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February 2001

February 28

Bruce Kulick's KISS Unplugged Guitar Up For Auction
Kulick Guitar Bruce Kulick's KISS "Unplugged" Ovation Elite Guitar Taken from Bruce's own private collection, this Black Ovation Elite model #1868, has active electronics, a beautiful finish, with a slightly V-shaped neck that fits well into the hand. It has a cut-away for easy lead playing. It comes with the original hard shell case, and the actual strings that were used during the MTV performance. Bruce will include a color photo of himself performing with this instrument personalized to the winner of the auction. Here's your chance to own a piece of KISSTORY that was not available at the prior KISS Auction but now is through Celebrity News Auctions. For those interested in bidding, here's the direct link. [Post Your Comments]

February 26

"Audio Dog" MP3 Audio Clips
Good news Kulick fans, Kulick.net has just added two awesome MP3 audio clips ("Change is Coming" & "Pair of Dice") from Bruce's brand new "Audio Dog" EP. Click over to Kulick.net Multimedia to listen to the clips! And don't forget to order the Audio Dog EP by clicking over to http://www.kulick.net/audiodog. [Post Your Comments]

"Audio Dog" EP Fan Reviews
Kulick.net is looking for fan reviews of Bruce's "Audio Dog" EP. Click Here to submit a detailed "track by track" review of the Audio Dog EP and to read what the other online fans have to say about this awesome new EP from Bruce Kulick! [Post Your Comments]

Grand Funk Railroad Tour Dates
Bruce fans can check him out with Grand Funk Railroad as they hit the road for two more upcoming shows. This first is in Hallandale, Florida on March 10 at Gulfstream Park, and then at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan on March 22. If you are in one of those areas be sure to check out an awesome show! [Post Your Comments]

February 21

Message From Bruce
AUDIO DOG Hello everyone, I just got back home from Indy and Atlanta! THANK YOU to all the fans that attended. You were all so gracious with me. I sold all 300 of the "AudioDog" EP's I brought with me!! Both Expo's were filled to capacity, and everyone had an amazing time. Personal thanks to Keith Leroux and his family, and to Phil Elliot and his family for the excellent work on making the events such a success.

It was great to meet the fans, and I got a chance to catch up with an old friend, Mark St. John, in Atlanta. Eric Singer couldn't make the Indy Expo, but I called him so that he could say hi to the fans. Meeting the Demon was GREAT, as I remember him from 1994 -- a typical KISS fan excited to talk about all things KISS. Now he was tall then, but not 275 lbs! His heart was as big as his body, and the fans loved meeting him in full Demon outfit. Hope the WCW treats him good, as he represents the Wrestling and KISS worlds in all the best ways.

So, I am very excited about the reaction to my "AudioDog" EP. And now I have the information up on my site on how to order this Limited Edition EP. I will be posting reviews from the fans, so please send them in as you listen and make your opinions known to the world.

I also got to preview some info on Grand Funk and the fans, especially in Indy, got to hear some little bits of what the band sounds like with me in it. And they got to hear the great hits this band has. So keep your eyes on the dates I post in the future. Definitely worth the trip to see this band.

Now it's back to work finishing up the artwork for the full length version of "AudioDog". I will be in touch with the news about that release, but for now the EP will make you ROCK! Thanks again to all the fans for your support! [Post Your Comments]

Bruce Kulick's Audio Dog EP Now Available At Kulick.net
AUDIO DOG Ok Bruce Kulick fans, the time is here! The highly anticipated Bruce Kulick solo EP, "Audio Dog," is now available at Bruce's website, Kulick.net! "Audio Dog" features 4 blistering tracks: "Pair of Dice" * "Strange To Me" * "Change is Coming" and "495." The first and last tracks are instrumentals, and the middle two tracks feature Bruce on vocals like you have never heard before! The track "495" is a bonus track that will not appear on the upcoming full length "Audio Dog" CD release. Each copy of the "Audio Dog" EP will be individually autographed and numbered by Bruce, with the pressing of the EP limited to only 1000 copies. So, now is the time to order to get your copy before they are all gone! "Audio Dog" is only $10.00, plus $3.00 S&H ($5.00 S&H non-U.S. orders), and payment is accepted by check, money order and credit card! Click over to http://www.kulick.net/audiodog for complete ordering instructions and to get your autographed copy today! [Post Your Comments]

February 7

Message From Bruce
Attention Kulick fans! Sorry for the lack of information, but things are going full tilt for me of late. First off, preparing the release of the 4 song "Audiodog" EP is very exciting. It will be available for sale at the two expos coming up this month. (Indy and Atlanta). I am making 1000 of them, and they will all be numbered and autographed! The song list is: Pair of Dice * Strange to Me * Change is Coming * 495. The first and last ones are instrumentals, but I sing on tracks two and three. I don't want to give anything away, but you will be surprised and I hope you get as excited as I am about the music.

News on the full length 11 song disc (AUDIODOG) will be coming soon. Need to get all the business straight about that before I announce the details. But I am working on getting the package together.. don't ask for lyrics in it, you will be able to go to my site www.Kulick.net for the lyrics. I like that approach, and the way Cd's are now it is so hard to read them anyway.

The past week I was in Michigan, rehearsing and getting ready for the two big Grand Funk Shows. They were a great success. We sold out both nights, and the crowds were so much fun. It really is a pleasure performing with Don, Mel, Max and Tim. Class acts, with great attitude and talent. And I certainly get a chance to do my thing which I love. We have dates confirmed in Florida, and a new one at the Palace in Detroit on March 22nd. Check often for dates in your area and go to www.grandfunkrailroad.com for the new look and information just recently added.

Rockline was fun, and of course I got to make my statement about Eric in Peter's place. (I am such a great source of KISS information right?!!!). So look for more news, including all the info on how to get my new EP, and a new great photo on the front page of www.kulick.net very soon! Also remember to check out the Celebrity News Auction site, as I have more cool KISS related items on EBAY. Just click on my site for the link to the goodies. [Post Your Comments]

February 4

Bruce Kulick/GFR Fan Tour Review
I was at the opening show for Grand Funk Railroad on Friday February 2 and wanted to pass on a little review. First of all let me say that I have never been a huge fan of GFR. I liked their stuff and grew up listening to my older sister playing some of their albums. I just never bought any myself. Second, to anybody out there who thinks that GFR is nothing without Mark Farner, let me tell you this. I respect your opinion. But you should give this new line-up a chance before passing judgment. I live about 15 miles from Mark in Northern Michigan. I have even met him on a couple of occasions. He is currently involved in the Christian Rock scene. I'm sure he wishes his former band mates well. OK, now for the set list. They played the popular stuff, as well as some songs that I had never heard. But I'm sure that the diehard fans recognized them.
Click Here To Read The Full Review With Photos! [Post Your Comments]

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