruce Kulick Photos
Bruce was in Europe in early October attending some KISS Expos, and thanks to Bruce's new digital camera has some great photos to share with all of Bruce's fans! Click Here To View The Photos

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