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July 2000

July 31

Detroit KISS Expo - Dinner With Bruce Details
KISS Expo pre-show party with Bruce Kulick to be held at Bullfrog Bar & Grill on Saturday, August 5th starting at 7:00 p.m. Bruce will be on hand to share drinks and dinner, and will also be signing and giving away a free guitar and guitar lesson to one lucky winner! Visit the Detroit KISS Expo website for more details.

July 26

Message From Bruce
Hello everyone! Had an interesting time at the RATT/ WARRANT/ LA GUNS show at the HOB on Friday. It was great to be backstage as a guest, instead of the performer, and everyone from all the bands were very cool with me. My "date" was UNION's manager Larry Mazer (KISS, Cinderella, Cheap Trick etc). He wanted to check out the scene, but left a bit early as he had an early flight to NY the next morning. After the appropiate amounts of saying hello to friends and fans, I had to explain again that John wasn't the new lead singer of RATT. I am also convinced some didn't know WHO was the lead singer. Reminded me of when I joined KISS, first temporarily, and then had the gig, fans didnt know who if I was Ace, Vinnie, etc. LA Guns did their show just fine. I always liked Phil Lewis, did a jam gig with him last year, so I knew a few of the songs really well! Tracii Guns is always good on the guitar. Next up Warrant. Now people have been telling me that Jani wasn't in the band. Of course this wasn't true, and before they went on the Warrant boys and myself had a laugh about the rumor of me being the new lead guitarist!! How the internet can be so wrong, but it was good for some fun backstage. Warrant did a good job, Jani seemed to be in good shape. The lead player was blond though... not 6'3" with the initials BK.

RATT hit the stage at 11:30, and they looked and sounded very cool. I have seen RATT many, many times, and of course Warren is always amazing on the guitar, and Bobby powerful on the drums. I love Robbie, he slams the bass very hard and is very consistant. Jizzy, you can tell was wearing the "I am not Stephen Pearcy thing" on his shoulders. Understandable of course. He sang well, although he has the range of Pearcy, the voice is different, so it took some getting used to. I told him backstage me and John know what it is like, but then again he fronted LA GUNS for a while, so I guess he isn't that new to stepping into someone else's shoes. Now John looked amazing, clean shaven, long black hair, and he sang backgrounds and crunched along on rhythm to support Warren. He even shared a little lead harmony or a few riffs by himself. I was proud of him, and the crowd seemed to greet him in a cool way. So even though it was strange to see, for a first night the RATT version with John got through their opening night just fine (Way Cool John!).

I got to update John on some UNION news backstage, and congratulated him etc. He and Layla were off to Vegas that night. Met more friends after and called it a night when they started throwing everyone out of the HOB.

UNION is still talking about traveling to Australia, and now Japan. I had a great meeting with a new Japanese friend who seemed very interested. So I will update news as it comes. Thanks to the fans who have supported our radio campaign for "Who Do You Think You Are." Also, the winners of the advance radio single from the contest are very lucky as there are very few of those out there. Look for some "inside the Blue Room" footage coming soon on the site. Very cool rare video of John laying down "Dead" in the Blue Room Studio with BobMarlette.

. Been busy of course with my solo disc, working with Curt 6 days a week (we took the weekend off for much needed rest!). I am finally ready for solos and vocals!! So, it has really been shaping up. Very exciting to hear the songs from my head onto tape! "Liar" is almost done... this is a brand new version. "495" is next to be finished. I have some new photos going up soon on the site, so be sure to look for them. Pix of me in the studio, and some new ones from the tour, that I found that are very cool.

I have an advertisement coming soon from Celestion speakers to run in Guitar magazine. I will try to get it on the site soon... very cool. Speaking of gear, of course you may know I have a signature model guitar with the ESP guitar company that has been discontinued because of a Gibson lawsuit (too much like an SG.). I don't agree, but I wasn't going to ask ESP to battle over this. So through word of mouth I have been selling the guitars myself. The remaining stock is mine. I have some new cool photos of the guitar to put in the gallery, so check it out and remember there are only 20 or so left. If you are interested, you can email ME directly and check out the info elsewhere on the site. Remember, once these are gone no more BK models will be produced. Of course I give a letter with it, sign the back of the headstock, photo with me personalized to the purchaser, etc.

Well, back to work in the studio. Look for updates and even some video of me working on it. I have to get the Digital camera that takes footage as well! More updates after my convention weekend on August 6th, including reports on the radio show dinner in Detroit on the 5th (with a lucky winner ....hhmmmmm) and of course the expo and then the Eric Carr Foxxfest... all in one day!! Red Bulls for me that day!

Regarding the auction for the Foxxfest, which can be bid on from anywhere, I have decided to donate an amazing jacket. It is a black leather motorcycle jacket with the huge Spinx patch from the HITS Tour on the back, the Chikara symbol on one arm, and a patch with HITS Tour 1990 on the other arm. This was given to the KISS members only during the tour. Very Rare from this era. Faith Walker of FoxxFest2000 has more details on this jacket and the auction. I will sign it wherever the purchaser likes. Remember the money goes to a charity for Cancer research, so support us in this cause. The Eric Carr DVD is shaping up as well, and I have seen it. Amazing additional footage etc, with lots on the Rockheads, and other previous bands of Eric's included. So that will be shown at the FoxxFest.

Oh yes, one more thing. I haven't joined SHAMELESS. I am jamming with them at the KISS expo events in Europe this October. I also do a full blown clinic performance myself, outside of Amsterdamn in September, so look for that as well..... maybe some new songs will be jammed??? We will see. All the best!

July 21

KISS Army Omaha Party With Bruce Kulick
Omaha is notorious for throwing KISS one hell of a party. In '96, two record breaking sold out shows! In '98, Psycho Circus sells out! Now Omaha is giving the guys and fans one last hoorah! KISS ARMY OMAHA, co-creators of the KISS EXPO 2000 back in April, has created the big send off! Sunday August 27th 2000 at the South Sokol Hall, 2021 "U" Street in Omaha. Party is from 5pm-10pm. Guests include Bruce Kulick, who will talk about his solo work and book and mingle and well just have a good time! Also on the bill is the KAO Band covering KISS from start to Psycho Circus.Prizes galore with a raffle to benefit the Eric Carr foundation, KISS Tattoo, costume and trivia contests all evening. Now is the time to pre-order tickets! Tickets are $10.00 and you can get them early by sending a check or money order for $10.00 to: KISS ARMY OMAHA P.O. Box 680 Council Bluffs, Iowa 51502-0680 Special thanks to the Holiday Inn Central and South Sokol Hall for being early sponsors and believers! Check out our website at and see tons of Expo photos!

July 19

VH-1 To Film At Detroit KISS Expo / Dinner Party With Bruce Kulick
VH-1 will be in attendance at the Detroit KISS Expo on August 6th to film segments to be aired on KISS and their dedicated fans. There will also be a Detroit KISS Expo dinner party with Bruce Kulick on Saturday night, August 5th. Visit the Detroit KISS Expo website for complete details!

July 17

Photos From Bruce In Scandinavia With UNION

Well Bruce is back from Scandinavia and is taking some much needed time to relax, pursue some individual projects, and catch up on personal business before UNION gears up again. Though the fans in Scandinavia were treated to some entertaining shows from UNION, most of Bruce's fans weren't able to participate in the fun live. Well, now there are great photo updates available from Bruce's time abroad so that everyone can share in the experience, even if you weren't there live! The photos, which include UNION performing live onstage and having (serious!) fun backstage, have been provided by fans Grethe Wiig, Lars (KISS Army Norway), Mia Trefil Engstrom, and Bruce himself.
Click Here To Check Out These Great Shots From Scandinavia!

KISS Expo/You Can't Stop Rock Tour 2000 Featuring Bruce Kulick
The long wait is over, as SHAMELESS is going on a Holland/Germany Tour this fall. German bands ACES and CHIKARA will also perform live at the traveling KISS Parties! There will be KISS music all day long, and KISS Dealers from all over the world will bring you the hottest and newest merchandise. Bruce Kulick will be the Special Guest, signing autographs and telling everyone all the latest news about UNION, his upcoming book and solo-album, and a lot more. At the end of the night Bruce will also perform a few songs with SHAMELESS. E-Tickets are available at already, and "hard ticket" sales begin at the end of July. Below is the current KISS Party/You Can't Stop Rock Tour 2000 schedule:

  • September 30th -- Zaandam, Holland * Venue: De Kade, Zuiddijk 9-11, 1500 AA Zaandam * Doors open 2 pm * E-mail: * website: * Phone: 075 6176972
  • October 1st -- Duesseldorf, Germany * Venue: STAHLWERK, Ronsdorfer Str. 134 * Doors open 3pm * E-mail: * website: * Phone 0211/ 730350
  • October 3rd -- Frankfurt, Germany * Venue: BATCHKAPP, Maybachstr. 24 * Doors open 3pm * Phone 069 / 95218410
  • October 4th -- Ludwigsburg, Germany * Venue: ROCKFABRIK, Grönerstrase 25 * Doors open 5pm (Bruce will start the Q/A Session 7pm) * E-mail: * website: * Phone 07141 / 47420
  • October 5th -- Munich, Germany * Venue: METROPOLIS, Grafinger Str. 6 * Doors open 5pm (Bruce will start the Q/A Session 7pm) * Phone 089 / 49042195
  • October 7th -- Berlin, Germany * Venue: MUSIC HALL, Storkower Str. 135, Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg) * Doors open 2pm * Phone 030-4232909

    July 15

    Bruce Kulick Discography Updated
    You've read Bruce's biography, but when was the last time you checked out his discography? Sure you know Bruce played with KISS for 12 years and that his current band is UNION, but did you know that he has recorded with people like Michael Wendroff, Rozetta, Ronnie Spector, Michael Bolton, and Billy Squire, as well as having appeared on tribute albums for Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, Rod Stewart, and Ace Frehley? Well if not, wonder no longer becuase the authoritative Bruce Kulick discography has been updated to include all this info (and album cover scans!) and more!
    Click Here To Check Out Bruce's Discography.

    Fan Feedback Poll - Best Bruce Kulick Solo?
    Any fan of Bruce's is obviously a fan of his killer guitar work. It would be very difficult to list all of the awesome solos Bruce has performed throughtout his career, so has decided to focus on Bruce's work from the two UNION studio albums in asking for fan feedback on the following poll question: "What is your favorite Bruce Kulick guitar solo from the songs on UNION's first two studio albums?" Click Here to cast your vote and make your opinion heard. Also, don't forget to post up your comments on BAND ASYLUM's Bruce Kulick and UNION bulletin boards at

    July 14

    Bruce Kulick Real Video Interview At Metal Edge Online
    Bruce Kulick's career started in 1975. Since then he has played with some of the best loved bands and artists and has gone on to form his own band, UNION. Probably better known for his role as KISS guitarist, Bruce also worked with Meatloaf, Billy Squire and Michael Bolton. In 1996, after 12 years of playing with KISS, Bruce joined forces with John Corabi and UNION was born. Two years later UNION released their self-titled debut and, quickly after that in 1999, a live CD called "Live In The Galaxy." Last February, the highly anticipated "The Blue Room" was released to a lot fanfare. It's been a pretty busy few years, considering that even when touring with UNION Bruce still found time to release an album of '70s cover songs and to produce a CD of the late Eric Carr's work titled "Rockology." Bruce Kulick's relationship with the former KISS drummer is something never too far from Bruce's thoughts or his work. Metal Edge Online has a five-part video interview with Bruce Kulick for your enjoyment! Brought to you by Metal Edge's very own Gerri Miller, who you all know gets good information from her subjects, it's sure to be an interview that you won't want to miss!
    Metal Edge Online Members Click Here

    July 13

    Bruce Reviews Foo Fighters & Alice Cooper For Metal Masters Website
    The Metal Masters website has instituted a unqiue new program to have a panel of musicians review their fellow musicians' newsest releases. Bruce Kulick has agreed to be a reviewer for Metal Masters and, in his first reviews, shares his opinions on Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters' "There's Nothing Left To Lose", as well as Spitfire label-mate Alice Cooper's "Brutal Planet."

    July 12

    Message From Bruce
    Hello everyone! As you may know I have been recording my solo disc while UNION is on a break this summer. So far I have 13 songs that I will finish, some of the tracks you may be familiar with. New versions of "LIAR" and "495 Jam" will be included. Most exciting is that there are 7 vocal tracks to do!! The rest are cool instrumentals. Brent Fitz from UNION plays drums, although Kenny Aronoff is on three tracks which were recorded a while back. I will be handling the bass duties and guess who will be on guitars??? My army of them!! I will have a family member guest solo with me!! Brother Bob, of course.

    Some titles: " Monster Island", "Change is Coming", " I Don't Mind", and "Dogs of Morrison". I am finished with drums and bass and most of the rhythm guitars. Everything sounds awesome and Curt Cuomo and I are having a great time doing it. I am taking some pix, so look soon for them on the site as I will be updating things much more often. I regret not doing it more before. Not sure when I will be finished, but just about 6 days of the week we put some time into it so it cant be too long. I would like it to be ready for release by the end of the year.

    I have been proof reading the first chapters of the my book "HONORABLE DISCHARGE" which chronicles twelve years on the front line of KISS and other bands. I am so excited to tell my story of my career as it has so many interesting twists and turns. Ken Gullic and I speak very often (he is writing it. I do interviews with him and he puts it in book form to enjoy), and we hope to get it all done by the end of the year as well.

    In other news, I went to the KISS auction party... very trippy being there. VH 1 interviewed me on what else... the FANS!! So I had lots to say as now I am not the "quiet member" of any band!! Saw some good friends, and some I haven't seen in a long time. Went to dinner after with Tim Sullivan of Detroit Rock City Fame and Kissonline's Mike Brandvold to shoot the shit shall I say at Jerry's Famous Deli. Interesting night. I DID NOT GO TO THE AUCTION on the weekend, but what a bitching book!! The photos freaked me out really... all those costumes!! And gear!!!

    Also been working on the updated Eric Carr video, which will be in the DVD format. Great new things are being added. I did some music for the intro that is really perfect (in my humble opinion). There will be more Rockhead coverage as well, actually very in depth. This will be ready to show at the FOXXFEST 2K.

    So all in all I've been very busy, and of course you all know the UNION news. And if you don't, GO TO THE FREAKIN SITE OK????

    I will, of course, be in Detroit AND Chicago on the 6th of August (I Am Superman). So please try to catch me at the Detroit Expo and the Foxxfest 2000. Again, now that I own a Digital Camera expect the photos and personal updates from me much quicker than before.

    All the best from Joe (my little beasty dog)!

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