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July - August 2006

August 28, 2006
Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp On NBC Today Show
And ABC World News Tonight

During the recent Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp which was held in NYC August 13th through 17th, both the NBC Today show and ABC's World News Tonight stopped by to do pieces on the Fantasy Camp experience. The ABC World News piece, which was filmed by Heather Nauert, will air sometime during the week of August 28th, so be on the lookout for it. The NBC Today Show piece will air on Monday, September 4th, which is Labor Day. Be sure to watch it or set your VCR/TiVo!

August 27, 2006
Asbury Park Press Fantasy Camp Article

There is an article in the Asbury Park Press (online) that spotlights local resident Steve Savitsky's experience at the NYC Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp '06. Steve was a member of Bruce's band, "Hell's Kitchen", and there are serveral quotes from Bruce throughout the article. Click over to the "In The Press" section to read the article.

Grand Funk Tour Schedule Updated

New Grand Funk Railroad shows have been added in Michigan and in Silver Springs, Florida. Click over to Bruce's Expo & Tour Dates page for Bruce's complete GFR tour schedule.

August 21, 2006
Forbes Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp Article

Amanda Schupak has written a pretty in-depth article for Forbes.com about the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp. The article, which was written in conjunction with the most recent Camp in NYC, also covers aspects of the history of the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp, as well as some behind the scenes details about just what it takes to put such an event together. Check it out.

August 17, 2006
Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp Blog Update

More from Bruce about the goings on at the New York Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp:

"Another day at the camp that has completely blown me away! Started off with an early lobby call for me, Mark Farner, Kip Winger, Mark Slaughter, Teddy Zig Zag, and Sandy Gennaro to visit the Howard Stern Show at Sirius! I am a huge fan of Howard, so it was great to see all of his crew, some, that I have seen in past years. We played "I'm Your Caption" backing Mark after a quick interview about what he has been up to and what the Fantasy Camp is all about. Of course quite a change from John the Stutterer!

Jon Anderson from YES came along as well, and did an interview with Howard. Great to see both Jon and Mark as I had worked with them in previous camps. After getting some pix with Howard, (he seemed very happy at Sirius and much more relaxed than I remembers from the KISS interview in 1992 or so), I showed Howard my driver's license photo as I look like Howard in that picture. We had a laugh about it, and we talked a little about KISS and the camp. Apparently Gene was in the studio not long ago.

Then it was back to Gibson to rehearse my band, and right away I was pulled out of rehearsal for an Australian radio show interview. Everyone is so curious about the event, and as you can imagine it was easy to talk about how amazing it is to be here again. I picked out a different bass, one that was like my first Gibson EB-3 like Jack Bruce, and I was a happy camper playing that one with my band. Love the feel on those SG basses.

We got our original down pretty well, and then we had to work on the songs we'll play tomorrow, for the big competition. After a full afternoon of rehearsal, we went back to Sirius for dinner and the performances of the original camper songs. On the way there, I stopped by H & M clothing store with my keyboard player for some new rocker clothing that he can shine in tomorrow. We got our excellent NY pizza on the way there, and by the time we arrived at Sirius things were almost ready for us to record. My band "Hell's Kitchen" was drawn first, and that was strange getting all set in the studio that is behind glass on the 36th floor of the building that Sirius is in. We played well,I was wild on the bass, and I was very proud of my guys. I helped write the song with Barry the keyboard player. The name of the song is "One Time at Fantasy Camp", a goof on the American Pie movie line. Fun lyrics about being at the camp and how good it makes you feel. I can't wait to hear the final mix on a CD of the 12 bands.

Jon Anderson stopped into to rehearsal, and he will join us on stage for the song "What I Like About You" helping out on vocals. George Thorogood popped in as well, and my band was very excited about meeting him in his cool sunglasses. Another amazing surprise is New York Yankee, Bernie Williams, who apparently is a very talented guitarist, came by Gibson to pick up a nice acoustic Hummingbird. I got an autograph for my brother as Bob is a HUGE Yankee fan.

So as you can tell another amazing day here in NYC at the camp. I am so excited to be here again it has been too long. Off to bed soon as it was a long a day. More after the big night tomorrow."

We will be providing updates on Bruce's blog here on Kulick.net, so be sure to check back for the latest inside perspective from Bruce about the one and only Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp!

August 16, 2006
More Fantasy Camp Blogging From Bruce

Another day down at the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp, and another great blog from Bruce:

"What an amazing day at the camp! Just finished rehearsing for the Sirius radio performance with Mark Farner for tomorrow morning's Howard Stern show. I am a big fan of Howard to meeting him again after all these years is gonna be cool... except for the early 7 AM lobby call!!! BTW it is almost midnight already and I am still at Gibson here in midtown. So that is my crazy schedule but that is Rock N Roll. As David Fishof the promoter says, you sleep when you're dead!

First let me start off with last night's late jam I had with Peter Tork of the Monkees. So cool to jam "Last Train to Clarksville" and "I'm A Believer". I was on cloud nine doing that. I am a huge Monkees fan, so you can imagine how floored I was to be jamming with him. After not enough sleep it was off to the camp today to rehearse the second song with my band "Hell's Kitchen". We chose The Romantics song "What I Like About You". Really fun to play, although I am getting tired playing the bass. But I do love playing bass as you all know. We then had a visit from the David Letterman's horn section. They found their parts and away it went, really lifting the performance for sure. Looking forward them joining us at BB KING's on Thursday night.

Last night I also worked out the band original with my keyboard man Barry, as he had a great idea for a Fantasy Camp theme song. That took time, as it was brand new not a real hit of course, so that was really hard work from everyone. After a grueling rehearsal, we finally got it going just before the dinner break. We will be recorded tomorrow night at Sirius studios for a compilation disc of all the bands originals. Cool idea for the camp to do that.

We went back to the T Club in midtown to watch Levon Helm give a spirited performance. I loved the group The Band, and I even did some historic recording at his studio in Woodstock NY, back in 1980.  Billy Squier's disc Tale Of The Tape and the second Blackjack disc with Michael Bolton was recorded at Levon's place. We met and I told him all about those sessions and what a wonderful studio he has. I think he is living back there now again. Next special guest was the eclectic Dr John. His piano playing and story telling was quite unusual as he is really an icon in the field of Louisiana music that I love, but do not know much about. Great to meet him as well as he exited the building.

I then came back to Gibson for my master class on tone, which was well attended. I got the big room! I spoke about my pedals, and how to get the best sounds out of an amp and various guitars especially hinting on the KISS years. Quick rehearsal with Mark for the show, and now my blog... phew. So, off to bed for me! I am looking forward to all the excitement tomorrow. BK out!"

We will be providing updates on Bruce's blog here on Kulick.net, so be sure to check back for the latest inside perspective from Bruce about the one and only Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp!

August 15, 2006
Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp Blog Update

Well, the New York Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp is now in full swing. This is what Bruce has to say about it so far:

"What an incredible start to the 2006 Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp!  After just finishing 3 shows in a row in different cities with Grand Funk, winding up on a early morning flight from Bozeman, Montana of all places, with only two hours of sleep, I arrived in NYC psyched and ready to rock. Just to see the city from the plane, the Statue of Liberty, the massive buildings on the island of Manhattan, and even the sad sight of Ground Zero, couldn't deter my excitement of being a part of the camp.

After battling the traffic, with Mark Slaughter in tow as he just came off the road as well joining the camp from a show in the midwest, we fought our way through midtown to get to the Gibson showroom on the west side of Manhattan. I remember being at the Hit Factory in my NY session days, and what Gibson has done is just incredible.  Great rehearsal rooms and the most amazing guitar room, that I offered to sleep in instead of a hotel room! To be surrounded by the excellent guitars that Gibson has been making all showcased in a room, I was drooling for sure.  They let me borrow for the camp a Les Paul 59 reissue which happened to be played today by none other than Joe Satriani when he came into my campers rehearsal room! What a treat for me and my band. I am playing bass for my group so I actually have one of the new Les Paul basses that really kicks some major bottom. Many of you may not realize that I played bass on quite a few Kiss hits through the years. So I really don't mind the job of keeping the bottom going with my band.

I watched some auditions but I really didn't know who was going to be in my band until late on Sunday. Got myself a good 7 hours of sleep finally, and then it was time to get up for the big Monday, start of rehearsal with my band. I was happy to finally meet them as see who was going to need what kind of direction from my experience, as I need to be to make this band a cohesive unit. We worked hard from 10 AM till lunch break and we got our band name "Hell's Kitchen". I wanted something NY as I was born and raised here, and so were many of my camper band. We chose our songs for the big performance on Thursday at BB King's. First song rehearsed was  Bryan  Adams huge hit, "The Summer of 69". I always loved that one, and we got to work dividing the guitar parts and learning the intricate parts of the song. A few of my band members have never been in a band before, no less even played a full song in their lives, so for me to get them going and feeling confident and be realistic with what they can pull off was a big job.

I was really proud as we even got the song together enough to play it for Joe Satriani! He is not only one the finest players in the world, he is world class person. Anyone that meets him knows that. Later on he jammed with Kip Winger on bass and Simon Kirke on drums at the club the camp hired out, and I was totally floored by his playing.

Along with meeting Satriani, a few of the fellow counselors are a thrill for me to be around. I am a huge Monkees fan so to see and hang out with Peter Tork is totally mind blowing. I can tell what an affect being a Monkee has been on him, and we talked a bit about how people see him as larger as life, and that is something he still can't believe. I hope to hang some more with him through the week. Another great guitarist is Barry Goudreau from the group Boston, and I told him what a honor it is to meet him. He was auditioning some of the campers when I arrived and I was so impressed with the licks from the Boston tune, "More Than A Feeling". Tom Scholz always spoke highly of him so I wasn't surprised to see how good he was in person.

Speaking of hanging out, everyone knows I love guitars and Sunday night I should add we had an opening night dinner and jam at Guitar Center downtown NYC. Of course they have quite a few quality vintage items, on the wall, a few I just had to play. I am still dreaming of an Epiphone I played. Hope I can own it! I played a Hendrix tune and Crossroads with the campers and counselors. Everyone was flipped out that the week really has started.

Dee Snider did a Q & A and we all know he is very articulate with his acting and radio experience besides fronting Twisted Sister all these years. Got some great pix with him and just about anyone I could grab a moment with.

Tomorrow is rehearsals again and special visits by other great musicians. I have my master class on guitar tone etc, tomorrow here at the Gibson facility so that should be cool for the campers to see me up close and personal. More news tomorrow, as it is time to sign off and jam with some campers.

I have to say I am so excited to be in NYC. I miss it. It only has gotten better as a city, and it really represents everything good about America. OK.. more tomorrow!"

We will be providing updates on Bruce's blog here on Kulick.net, so be sure to check back for the latest inside perspective from Bruce about the one and only Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp!

August 14, 2006
Bruce's Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp Blog

Once again Bruce is serving as a Camp Counselor for the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp, but this time for the New York location. The camp runs from August 13th through August 17th, and throughout the week Bruce will be doing a blog for Gibson.com to document his experiences:

"Hello everyone. Bruce Kulick here, third time returning counselor for the Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp. Excited to do it this camp in NYC this time, as that is where I was born, and of course started my 12 years playing guitar for KISS! Living in Los Angeles for the past 20 years, but being in NY for this Camp will bring back many music memories for sure. Not only 48th street with all the famous music stores, but all the great bands I saw at the Garden and the Village and everywhere around the great city of New York.

This camp coming up will be great. The past two I have done were amazing and of course they each have a life of their own. Most important is to see the campers who are so blown away by hanging out with the counselors and meeting the artists that come visit, learn so much and in many ways that they transform themselves as people.

I know the camps have made me a better professional, just knowing that my experience and guidance can make a difference in the campers lives. I have made some cool friends from all of this so that is the bonus. We all love music, rock n roll, great guitars, and playing from our hearts. All that gets done at the camp. More each day coming from... the Fantasy Camp NYC 2006!" - August 14, 2006

We will be providing updates on Bruce's blog here on Kulick.net, so be sure to check back for the latest inside perspective from Bruce about the one and only Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp!

The people at the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp are also doing daily podcasts during the week. If you are interested, click here to find out more about how to listen to these on-site podcasts, which feature interviews with camp counselors, musical guests, and Fantasy Campers.

August 13, 2006
Koolick's Picks Updated

Our Koolick's Picks feature, an archive of the various guitar picks Bruce has used throughout the years, has been updated. So click over and check it out!

August 8, 2006

KOOLICKTUNES is now open at Burn Lounge, making digital downloads of Bruce's music a reality! At KOOLICKTUNES you can check out Bruce's two solo discs and buy either individual tracks or the entire CD, just like iTunes! You will also see other CD's that Bruce likes and that he would love for you to check out. Just click over to KOOLICKTUNES to get started now!

Questions? Email Bruce's Webmaster

July 16, 2006
Awesome Photo Of Bruce

Back in January Grand Funk Railroad played at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. In attendance at that show was photographer Thomas J. Cox of Star Photography, who has been kind enough to share this incredible photo he took of Bruce with Kulick.net. Click the photo to see the full version. Thank you Thomas!!

July 6, 2006
Bruce In Australian Guitar & Guitar Player Magazines

We've got scans of two great new articles featuring Bruce up here on Kulick.net for your reading pleasure. First, there's an awesome interview by Paul Southwell in Australian Guitar in which Bruce covers everything from KISS to UNION to GFR to ESP, and talks guitar tech as well for all you gear heads! Second, there's also an article in Guitar Player by Mike Molenda which recounts Molenda's experience at the Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp, where Bruce was his Camp Counselor/Band Leader. Click over to the In The Press section to check them out!

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