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June 2001

June 20

Grand Funk Railroad On The Road With Bruce Kulick
KNAC.com - Grand Funk Railroad drummer Don Brewer and bassist Mel Schacher are taking the show on the road once again with a new line-up of the classic hard rockin' band. Joining them again is former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, who has been touring off and on with GFR for the last year while his own band Union takes a break. The line-up will be rounded out by former Bob Seger and Robert Palmer keyboardist Tim Cashion and a new vocalist named Max Carl. Max fronted Jack Mack and the Heart Attack and 38 Special and worked with Tommy Bolin before the guitarist left for a brief tenure in Deep Purple. Songwriter/guitarist Mark Farner will not be touring with this line-up because, according to the GFR press release, "He didn't want to work in the band. But Don, Mel, Bruce, Max and Tim wanted to play!" While there is no new Grand Funk Railroad album, the band has been writing some new material and a greatest hits album will be released through EMI in 2001. In the meantime, you can catch them on the road this summer:
6/22/01 Stockton, California, San Joaquin County Fair
6/23/01 Henderson, NV Sunset Station Casino
6/24/01 Columbus, Ohio, Balloon Fest
7/14/01 Clio, MI Clio Amphitheater
7/20/01 West Branch, MI Harley Hog Party
7/21/01 Lansing, MI Lansing Music Festival
7/22/01 Morristown, OH Jamboree In The Hills
7/27/01 Fort Dodge, Iowa, Badger Lake Beach
7/28/01 Van Wert, OH Rally
8/3/01 Rock Springs, WY Sweet Water County Fair
8/5/01 Strugis, ND Moto Rally
8/18/01 Louisville, KY Kentucky State Fair
9/1/01 Cedar Rapids, IA A Taste Of Iowa
9/7/01 Portland, OR, WaterFront Park
10/05/01 Yakima, WA, Central Washington State Fair
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June 17

KULICK.net Website Redesign & Relaunch!
June 17, 2001 - KULICK.net is pleased to announce our relaunch with a new website redesign. In honor of Bruce's new studio album, "Audio Dog", and upcoming biography we wanted to shake things up a bit by giving KULICK.net a facelift. It is always a daunting task to redesign an entire website, especially a website with as much great content as KULICK.net. All of the major sections of the website feature the new look, but there are some pages and archives which have yet to be updated. They will be updated eventually, and we ask that you please bear with us if you find a broken link here or there during the transition. Parts of the new website redesign use Macromedia Flash, so please make sure your browser has the Flash Plug-in installed. The KULICK.net producers wish to extend a big "Thank You!" to KISS Eye Kandy's Patrick Vick for his assistance in producing the new Flash website navigation, as well as to Graham Scott for his CGI programming assistance. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the website's producers at chris@kulick.net. Enjoy the new KULICK.net! [Post Your Comments]

"Audio Dog" MP3 Audio Clips
Good news Kulick fans! KULICK.net has just added two awesome new MP3 audio clips -- "Please Don't Wait" & "Dogs of Morrison" -- from Bruce's brand "Audio Dog" album. Click over to KULICK.net Multimedia to listen to the clips! And don't forget to order the "Audio Dog" album by clicking over to http://www.kulick.net/audiodog.[Post Your Comments]

"Audio Dog" Album Favorite Song Poll
Kulick fans, now that you have "Audio Dog" and have played it a million times by now, it is time to make a big decision! What is your favorite song from the album? Yeah, we know, all the songs rock, but if you had to pick just one, what is it? Take our latest KULICK.net poll and submit your choice. The KULICK.net poll is located on the right column on each major section of the site. [Post Your Comments]

June 6

Rock Revival.net's "Audio Dog" Album Review
RockRevival.net - Audiodog is easily Bruce Kulick's best work to date. I would have never thought of Bruce Kulick as a master vocalist, but this CD has completely brought his abilities, both vocally and instrumentally, to a whole new platform. Even the songs themselves have a fresh, edgy, raucous sound that any true rock fan will be anxious to embrace. For anyone who has not yet witnessed Bruce's raw talent in solo form, this is the CD to judge by, as it allows him to completely depart from the shadow of KISS and stand alone as a phenomenal solo artist. Each song is followed by another of equal strength. The shredding instrumental "Pair of Dice" is reminiscent of guitar greats long since replaced by generically stamped, cut from the mold musicians of Gen X. The ballad "I Don't Mind" is absolutely incredible. It displays a perfect balance of depth and soul paired with rough-edged power.  With contributions from Curt Cuomo, Kenny Aronoff and Brent Fitz, Bruce has finally managed to unleash the musical beast that lurked inside of him. This is, by far, the best work that he has attached his name to and a "must have" for any fan's collection. It is also a perfect CD to lure new fans to the lair of Kulick. [Post Your Comments]

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