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December 1998

December 19

Bruce Kulick & UNION News
From: Michael Edwards / UNION Force
I talked with Bruce earlier this afternoon and he had a few tidbits of news for everyone.

  • UNION Live Album: First up, it now looks like the live album will be released in early April, rather than the original projected February date. There probably will not be any singles from the disc, as Cleopatra is more of a catalog label. Bruce said that "As long is the record is out there and available, I'm happy." Speaking of distribution, it looks like the live album will be available everywhere when it comes out, and will not be as hard to track down as the debut disc.
  • Australia & ESP: Australia was a definite success for UNION, as the ground work was laid for the band to tour there in 1999 and fans received Bruce with open arms at both the ESP shows and two KISS Expos that he appeared at by himself. Also, while there have been rumblings about some U.S. dates with ESP, nothing is planned as of yet. Bruce and John will more than likely concentrate on writing for the next UNION record before they do any other shows. That album, which will be on a new label, should be released in early Summer, with a tour to follow.
  • Atlanta KISS Expo: Speaking of live shows, Bruce wanted to make it clear that, while all four members of UNION will be at the Atlanta KISS Expo on February 7th, the band will NOT be performing. There will be a "Meet and Greet" with everyone, but no performance. The only live date scheduled right now is for New Year's Eve in L.A., and Bruce wanted to be sure to invite anyone who will be able to come to join the band for a very special evening.
  • Merchandise News: On the merchandise front, we've almost hammered out the final details of the flyer and it should be ready to mail within a few days. Again, if anyone would like to be among the first to receive this, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me at UNION Force, P.O. Box 104, Pinetops, NC, 27864. Thanks again to everyone who has supported the band in 1998, and look for big things to happen in 1999!

    December 14

    Bruce Kulick & UNION To Attend 1999 Atlanta KISS Expo
    The 5th Annual Atlanta KISS Expo updated guest list includes the following :
    Very special guest: Bruce Kulick
    special guest: Bob Kulick
    guests: John Corabi & the entire band "Union."
    special guests: KISS Tribute band "Love Gun" from Chattanooga,TN.
    special guest: Gordon Gebert
    Contact Phil Elliott / Kreatures of the South For More Info
    Click Here For More KISS Expo Information

    December 12

    Bruce Kulick Birthday
    Today, December 12th, is Bruce Kulick's Birthday. If anyone wishes to send Bruce your birthday wishes, you can email him at

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