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March 1999

March 20

UNION: Live Album, Metal Edge & More
There's some great coverage for UNION in the latest Metal Edge! Page 75 of the June 1999 issue (on stands 3/23/99) contains an excellent, half page review of the upcoming UNION Live album: "Live In The Galaxy" (review available online now at The UNION Asylum). According to Bruce, the release date for "Live In The Galaxy" is set for May 18, 1999, so start asking your local record stores for it now to be sure they carry it (as well as the debut UNION album re-issue) upon release! Bruce recently returned from a stint in Europe where he attended eight KISS Expos and five KISS concerts over the course of two weeks. More about Bruce's time in Europe, including some great personal photos will be available here at Bruce's Virtual Studio in the coming weeks. In other UNION related news, Bruce and John will be appearing at the Indy KISS Expo on May 2, 1999 in their capacity as ESP members, where they will be joined by fellow ESPers Eric Singer and Karl Cochran. ESP is currently scheduled to perform at the Expo, and the "Lost And Spaced" CD will be available for purchase there as well. Finally, Bruce says that UNION will not be touring with Poison as some rumors have it, but that the band instead continues work and preparation for their second studio album, which is currently still in the writing stage.

March 11

New Photos: "ESP, Australia & More"
Hey everyone! There is a new addition to "Bruce kulick's Photo Album" up here at the Virtual Studio. Among those included in this latest peak into Bruce's personal collection are pictures of Bruce with Gene and Paul (in makeup!) backstage during a "Psycho Circus" tour stop in Philadelphia, Bruce & ESP in the studio relaxing and recording, and ESP on tour and at Expos in Australia. Just like the great picture of Bruce and his pure bred Alaskan Malamute you see here, these are some really cool photos so be sure to click on over to Bruce Kulick's Photo Album and check them out!

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