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November 1998

November 19

UNION Live Album Track List
Here is the full track list for the Live UNION album to be released in '99 on Cleopatra records. It is 11 live tracks with 2 acoustic bonus tracks making the CD come in at 70:23 minutes of music.

  • 1) Old Man Wise
  • 2) Around Again
  • 3) Heavy D
  • 4) Jungle
  • 5) Love (I Don't Need It Anymore)
  • 6) Man In The Moon
  • 7) I Walk Alone
  • 8) Surrender
  • 9) Pain Behind Your Eyes
  • 10) Power To The Music
  • 11) Tangerine
    Acoustic bonus tracks:
  • 12) October Morning Wind
  • 13) Hide Your Love Away

    November 17

    Message From Bruce
    As you all know UNION has been off the road for a while now and I want to thank the fans that supported us on the tour. Truthfully we couldn't have done it without you and some of you really helped out (you know who you are!!). I have been busy with writing songs for UNION, working on some songs for a solo record, and as you may have heard, finishing our live record, which came out amazing. That will be out in early 1999 on Cleopatra records. As for the ESP band, which consists of Eric Singer, John Corabi, Karl Cochran and myself, the CD can be ordered from the site, just click on the banner. It was a fun record of covers and it also features a solo by Ace Frehley on Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady." Bruce and Ace together again!! I am proud of the record as well as the spirit it was done in - just for fun!! ESP will go to Australia for some dates in December, and when John and I return it will be time to get busy with songwriting for the next UNION record. We will be perfoming New Year's Eve in LA so come out for that show if you can. I was also involved in an Industrial mix album of KISS songs. My brother Bob and I did some work on that and I will be featured on "God of Thunder." It will be out in the spring of next year. Look for more news soon and some cool pages to be put up, including pictures from my private photo albums of cool stuff. Thanks again! Lots more music and stuff to come!!

    November 16

    Message From Bruce From AOL UNION Bulletin Board
    First off the live record is finished and we are working on artwork etc now. For all of you that saw us you will want this, for those who missed us you will able to hear what we sounded like on the past tour. The bonus tracks are the Beatle's song "Hide Your Love Way" and an acoustic "October Morning Wind." The songs include many UNION tracks but of course showcase "Jungle, "Power to the Music", "I Walk Alone", "Surrender"(Cheap Trick) and "Man in the Moon" by the Scream. It will be out early next year and I think you will all love it. Is it odd for a band that has only put out one disc to do a live record??? Not in my book. The set list is so full of great material I feel it is the ultimate way to get the UNION experience of our evolution as a band. We are still growing and getting to know our potential. But we are proud of the gigs we played and thank you for those who supported us. John and I will be going to Australia to do shows there with Eric Singer and we will as well promote UNION and perform some songs from our CD. We hope to have the band go there early next year. More later and see ya New Years Eve??? Coconut Teaser!!!

    Bruce & John DownUnder Details
    From: Paul Drennan
    I am promoting the Australian ESP tour dates and just wanted to relay this information to everyone:

  • The Palace - Melbourne Thursday 3 December. Tickets $26.00 available from Ticketek Agencies or Ph 132 849
  • Cartoons - Adelaide Friday 4 December. Tickets $26.00 available from Bass outlets or Ph 131 246
  • The Metro - Sydney 6 December, Tickets $26.00 available from Ticketek Agencies or The Metro.
    Bruce and Eric will be conducting clinics in all cities. Melbourne on December 1st, Bruce will be appearing at Billy Hydes, and Eric will be at Drumtek. In Sydney, both Eric and Bruce will be conducting clinics at Billy Hydes. Contact the store for details. We are also hoping to have John and Bruce appear on Ground Zero Television to perform a Union song this will be confirmed soon. There will be instore signing sessions at Metal Mayhem in Melbourne on December 3, Utopia Records, Sydney on December 5. There will be special tour shirts available at the shows as well as the band doing a signing session following the shows.

    November 12

    Celebrate New Years Eve With UNION!
    Bruce has confirmed that UNION will be playing at the Coconut Teaser in LA on New Years Eve. There will be a $15 entrance fee which includes a glass of Champagne on UNION. Be there!

    Bruce & John Down Under With ESP
    Bruce confirmed that both he and John Corabi are working to firm up some dates to play in Australia with ESP (Eric Singer Project). The tetative dates right now are Thursday Dec 3 Melbourne Palace, Friday Dec 4 Adelaide Cartoons, and Sunday Dec 6 Sydney Metro George St. Tickets are approx $25.00 and available soon through ticketing agencies. Bruce mentioned that he and John may do clinics there as well and will be promoting UNION for a future trip for the band .

    November 3

    News from Bruce & Brent: Live Album, Swedish Tour Postponed & More
    Bruce and Brent wanted to relay some news to all the fans regarding a few of the upcoming events for the UNION, as well as an overview of their night at the Teaser among other things. Here's what the guys had to say:

  • Swedish Mini-Tour Postponed -- The Sweden Mini Tour has been postponed -- more details will follow.
  • UNION Live Album -- There have been quite a few rumors and posts about this recently so Bruce and Brent wanted to officially confirm for everyone that a live UNION album has been recorded. The band is currently finishing the mixing process on the album, but no release date has been set as of now. More details concerning the album (track listing, etc.) and its release date will follow.
  • Coconut Teaser Show -- The band's show at the Coconut teaser this past Thursday, October 29th was a HUGE success! UNION sold out the club, put on a Hell of a show, and wanted to extend their deepest thanks to the international crowd who attended, many of whom were in town for the KISS show and who made the effort to attend the UNION gig at the Teaser. The band also wanted to apologize to those who may have gotten "caught in the rain" outside the club trying to get in to see the guys -- unfortunately city regulations only permit the club to allow a certain number of people inside at once. The guys are very happy with the way the show went and hope to make playing at the Teaser a regular stop for UNION and their fans.
  • "Industrial" KISS Tribute Album -- Bruce also wanted to addres this topic since there have been some posts and rumors concerning his participation in the project. Yes, he will be participating (alnog with his brother) in the "re-release" of a KISS Tribute album. However, it is not the "Return of the Comet" album as has been reported. The album being re-worked/re-released is in fact the "Spacewalk" tribute album, for which Bruce will be cutting "God of Thunder." The track will be mixed for an "industrial" feel (as will the rest of the album), but no singer has been chosen yet to lay down the vocals for the track. More details about the album and Bruce's participation will be released as they become available.

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