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December 2000

December 15

Special Thanks From Bruce
Bruce would like to give special thanks to all of the fans that emailed him with birthday wishes over the past few days. If fans would still like to send birthday wishes to Bruce they can email him at

December 12

Bruce Kulick Birthday
Today, December 12th is Bruce Kulick's birthday and the webmasters along with all of the online fans want to wish Bruce a very happy birthday.

Bruce Kulick: "My solo album will be 'Joe Satriani meets KISS' style music"
What follows is the interview with Bruce Kulick as conducted September (2000) by the KISS Kollector Fanclub (, but it's not just the edited version of the interview as it appeared in KISS Kollector magazine: exclusively for KISS ASYLUM/ here's pretty much the entire conversation, including almost all bits 'n pieces that could not be included in the magazine. Late September former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick spent some days in Holland to catch up with his friends down here, since he already had to be in Europe because of his appearances at the KISS Expos with glamband Shameless. He was the special guest at the KISS Expo in Zaandam (Holland) and travelled through Germany early October were he appeared as the special guest at five KISS Expos there. While in Holland, Bruce also gave a guitar clinic in Rotterdam at a store called Feedback and of course he also checked out Amsterdam while staying their and he also did a recording session at a local studio. As it had been a while since I last did an actual interview with Bruce, we also decided to do an interview at the end of the second day of his stay in Holland. We sat down in his hotel after we had returned from the studio were he had recorded some guitar tracks. After the many extensive interviews with Bruce that have appeared in KISS Kollector throughout the years, you might be surprised to still find out some very interesting new facts about the talented guitarist. Although Bruce was quite tired we sat down for almost an hour and he gave away a couple of great scoops during the outspoken conversation - including his remarkable involvement on the last KISS album Psycho Circus, his session with Poison's Brett Michaels and an audition he did for Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger's solo tour while Bruce was still in KISS. Curious? Well, quickly read on... [Read The Interview]

December 9

Bruce Gets Initiated
Bruce Kulick at soundcheck
Bruce at Soundcheck
Dec 2, 2000 West Palm Beach was the first Grand Funk show with its three new members. And what a great night it was! After three trips to Michigan to rehearse, 16 songs to learn, and lot's of the usual excitement and anticipation of the first show with a new band, I am proud to say the night was one I will not soon forget. First off, when we arrived at the outdoor event, Blue Oyster Cult had the crowd going, and it was a very large crowd. The Gator radio station in West Palm sponsored the event and I believe there was close to 4,000 in attendance. That got me very excited. And the pre-show buzz was high as the anticipation was really killing everyone. First song got off to a strange start, as lead singer Max Carl's mike did not work! So off to my mike he came after I motioned to him to go for it. So in front of my pedal board and screaming guitar amp he had to sing! But that got settled by the next song and the technical problems were small after that. The feedback from the crowd was terrific and I know that the cheers and smiles really welcomed Max, Tim (keyboards) and myself. Original members Don Brewer (drums) and Mel Schacher both were very happy with the nights performance.

After an encore and a bow from the band, we were off to our dressing room for a loud "WE DID IT"!!! We then did a meet and greet with the fans that call themselves "Roadkill." Much like KISS fans, they travel far and wide to see the band and this was a night they really couldn't miss. So I signed things for them, and realized how similar they were to the KISS fans I have met through the years. Of course they were very cool with me, so I feel I have adopted a brand new set of fans! Can't complain about that of course! So all in all, what a relief to have us finally prove ourselves. All the time spent learning and rehearsing the songs, and bringing my style to Grand Funk's signature sound paid off handsomely. Now it's time to relax for the holidays and hope all of you enjoy yours as well.

More news very soon on the website about my solo disc, future Grand Funk shows, my book, and an auction site that I am involved in.

December 8

Bruce Kulick & Actress/Stuntwoman Kira Tashjian Launch's Auction Website Targeting Proceeds To Children's Charity
Los Angeles, CA, December 8, 2000 -- Legendary former KISS and current Grand Funk Railroad lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, joins actress/stuntwoman Kira "Yoshi" Tashjian to form CELEBRITY NEWS AUCTIONS, an Internet auction website and all in the name of charity. With the recent success of Butterfields' KISS auction, and the booming e-commerce Internet bidding website EBAY, Kulick and Tashjian saw a great opportunity to offer celebrity collectables to a mass public and raise money for charity. Items will be offered via EBAY, and portions of the proceeds will go to the ERIC CARR FOUNDATION funding St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. November 24, 2000 marked the 9-year anniversary of KISS drummer Eric Carr's untimely death at age 41 from cancer related complications. Long before his diagnosis with cancer, Carr often donated both his time and money to needy children, including those at St. Jude's Hospital. Collectors can expect a varied selection of one-of-a-kind items to bid on, including a custom-made Ibanez guitar used by Marilyn Manson's JOHN5 on last year's "Mechanical Animals" tour. In addition, a Jim Kelly (Buffalo Bills #12) autographed football, authentic KISS memorabilia and personal affects donated directly from Kulick's own private collection. Expect to see a KISS "Asylum" RIAA Certified Gold Album award, vintage KISS guitar picks, touring swag, backstage passes, and other rare items. Additional KISS artifacts donated by friends and fans will include several sets of rare drumsticks taken directly from Carr's own touring case, posters, DVD's, and more. Private merchants have also donated items, but most items will be celebrity owned or related. CELEBRITY NEWS AUCTIONS opens officially December 12, 2000.

"Eric was a very charitable person," says Kulick, "and to be involved in a website that will give money to his foundation while having people bid on celebrity collectables is something that I really think he would have enjoyed. It also gives me a great opportunity to empty some of the closets of my own rock trivia for a good cause."

Adds Tashjian, "we are encouraging celebrities in music, film, sports, TV, animation, even private merchants to get involved with donating items that can be auctioned with Eric's fundraiser in mind. We'll continue to provide a service for celebrities to auction their personal collections without the guilt or pressure of donating some or all of their spoils, but so far, their generosity has been immense!" Please visit the Celebrity News Auctions website at

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