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June 1999

June 28

Bruce Kulick's Argentinian Expo '99 Photos
Well fans, Bruce has once again shared some awesome photos from one of his many journeys, this time from his trip to Argentina for the first ever KISS Expo in South America! As you will see, Bruce had an amazing time with his KISS Fever hosts, friend and interpreter Jules Rocca, local tribute band KEFREN, and about a thousand wild and crazy Argentinian KISS fans! Just click on over to Bruce Kulick's Photo Album where you'll find the complete Argentinian Expo '99 photo album!

Well, the dust has settled and it's official..... the Argentina KISS Expo was a huge success! Nearly a thousand fans showed up for the first KISS Expo ever in South America. I performed with a great local band called Kefran, including such KISS rockers as Deuce, Strutter, Tears are Falling, Love Gun, Unholy, Crazy Nights and Jungle. The Argentinian fans are very wild and passionate and I was very moved by all the excitement the fans demonstrated. KISS Fever sponsored my coming to the Expo and I wanted to be sure to give a special "Thank You!!" to Gabriel and the rest of the crew for the great job they did and to congratulate them on the success of the Expo. Together with KISS Fever, KEFREN and a thousand Argentinian KISS fans we boldy went were no man has gone before in South America!!

June 24

UNION Studio Update, Photos & Song Titles
UNION has been very busy in the studio and has made great progress toward completion of their second album. Producer Bob Marlette is doing a bit of pre-scheduled work with Toni Iommi during the next few weeks, but will then be back at the helm to help UNION finish the new record sometime in July.

According to Bruce, "We are very pleased with the songs. Some titles (subject to change) are: 'Never Coming Down', 'Who Do You Think You Are', and 'Dear Friend'. The band is very excited about the songs and performances, and more titles and info will be coming."

In the meantime, you can check out some UNION Studio Photos from the band's sophomore sessions available at the website.

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