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June 2000

June 26

Bruce Joins Metal Masters Review Team
Bruce and fellow UNION band member John Corabi have joined a team of celebrity musicians who will serve as reviewers for the Metal Masters website. "Most magazine, newspapers, websites, use journalists, reporters, member of the media, to review newly released CDs. Metal Masters has changed this old method into something fresh and entertaining with artists reviewing artists." Bruce and John are two members of a seven person panel, all musicians, who will be offering their reviews and opinions about recently released CDs. Stop by the CD Review page of the Metal Masters website to check out all the celebrity reviews, including some from Bruce coming soon!

Bruce Appears On Graham Bonnet CD
Graham Bonnet Ok Bruce fans, you all know what an awesome guitarist Bruce is, but now's your chance to pick up some cool music that Bruce played bass on! Graham Bonnet, vocalist for such groups as Richie Blackmore's Rainbow, Acatrazz and MSG, as well as many solo efforts, has put together an album with an all star line-up of musicians, including Bruce. The most recent Bonnet CD, "The Day I Went Mad", features Bruce, Slash, Vivian Cambell, Tony Franklin and Kevin Valentine (of KISS related projects) on drums and production. Song titles include: The Day I Went Mad * Don't Look Down * Killer * Oh! Darling * Hey That's Me * This Day * Flying Not Falling * Lolita Crush * Models Inc. * Spiked. Though the cd has been available for awhile in Japan, it is now available for order here in the states! Check out the official Graham Bonnet website at for more information, including ordering details!

June 19

Message From Bruce
I want everyone involved and the fans who came out to support UNION to know that we had an amazing time in Sweden. Even though we got less than 4 hours of sleep a night, we all had the energy to have lots of fun at the three club shows, and of course the Festival was the highlight when the band played for 10,000 people! UNION also had a great opportunity performing live on Swedish national TV 4, which ended up being like an MTV unplugged UNION show. Two songs, Hypnotized and October Morning Wind, were performed [click on the song titles for MP3s of each song] and John and I were interviewed. We had a lot of fun, even though we went straight from the show the night before to the station! Again, I want to thank Stefan and his crew from the KISS Army Sweden for making the trip a success. I made lots of friends there and really hope to return again soon!

Now that I'm back home, I am continuing to work with my writing partner to bring my biography to life. The book, the working title of which is "Honorable Discharge", will chronicle my life and work throughout the entire course of my career. Some who have participated in/are lined up for interviews for the book so far, other than myself obviously, include my brother Bob, parents Harry & Alice Kulick, and some KISS producers. The book will continue to progress as time permits in the coming months.

I am also continuing to lay down material for my solo album, with good friend Curt Cuomo helping out with the production of the as yet untitled album. Plans are for the album to have 10 or 11 tracks, with roughly half being instrumentals and half with vocals, which I will handle myself. It's still early in the process for both biography and solo album, so for more information stay tuned!

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