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December 1999

December 28

"The Blue Room" is Classic Rock The Way It Should Be
Sound Bites: Audio Reviews By The AP -- "Blue Room" (Spitfire Records) - UNION
TheBlueRoom You get that kind of tie-dyed feeling with UNION's latest release, "The Blue Room." It's classic rock the way it should be. While ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and ex-Motley Crue singer John Corabi might come from a glam heavy metal background, paired together they've created some soulful and melodic tracks with just a sprinkling of '80s metal. Mixing everything from hard rock, blues and psychedelic, the album takes you on a trip through the last 30 years of rock. The tone of the guitars is amazing and Corabi's voice is raspy and bluesy but still gives the impression he can sing with a vibrato if he wants to. A highlight is "Dear Friend," featuring a rare lead vocal from Kulick. The song pays respect to his deceased bandmate from KISS, Eric Carr. The lyrics from "Shine" touch on school shootings and helps show that UNION members can shed their past and put out something that is truly from the heart. - By Gerard O'Leary, Associated Press Writer.

December 13 Now Open!
Kulick.Net Musician Bruce Kulick is one of the most talented guitar players ever to grace the rock world. Whether serving as lead guitarist for rock band KISS, singers Michael Bolton, Meatloaf and Billy Squire, or with his newest band UNION, Bruce always masterfully blends both guitar technique and showmanship. Bruce's official webpage, The Virtual Studio, is your ultimate address for the latest Bruce news, tour dates, photos (most direct from Bruce's personal private collection!) and multi-media. And as of today, the Virtual Studio is now located at its new URL,, with a new fresh look and even more great content! 2000 will be a big year for Bruce Kulick and his band UNION, with the February release of UNION's "The Blue Room" album and an expected release later in the year of a Bruce Kulick solo album! is the website to keep an eye on for all the Bruce news and extras as we head into the new millennium! Click now to enter the Virtual Studio!

December 9

UNION's Video-chat & Acoustic Set Reminder
Just a little reminder for everyone that tomorrow, Dec. 10, Bruce Kulick and John Corabi will be doing a video-chat and a brief acoustic set starting at 4:00 pm Buenos Aires time (that's 11:00 am Los Angeles time). This event will take place at the Compumundo store (Av. Cabildo 2231) and to access the video-chat and the acoustic (both will be broadcasted via Internet) head over to and after you pass the main page by clicking the big graphic, click on "CHAT" or "R & POP VIVO" and you'll be there!! Ready to chat, view, hear, and rock with UNION LIVE!! In other UNION news, the band has just arrived today to Buenos Aires, they're in a very good mood and ready to kick some asses!! Also today, they'll be doing an interview for Much Music Argentina.

December 7

Message From Bruce
I would like to thank KISS Army Sweden and KISS Army Norway, for showing me and UNION an amazing time in Scandinavia. The fans were warm even in the cold wind and snow, and we loved making new friends in Europe. I hope to return with UNION in the spring or summer to do some dates again and play in the other countries as well. I leave in a few days for the weekend shows in Buenos Aires with UNION, and the band is looking forward to the fans of South America, and of course some warm sun!! Pictures and lots of news will be coming after the trip to Argentina is over.

Bruce Kulick Signature ESP Guitar For Sale
Bruce Kulick's signature series ESP guitar is available in a very limited edition now at KISS Museum. This model is now out of production and only a dozen or so are left available world-wide! The guitar comes with a signed, numbered letter of authenticity from Bruce Kulick himself, along with an autographed photo of Bruce playing this model. A special hard-shell case is also included. To learn more or order the Bruce Kulick Signature Series ESP Guitar, Click Here.

December 5

UNION Scandinavian Tour 99
UNION's first tour outside the U.S. was finished on December 4th in Helsingborg, Sweden. The tour, directed by KISS Army Sweden, started in Stockholm on November 25th, and continued for ten days with five shows in Sweden and one in Norway (in cooperation with KISS Army Norway). Each night started with a KISS expo, featuring special guest Andre Augustine, who signed his book and answered questions from the fans. Two or three hours later, opening act Bai Bang entered the stage, followed by UNION, who actually played different sets every night. Highlights include, except all the great UNION-tunes, covers of KISS' classics "Cold Gin", "Deuce", "She", and "Parasite", The Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Woman" and The Beatles' "Oh Darlin'". The last two only performed once, in Gothenburg on December 2nd. Between the gigs, UNION did lots of promotion, including interviews (newspapers and TV), radioshows and an acoustic performance for a Swedish TV-station. All in all it was a great tour, and we have recieved lots of positive reactions both from fans and the media. Looking forward to The Blue Room, which is a great album, and to see the guys again in the future. Huge thanks to John, Bruce, Brent, Jamie, Keith, Andre and everyone else involved. -- Stefan Cedervall / KISS Army Sweden

UNION Live In Oslo, Norway -- Dec 3rd 1999
It's the first time that UNION played in Norway, and only Bruce Kulick has visited Norway a few times during the last years. Bruce played with KISS in 1988 and KISS visited Norway in 1992 on the European Revenge Promo Tour. Bruce was also here earlier this year, there was a pre-show tour before the KISS concert in February. Anyway, this was not only a UNION gig, but also a small KISS Expo. I'm not sure how many came to see UNION live, but probably between 100-200 people. They opened early to let the fans buy KISS merchandise, and all the dealers seemed to earn good money this night. KISS Army Norway was in charge of this KISS Expo, and I must say that they do a hell of the job. Each time there is a KISS Expo, it's great. They are so professional and I think all the guests over the past years know this!! -- Kai Roen
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European UNION Update
I just heard from a friend of mine in Sweden and he said the shows are awesome and alot of people are going. The band considers the trip a success. Here is the set list he sent me from the shows he went to.
Do Your Own Thing, Love I Don't Need It Anymore, Pain Behind Your Eyes, Jungle, Who Do You Think You Are, Old Man Wise, Heavy D, Everthing's Alright, Surrender, She, I Walk Alone, Power To The Music, Man In The Moon, Cold Gin, Honky Tonk Woman (jam Medley changes night to night). -- Phil Hunt

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