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July 2001

July 23

KULICK.net Rocks With KULICK.net Radio
Ok all you Audio Dogs, now you can rock out with Bruce Kulick music blasting from your computer speakers while you visit KULICK.net! As part of the recent KULICK.net Redesign and Relaunch we are pleased to offer KULICK.net Radio! KULICK.net Radio is the official Bruce Kulick radio station where we play Bruce Kulick music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. KULICK.net Radio streams in Real Audio format so make sure that you have downloaded the latest Real Audio Player. Click over to the KULICK.net Radio page for more information! [Post Your Comments]

July 19

GFR/Kulick Chat To Be Re-scheduled
Due to severe technical difficulties, the GFR/Bruce Kulick Lycos chat was cancelled and will be re-scheduled.   More details should be available soon through Lycos' site at http://chat.lycos.com [Post Your Comments]

July 16

KULICK.net Interview with Bruce Kulick -- Part II
Last week we presented Part I of Bruce's KULICK.net interview, in which Bruce discussed an overview of the latest happenings in his life. This week in the second half of Bruce's interview, fans get to take a track by track look at the "Audio Dog" album, as Bruce comments on the origins and stories that are behind each song. So be sure to check out the conclusion of Bruce's KULICK.net interview -- or read the entire interview if you missed out last week -- and then pick up a copy of "Audio Dog" if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed! [Read The Interview] [Post Your Comments]

July 9

KULICK.net Interview with Bruce Kulick -- Part I
Recently Bruce took the opportunity to do a two part interview for all his fans to read here at KULICK.net so everyone could keep up to date with what's going on in Bruce's life. Here in Part One, Bruce answers questions about what's going on now -- including "Audio Dog" and Grand Funk Railroad -- as well as what's in store for the future -- convention and expo appearances, biography, and possibilities for additional solo albums among other topics. Read on to see what's going on in Bruce's life! [Read The Interview] [Post Your Comments]

Bruce Kulick/GFR Chat July 18th
Here's your chance to speak with the band directly! On July 18 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, the band will be on-line via a Lycos chat. The chat session will last for 30 minutes, and you will be able to "talk" with the band at http://chat.lycos.com. More details should be available soon through Lycos' site. [Post Your Comments]

Puerto Rico KISS Expo 2001 With Bruce Kulick
blackstar@ahora.net - On August 24, 2001 Black Star Entertainment Group is going to stage the first ever Puerto Rico KISS Expo. We are honored to have Bruce Kulick as our special guest and the KISS tribute band, Mr. Speed. This Expo will also feature KISS dealers selling official KISS merchandise and collectibles. The Expo is going to be held at Hard Rock Cafe, Old San Juan. This venue is located 10 minutes from El Condado and around 15 minutes from Isla Verde where most of the hotels and guesthouses are located as well as our International airport. Advance tickets are currently being sold at Music Zone, Plaza Las Americas and Pentagrama Music Stores all through out the island. Advance tickets are $20. We strongly suggest to buy your tickets in advance in order to secure your entrance to the Expo.  If you choose to buy your tickets at the door of the Hard Rock Cafe the day of the event you run the risk of an already sold out venue, and you won't be able to enter.  NO EXCEPTIONS ARE GOING TO BE MADE. Secure your entrance, buy smart, buy in advance.  Door tickets are $25. To our international friends that will like to travel to Puerto Rico to attend the Expo and would like to buy their tickets in advance please e-mail us at blackstar@ahora.net. For more information visit our web site www.blackstarentertainment.com [Post Your Comments]

July 8

Bruce Kulick Records A Song For
Argentinean KISS Tribute CD

Gabriel Ravarini - We are pleased to announce that for the first time in KISStory, Bruce Kulick, KISS' lead guitarist of 12 years, has recorded a KISS cover on a tribute CD completely made by fans!! The tribute CD, "KISSEROS", is the CD with this unique privilege. "KISSEROS" is being organized by the Argentinean magazine KISSFEVER, and the selected song is "I Stole Your Love". Bruce Kulick has participated with his distintive style on the lead guitar, giving a new dimension to this KISS classic. Other players on the track include Bruce's fellow UNION bandmate Brent Fitz on drums, percussion, keyboards and vocals, Ariel Belont on lead vocal and rhythm guitar (from the Argentinean band Suite 19), and Marc Jazz on bass (Argentinean KISSFEVER correspondent in Los Angeles). We're filled with pride and really thrilled to have this track included on the CD, and pleased to have this special band lineup formed with people so near to our feelings and to Argentina, like Bruce and Brent are, along with their Argentinean friends currently living in LA, Ariel and Marc. We can't wait until everyonecan hear this killer version of "I Stole Your Love", and we're sure that people will be talking about it! The "KISSEROS" tribute CD is in the final stages, currently giving it the final touches to the definitive setlist, which we'll announce soon. The mastering process will begin in the next few days, and will be spearheaded by another Argentinean KISS fan who has wanted to be involved with this project since he knew about it: Gabriel Ruiz Diaz, bass player of the well-known local band Catupecu Machu. Gabriel will be behind the mastering console, bringing his experience and quality to help make this album the product that we always dreamed it would be. Soon we'll be announcing more news, so keep on visiting KISSFEVER Online at http://www.kissfever.com.ar/ to keep up-to-date with everything related to the "KISSEROS" tribute album! [Post Your Comments]

KISS Parties in Norway September 28 & 29
With Bruce Kulick

Stig Karlsen - Here's a little information about what we have called "The KISS Farwell Party Tour of Norway". The Norwegian KISS Army, which is known as one of the most active KISS fanclubs in the world, has visited four of the largest cities in Norway so far on a tour that will take our show to a total of 12 cities or more. So far every venue has been sold out, with the venues taking between 300-400 people each night. The parties have gotten huge media attention in Norway. Many fans have worn make-up for these events, participating in a make-up contest which is one of the many happenings at these parties. Wild and crazy crowds have enjoyed KISS karaoke, KISS sound messages from some of the KISS members, KISS widescreen videos, KISS merchandise sales, KISS coverbands and more... We are now proud to announce Bruce Kulick as a special guest at two of these parties, doing a Q&A session, a signing session, hosting the make-up contest, and joining in on some musical performens with the coverbands. There are many KISS fans in Norway that were very focused on KISS during the time that Bruce was in KISS, and who have also gained interest in Bruce's projects after KISS such as UNION & Bruce's solo album. So, Bruce is a very welcome guest at the venus in the city Moss on September 28th and in Bergen on the 29th. Both places have a capacity of 400 people! We are proud to have Bruce visiting other cities beyond our capital of Oslo, which Bruce has previously visited. Imagine... having a KISS star joining the party of your life in your home town!!! [Post Your Comments]

July 6

Bruce Kulick Interview With FutureNowRadio.com at KULICK.net In Real Audio
Earlier this year Bruce did an interview with FutureNowRadio which was previously only broadcast a couple of times at the FutureNowRadio.com website. But thanks to FutureNowRadio, KULICK.net has the entire interview "on demand" in streaming real audio. [Listen To The Intervivew] [Post Your Comments]

July 4

Metal Edge Reviews "Audio Dog"
Paul Gargano / Metal Edge Online - Let's face it, unless your name is Gene or Paul, being in KISS can be the kiss of death. How's that? Who'd have thought that Bruce Kulick--arguably the most talented guitarist in KISStory--could release an album in the height of a KISS reunion and receive a response more in line with a national guard than the KISS Army? You can't blame it on the music, as Union was a solid rock 'n' roll band with two of the most overlooked records of the past five years. Oddly enough, it just may be Kulick's talent that turned most people off to Union, as KISS fans aren't the most receptive crew to change, and Union enjoyed a more refined and grass roots approach to songwriting than the long, hard hours devoted to most KISS sessions as of late. So what does Kulick do as a follow-up? He becomes a weekend warrior with Grand Funk Railroad. Fans must really be shaking in their boots now...

Well KISS fans, grab those Statue of Liberty sunglasses, whip out the tiger-striped concert Tees, and get ready for some Crazy Nights, because AudioDog is the album you've been waiting more than a decade for. Add a Paul Stanley vocal track to just about any of the albums' 11 cuts, and you've got a makeup-free KISS song good to go, from Kulick's riffs, right down to the melodies that make KISS so damn infectious. Opening instrumental "Pair Of Dice" is the stuff that arenas are filled with, while Kulick's vocals on "Strange To Me" could be Crazy Nights material, his "Change Is Coming" is fitting of Carnival Of Souls, and "Need Me" strikes a chord with Revenge. The electric guitar tends to be a bit harsh on "I Don't Mind," but when dealing with ballads it's the sentiment that counts, and that one strikes a chord--Though the real gem of the quieter bunch is "Please Don't Wait." "Monster Island" is an instrumental juggernaut, "Liar" is more progressively minded, and "Dogs Of Morrison"--despite its title--opens nary a door into the stylings of The Lizard King. Overall? KISS fans rejoice, because though the reunion may be waning to a close, Bruce Kulick has served a platter full of guitar-driven tidings sure to please even the pickiest of fans. If it's Bruce Kulick circa KISS you've been craving, AudioDog answers the call. [Read More Reviews...] [Post Your Comments]

July 1

Bruce Kulick Interviewed On VH1's "KISS: Beyond The Makeup" TV Special
Bruce Kulick fans can catch Bruce being interviewed in various segments on VH1's "KISS: Beyond The Makeup" special. Bruce comments on joining KISS, KISS' wardrobe during the 80's, Revenge, Eric Carr's passing and the KISS Reunion tour. "KISS: Beyond The Makeup" will be broadcast on VH1 on Sunday, July 1st at 9pm-11pm eastern. The show will be rebroadcast on VH1 on 7/2 at 12am ET, 7/3 at 7pm ET, 7/4 at 11am ET, and 7/7 at 1pm ET. [Post Your Comments]

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