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April 2001

April 27

Bruce Kulick Does His Own Thing on the Wild Side
Bruce Kulick (Union, ex-KISS) dropped in on the Wild Side to let everyone know about his new solo record, Audiodog. Click over to KNAC.com to download the audio interview. [Post Your Comments]

KNAC.com Audio Dog CD Contest
Bruce Kulick (Union, ex-KISS) has resurfaced with a vengeance with a brand new CD, "Audiodog." Click over to KNAC.com for your chance to win a copy of Bruce's new album. [Post Your Comments]

MKultra.com Interview With Bruce Kulick
Click over to MKultra.com to read a very cool interview with Bruce Kulick! [Post Your Comments]

April 23

NJ KISS EXPO: The Bruce Kulick Invasion
There has been another addition to the guest list for the 15th annual New Jersey Kiss and Hard Rock Convention: Bruce Kulick! Bruce will bring along a guitar case filled with full-length copies of his "Audiodog" solo album, which will be available for purchase. Other guests include Doro and the Kiss tribute Double Platinum Get ready for the expo or simply admire it from afar at http://www.erols.com/starzcentral/kissexpo [Post Your Comments]

April 17

Bruce Interview On MFN Rocks
MFN Rocks will be Interviewing Bruce Kulick this Thursday, April 19th, at 8p.m, Pacific time on the MFNrocks.com website. We will be playing cuts and talking with Bruce about the new Audio Dog CD. Tune in and check it out! MFNrocks.com [Post Your Comments]

April 13

Message From Bruce
Audio Dog is here and they have begun shipping. (What a relief, and what a big job for me and my merch girl!) Please give me feedback as I am so curious about what you all think. I was generous and gave more than 200 picks out, as I did an approximate cut-off date of April 1st. If you ordered before then, you definately get a pick. And if came a day or so after.. you might have as well. So over 300 orders will have a free BK pick! Please remember that I cannot sign these when they are first sent out, but I will if you return the booklet with a self addressed stamped envelope. And please, when you want to order more than two, the shipping must be adjusted. Some of the foreign orders, when using airmail, do not get covered by $5 when you order more than one. So contact me about shipping prices for that. I still have not gotten my disc in stores, so understand that you have something that can only be ordered from me, at least for a while. I am proud of creating it, funding it, and getting it out to you all. I will be attending the big NY/NJ KISS EXPO on April 29th. I will have Audio Dog CDs with me of course, so all of you that can make it there can buy it from me. I should also be on Ed Trunk's WNEW show Saturday April 28th. Great show in the tri-state area. I will be playing AudioDog and doing some giveaways. This Sunday, April 15, I will be on KNAC.com at 3 p.m. PST promoting the disc. Look for more internet radio, and other places as I start to get the word out on my release. I look forward to a full schedule with Grand Funk this spring and summer, as MANY more dates have been coming in. YOU WILL LOVE the group, so please try to come to a show. There is a link on my site to the Grand Funk site that shows the upcoming gigs. Thanks again. Hope you all are enjoying Spring, and remember to send me your reviews and comments on my Audio Dog release. (Oh yes... anyone into slot car racing?? 1/32 scale. Me and my friends are into it right now... and I want to decal one to make an Audio Dog race car!!) [Post Your Comments]

"Audio Dog" Album Fan Reviews
Kulick.net is looking for fan reviews of Bruce's "Audio Dog" album. Click Here to submit a detailed "track by track" review of the Audio Dog album and to read what the other online fans have to say about this awesome new full length album from Bruce Kulick! Additionally fans can check out what others have said about the earlier release of the Audio Dog EP. Click Here To Read & Submit Reviews! [Post Your Comments]

April 11

Bruce Kulick Solo Album "Audio Dog" In Stock Now & Shipping!
AUDIO DOG Kulick.net is pleased to announce that Bruce's full length solo album, "Audio Dog," is in stock now and shipping! The first 200 "Audio Dog" CDs with picks have been shipped for those that pre-ordered (all orders received before March 31 will include the special pick offer!). Please note that foreign orders may take a bit longer to receive their CD, but if you have already ordered start checking your mail box in the coming week! If you have not ordered your copy, click over to the "Audio Dog" site on Kulick.net to place your order. Please note that the "Audio Dog" album is a fully packaged, shrink wrapped CD, so unfortunately Bruce will not be able to take requests to sign the CDs when placing your order. However, Bruce is more than happy to autograph any "Audio Dog" CD booklets for you if send them back to him with a self addressed stamped envelope for their return to you after signing. [Post Your Comments]

Bruce Kulick On KNAC.com 4/15/01
Bruce Kulick will be in studio at KNAC.com this Easter Sunday, April 15th at 3p.m. Pacific time. Bruce will be playing songs from his new "Audio Dog" album in addition to doing a giveaway with some prizes. So tune in to KNAC.com this Sunday to check it out! [Post Your Comments]

More "Audio Dog" Sound Clips
Those of you that can't wait to hear more of the "Audio Dog" album are in luck, as more MP3 sound clips from "Audio Dog" will be available on Kulick.net very shortly! [Post Your Comments]

April 4

Bruce Kulick GFR Review & Photos
Allow me to start this review off by saying that if you have any qualms about Bruce Kulick playing in GFR - put them to rest!!!!! Aren't a Funk fan?? Doesn't matter!! If you like kick-ass rock-n-roll - this show is a MUST see!!!! If you are a fan of Bruce's music, you will be further AMAZED!!!!!!! My best friend, UNIONJAN, and I decided to make the trek to northern Detroit to show our support for Bruce and to get our first taste of GFR live. We had made arrangements to meet up w/ a large contingent of Funk fans at the Palace. These folks - diehard and life-long GFR fans - have been great in educating us in the History of Funk. Many of these folks are now fans of Bruce's & UNION's!!! I was very excited about hearing Bruce play in an arena - with thousands of people to witness his wondrous musical abilities. But the fun started before the show!! This show was the closest to bassist Mel Schacher's birthday, so a celebration was planned. What wasn't planned was having Mel's wife, Dena, take a horde of Funkers BACKSTAGE before the show to give give Mel his cake!! About 40 of us got to mingle with the band a bit before going to find our seats. [More...] [Post Your Comments]

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