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May 1998

May 27

Bruce Explains UNION Tour Postponement
Given the circumstances, coming home was the right thing to do. Yes, it was true that John and I were sick, but that wasn't the reason we came home. It was to regroup. We certainly don't regret any of the shows and I think we proved a lot. The management, all the promoters and the label all heard positive things and are all still 100% behind us. We will go back out on tour, and when we do it will be in a situation where we're out in a more solid sense and functioning totally on all four cylinders. We're gonna go back out and do it right, with everything in place. It doesn't do anyone any good when a show isn't given enough time to be advanced and promoted, but we don't fault the promoters for that. Even the ones that had to cancel shows saw the potential there and want UNION back. So I think that's important for all the fans to understand -- the promoters want us back, but they want us back regrouped too.

It's also important that everyone understands that this isn't about Mayhem not being supportive. In fact, they are extremely supportive and are more supportive about us regrouping than about us being out on a tour that had too many loose ends. When we said we didn't have major tour support that was not intended to imply Mayhem was not behind the band. The concept of our tour was always that we would be self sufficient, that Mayhem's job was getting us on the radio. And they are spending the proper amount of dedication and money to do that, and it is building. It was never a question of whether or not they should be supporting us. They did everything we wanted them to, absolutely. It was more our end of how we went out, everything that happened that made us realize we gotta go home and get this thing right. It was just a pure bottom line financial decision by UNION, not by Mayhem. The tour was our undertaking and our coming home is about regrouping so we can go out stronger.

Right now the radio support for the record and second single "October Morning Wind" is the most important thing. And Mayhem, again, is very supportive on this front. Understand that as the record continues to build the fans will get a more favorable response from the places they are emailing and calling. In the meantime, the fact is that they're planting seeds in the minds of DJs and programmers by making those calls and sending those emails, even if they're not getting the request filled immediately. It isn't falling on deaf ears, the fans are making a difference, and we're all thankful to everyone who is helping build up radio for us with all the endless calls and emails they are making.

During the time while we're regrouping we'll obviously catch up on interviews and maybe even do some more promotions, and we'll be sure to keep in touch so all our great fans know what's going on with UNION until we hit the road again.

May 22

Important UNION Tour Announcement
Bruce just called with some important news regarding UNION's current tour. Unfortunately, tonight's show in Columbia, MO will be the last for the band in the immediate future; the remainder of the first leg of the projected tour schedule has been postponed. Being a new band on an independent label, UNION found itself in a position of hitting the road without major tour support, needing instead to sustain itself week to week. A couple of shows that were tentative on the schedule have been unable to be firmed up, and the band has decided that the best thing for UNION and UNION's fans would be for the guys to regroup for awhile, letting the radio adds and support for "October Morning Wind" continue to build, and then hit the road again strong in the next month or two. In the meantime, the guys will explore both the possibility of lining up an opening slot with another act for a summer tour, as well as setting up another tour of their own.

UNION has tremendously enjoyed their time on the road to date, and wanted to be sure to let all the fans know how much the guys deeply appreciate all the support and love they've been shown. They also want to apologize for any inconvenience that canceling the remainder of the projected dates may cause for any of the band's great fans. In the coming weeks, in addition to planning another tour schedule, UNION will be focusing on gaining support via the radio and the band's second single "October Morning Wind." You can help the guys with this by calling and e-mailing the stations around you to request the song. This is the best thing UNION fans can do to help the band get back out on the road strong. UNION knows they've made a lot of great friends along the way, and fully expect to make many more once they hit the road again. Bruce will be home by the end of the weekend and will have some further news and information on this subject for all his online fans in the coming week.

May 13

Bruce Kulick's UNION Road Report
Hey everyone! Bruce called in from the road to give all his fans a "Road Report" about how the first UNION Tour was going. He said the promoters have been very impressed with the guys and many are already talking about wanting to try and get UNION back to their venue for future gigs! The crowds at the gigs have been extremely enthusiastic and everyone - including the band - is having a great time at the shows.

UNION is doing as much "meet & greet" activity as they can in each city, and are having a blast hanging out after the gigs meeting all the fans, signing things and taking pictures. There are two different UNION '98 Tour shirts available at the shows (one featuring the band name, the other the band logo), as well as a 4 pack of UNION picks (one for each band member) and the CD, and the guys are more than happy to sign any and all of it for the fans after they finish rockin' the house.

Along the way during the tour UNION has been doing some in store and radio promo as well, including:

  • Salt Lake City - K-ROCK
  • Los Angeles - The "Nasty Man Show" on KLFX
  • Denver - in store at Angelos
  • Amarillo - Z-ROCK 107.9
    Angelos in Denver and Hastings in both Amarillo & Lubbock are carrying the CD, and the guys will be doing more promo appearances during the tour as scheduling permits. Already lined up for Dallas, Texas on May 13th is an Eagle Radio promo.

    Bruce also wanted all the gear heads out there to know that, in addition to several of his Signature Series ESP Model Guitars, he is using the following equipment on tour:

  • BC Rich Eagle - See thru purple
  • Vintage Plus ESP Strat - See thru red
  • 900 Series Marshall 4100 Head thru 2 Vintage 30 Cabinets
  • Professional Pedal Board including - phaser, distortion, chorus, delay, & wah-wah
    Bruce and the band also wanted to extend a BIG "Thank You!" to the following people and companies for helping UNION out in the guitar department: ESP, Marshall, SIT, Jim Dunlop, Tacoma Guitars, and Schecter Guitars.

    The UNION CD will be released June 6th in Japan on the East-West Records label and will have a different album cover (it will look similar to the back of the domestic UNION CD). It will also contain the bonus track "For You," which features Bruce on lead vocals. So, if you know of a store near you that carries import discs you might wanna go ahead and start contacting them now to see about ordering one "For You!"

    Finally, UNION would love to get to some more KISS Expos down the road (and scheduling permitting they will), but right now they are just digging being on the road playing for and meeting the fans, and hope everyone will continue to spread the word on the streets about UNION, their album, and the tour. More dates are still being added to the schedule (a date on May 28th in Iowa is now tentative) so don't forget to keep checking the Tour Dates page for the most up-to-date UNION Tour info!

    Bruce Looking Tough!
    Bruce & John's UNION Photo Albums
    Just prior to starting their U.S. UNION Tour '98 (up-to-date tour schedule available at the Tour Dates page), Bruce and John Corabi did a Florida radio/in store promo tour and attended the Orlando KISS Expo '98, as well as embarking on a 10 day promotional tour in Europe immediately following their adventures in Florida. Along the way during their promotional travels the guys snapped plenty of pictures of each other and of the great UNION fans who turned out to support them at every stop. Bruce wanted all his fans to get a chance to see these photos, so to check out some great shots of Bruce and John - complete with captions from Bruce himself - just click over to Bruce & John's Florida Promo Tour '98 Photo Album and Bruce & John's European Promo Tour '98 Photo Album and enjoy!

    Bruce Kulick Interview in BallBuster
    Greetings one and all! This is Bryan McKenna, one of the Editors at BallBuster, The Official Int'l Underground Hard Music Report. Don't miss my interview with Bruce Kulick in the next issue of BallBuster, due out in June. To check out current or past issues of BallBuster or get ordering info:

    May 7

    Message From Bruce
    Things have been very hectic for me since the last time I spoke with all of you here at the VIRTUAL STUDIO and I apologize that it's been awhile since the last time I stopped by with an update. As you know, I have been putting all my efforts and energy into my new band UNION. Here is what I've been up to lately.

    The last time I gave you an update, I was in the studio along with the other guys of UNION (John Corabi, Brent Fitz, and Jamie Hunting) working on our first album. Since that time we have finished it up and our self-titled debut - UNION - is in stores now! John and I spent quite a bit of time over the past 2 months promoting the album at radio stations and KISS Expos around the U.S., and just recently returned from a 10 day blitz of several European countries as well.

    Next up, we spent time rehearsing in preparation for going out on the road to support the album and meet all the UNION fans! We began our first tour on April 30th, and a comprehensive list of up-to-date clubs and venues we will be playing can be found here at the Virtual Studio and at the UNION Asylum.

    I'm really proud of what I've accomplished with UNION and hope you guys will all check out the album and come see us on the road! Talk to you all again soon,

    UNION Tour Note: Albuquerque Show Info
    Some of you might have read our update earlier this evening announcing the cancellation of the May 9th show in Albuquerque. Bruce had called to let us know the show was off for logistical reasons because that is what he had been told. However, we just spoke with Tim Heyne, one of UNION's managers, who told us that upon mapping out the situation for themselves the band had decided they didn't want to disappoint any fans in that area and so are determined to do whatever is necessary to make the show as scheduled. The bottom line -- UNION is still coming to Albuquerque.

    Bruce Kulick Forms A UNION
    As you all by now, along with former Motley Crue front man John Corabi, Bruce has teamed up with Canadian drummer Brent Fitz (Street Heart) and Pasadena native James Hunting (David Lee Roth band) to form the band UNION. Backed by the New York based independent label Mayhem/Fierce Records, UNION recorded its debut album in the fall of 1997 at Rumbo Studios in Los Angeles with the help of co-producer Curt Cuomo. While you can hear bits of Bruce and John's KISS & Motley Crue roots in places on the album's 11 tracks, the influence of legendary artists like Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles is also clearly present, all ultimately combining to form a unique sound that is all UNION's own!

    To help promote and raise the visibility of UNION, Bruce and John embarked on a two week long Radio Promo Tour back in February that included stops in places like: Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Toledo, and Albany. At many of the cities on the Radio Promo Tour trail the guys also made in store appearances and gave an acoustic set to familiarize people with the album. The guys took a lot of photos of their trip, and UNION's PR representative from Mayhem records, Paula Hogan, kept a written travelogue of Bruce and John's activities.

    February and March saw the guys traveling around the country attending several KISS Expos, including those in Indianapolis, Nashville, and Orlando, and at each of those Expos they treated the fans in attendance to an acoustic set of 5 songs, four from the debut UNION album ("October Morning Wind," "Pain Behind Your Eyes," "Love (I Don't Need It Anymore)," and Robin's Song"), as well as the Beatles classic, "Hey, You've Got to Hide Your Love Away." In Orlando Bruce also took time out to give a Guitar Clinic at Thoroughbred Music, and you can read a great write-up and check out some cool pictures of that Clinic and the Orlando Expo by clicking here!

    Most recently, Bruce and John spent two weeks on a promo tour in Europe to get all the European record stores, radio stations, and fans ready for the UNION album's release there. While there they stopped in places like London, Stockholm, Paris, Amsterdam and Hamburg. You can read an excellant report of the guys' time in Hamburg, as well as view some cool pictures of the same visit, by clicking here.

    Currently on deck for Bruce and UNION.... THE TOUR! Bruce and the guys hit the road on UNION's first full band, fully plugged in tour on April 30, 1998. For all the latest UNION tour information be sure to check the Tour Dates page! The guys plan to stay on the road as long as it takes to get the U.S. UNIONized and they're bound to hit a city near you! So, keep an eye on the tour dates and be sure to come out and support Bruce and UNION when they come to your town!

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