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December 2001

December 12

Bruce Kulick Birthday December 12th
The KULICK.net producers along with the rest of the online Bruce Kulick fans would like to wish Bruce Kulick a very happy and healthy birthday today. Fans are encouraged to post their birthday wishes and comments to Bruce on the KULICK.net Bulletin Board. Also feel free to privately email Bruce your birthday wishes at BruceKool@aol.com.

December 11

Bruce Kulick Biography Update,
Scheduled For Release In 12/12/02

Ken Gullic / KISS ASYLUM / KULICK.net - Hello fellow ASYLUM-IZERS...and I do mean Kings Of The Mountain(s)! While you're all busy thumbing through your copy of KISS AND MAKE UP, I thought I'd take a minute to not only wish BRUCE KULICK an early happy birthday (same day as Sinatra!) - but to also, as the author, update all of you on the progress of THE WORLDS FIRST AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF ANY KISS MEMBER!! How's that? Well, first off - Gene's is an autobiography (gotcha)! And then it wouldn't be wrong to presume that KISS & TELL wasn't authorized, right? Ah yes, the glory of technicalities! ANYWAY: the target release date for "FAREWELL KISS" and/or "HONORABLE DISCHARGE" (we haven't decided!) a.k.a.: The Bruce Kulick Biography? December 12, 2002!! What day does that fall on? Hell if I know. Will it be a little more thorough (yet engaging) than some of the KISS books you've read? Absolutely!! The beauty of the Bruce situation is that he has so much to say, and yet he hasn't been repeating himself, ad nauseum, answering the same questions all these years - because he laid so low in the media. Let's just say he wasn't stoned everyday, and remembers some key things in GREAT detail! As a matter of fact - I'll lay down the gauntlet now...THIS will be the best KISS book ever! (Ok...there will probably be a cool book about some movie they made in 1978... hi Mr. A!) but this book is written by a fan (hey, that's me!) for the fans (hey, that's you!) - so please trust that I am as curious about what Bruce did or didn't do on ANIMALIZE thru PSYCHO CIRCUS, what he did or did NOT play on (some surprises!); what really happened with Eric Carr - not to mention Bruce's first heated argument with the KISS hierarchy (Paris; 1984!); how many times he TRIED to get into KISS; what it was like playing with Meatloaf as his career was breaking; why he threw a foot pedal at Michael Bolton (yes Bruce has a temper!) and much, much more! Bruce has many cool photos on file - including everything from a geeky shot of him playing guitar in the Catskills of NY in 1970 - to an awesome shot of him on the ASYLUM stairs at Madison Square Garden! No topic will be ignored. So far some great interviews have been completed with the likes of: Bob Kulick (an intense guy!); Michael James Jackson (a total gentleman!); Larry Mazer (did an AWESOME interview with him this past weekend); Bruces parents (a very sweet sitcom like couple who don't listen to each other when they talk [at the same time] - and wondered if I had ever seen Bruce in the Tears Are Falling video?!?! LOL! They were so sweet and proud!); and I am VERY happy to announce that I will be interviewing Sir Bob Ezrin (if he isn't a sir, he should be!) on Bruce's birthday! (Maybe as you are reading this!). So once again, having written 24,906 words/2,871 lines/792 paragraphs so far... we clock in about 6 chapters worth of text! The book starts when Bruce is down and out - in a post Blackjack funk, living back at home with his parents in 1984. And where does it go from there? Onwards to a forgotten KISSTORY that's rarely if ever explored...and soon YOU WILL BE THERE!! Have a great KISSMAS everyone! See you in 2002!

Win An Autographed Bruce Kulick ESP Guitar
Bruce Kulick ESP Guitar PerrisRecords.com is giving away this ESP guitar [Friday December 28th, 2001] ESP (LTD model) Guitar Autographed by Bruce Kulick.

To enter to win this guitar you must sign up to PerrisRecords.com mailing list. [Click Here To Sign Up...]

December 6

AUDIODOG Availble In Stores / Free Audio Dog Signature Guitar Pick Offer
Audio Dog Picks For those of you who do not want to order by mail etc, the disc can be bought in certain stores! Perris Records is distributing the disc to Tower, Best Buy, CD Now etc. Now this does not mean it will be easily found though. They have a good amount out there, but if you will have to ask someone that works at your store that seems to know Rock and Roll and KISS so here is the info. The bar code # is 670573009429. It is listed under Perris Rec/Select-O-Hits number PER 94. With this info, any store can order it as well if they dont already have it in their system. So support the rock stuff and ask for the music you want! As a bonus to those of you that want to order directly from me, I will be offering while supplies last, a FREE Audio Dog signature guitar pick with your order. I have been trying to get these for a while now, and they are finally in. I may offer them for sale if the pick collectors bother me enough!! But for now, a free one with each order. So either way, the holiday season will be easier for you to order my solo disc. Also visit the Perris Records site, www.perrisrecords.com as they are promoting my disc, and as well I have worked out with ESP guitars a giveaway for a VIPER LTD guitar made by ESP. This is a bitchin' guitar that I will be using in the future. [More...]

Bruce Kulick Returns To Australia For Two Concerts In February
With the release of his first solo album, Audiodog, Bruce Kulick, lead guitarist of Kiss from 1984 to 1996 is returning to Australia for concerts in Melbourne and Sydney in February. Bruce will be performing with a full band and will play songs from his solo album as well as celebrating his 12 years with Kiss. Since departing Kiss in late 1996 after the band re-applied the make up, Bruce has released three albums with his new band UNION and also performs lead guitar in the classic American rock band, Grand Funk Railroad. Bruce is no stranger to Australia having performed as lead guitarist on the Bat out of Hell tour with Meat Loaf in 1978 and Kiss on their sell out tour in 1995. He has also toured Australia in 1996 doing a series of guitar clinics (he is endorsed by THE rock amplifier, Marshall) and again in 1998 as part of the all-star band, ESP, featuring Motley Crue vocalist, John Corabi and fellow Kiss drummer, Eric Singer. "I'm excited about playing some of my solo songs for the first time and also about playing many Kiss songs from my time in the band. The Australian fans have always been so supportive of me and my projects and I know that they will enjoy the set list that I've put together there's not much I'm leaving out," Bruce said. In his Kiss years, Bruce sold over 15 million albums with the band and has also recorded and or toured with some of the most successful performers over the years including Meat Loaf, Billy Squire, Michael Bolton and even Don Johnson! As per previous tours, Bruce is looking forward to meeting the fans and after each show, he will be signing autographs and selling copies of his solo album, Audiodog. Melbourne - The Corner Hotel, Friday 1 February, 2002 (www.cornerhotel.com). Sydney - Bar Broadway, Sunday 3 February, 2002 (www.barbroadway.com.au). Tickets will be on sale from the venues in advance.

December 4

Bruce Kulick At Chicago KISSfest
KULICK.net has just added a few photos from Bruce's recent appearance at the Chicago KISSfest on November 25th. Among those in attendance that got their photo taken with Bruce include Dale "The Demon" Torborg and Mark Tremonti, the guitarist from Creed. [View The Photos...]

Bruce Kulick In Metal Edge Magazine
PLAN8JAN8 - I don't subscribe to METAL EDGE MAGAZINE anymore, and for those others that are right along with me, here's some news about Bruce you'd like to know: Brucie Boy is featured a couple of times in the current (January 2002) issue of the magazine. The issue pays tribute to America, and asks rockers their thoughts about the tragedy of 9/11. There's a pic of Bruce playing the "Star Spangled Banner" on 9/8 in Montreal, and he includes his thoughts about what happened. He's also among a couple dozen of rockers posing for the pull-out cover photo. (BK is in the inside section of the pull-out, as is Eric Singer.) There's also a two-page tribute to Eric Carr, which features a couple of pics of Bruce and Eric, plus several quotes from Mr. Kulick.

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