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July 1998

July 31

UNION '98 Second Leg Dates
We talked with Bruce and band management today and the UNION Tour '98 is almost ready to hit the road again. Here is the first look at the tour's second leg schedule. Please note: Bruce wanted us to be sure and remind everyone that due to the nature of this being a club tour the dates marked as tentative as just that, TENTATIVE. As dates are officially confirmed, added, or changed we will revise the schedule to reflect the latest changes, so be sure to check the Virtual Studio's Tour Dates Page regularly for the most up-to-date revisions to the schedule.

July 27

KISS Nite At The Ball Park A Success!
Well, the Prince William Cannons' big nite took place this past Friday and "KISS Nite at the Ball Park" was a huge success! Despite a rain delay during the bottom of the fifth inning, the rest of the nite was full of fun and excitement! As scheduled Bruce played the National Anthem prior to the game, and he and KISS tribute band Mr. Speed threw out the first pitch to start the game. Bruce's UNION bandmate John Corabi was also in attendance, and the two performed the KISS classic "Beth" at the top of the fifth inning. There were KISS dealers, decorations and fans everywhere you looked, tribute band Mr. Speed thrilled the crowd despite some audio problems, and along the way the Cannons even managed to win 13-5! Click Here To View Photos and Read Detailed Reviews

UNION Tour '98 Photo Album
Chuck Haggard (aka Fogman) has graciously sent Bruce Kulick's Virtual Studio some great live shots of the band during their Reseda and Yucaipa shows. Chuck took a TON of great photos at those two shows, and in the coming weeks Bruce Kulick's Virtual Studio will be featuring these photos in periodic installments. These are some of the best live UNION shots on the net, so do yourself a favor and check them out!
Click Here To View the Photos!

July 22

Live Bruce Kulick Interview Today
Today (7/15) at 3:45 Bruce Kulick will be interviewed by CBS Sportsline Radio, a nationally syndicated show, in conjunction with his upcoming appearance to play the national anthem at the Prince William Cannons' "KISS Nite At The Ball Park." The host of the show "The Drive" is a big KISS fan and he is excited to talk to Bruce about the event. The event can be heard via Real Audio on their web site. The address is Then hit Live Radio, then "The Drive". Click Here For More Info About The KISS Nite At The Ball Park

July 21

Bruce to Play On Eric Singer Project
Bruce here wanting everyone to know that we are working on a tour in August. News will be announced soon and of course the areas of the country we missed will be a priority. John and myself have done work on Eric's "ESP" record which is a recording of 70's cover material like old Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Humble Pie, & Hendrix (of course). I don't want to give too much away, but it has been lots of fun, no pressure and a pleasure to jam with Eric again. It really is a way to have a blast like the jams at some of the Expos that you may have seen -- we press record and GO!!!

I hope you all remain patient for UNION, and of course if you attend any of the upcoming events this weekend John and myself look forward to meeting you. Bring your UNION disc to be signed and we will have some cool merchandise available as well.

July 13

Bruce Kulick Virtual Studio Messege Board
Bruce Kulick's Virtual Studio, in conjunction with The UNION Asylum and KISS Asylum, is proud to announce the launch of a brand new Bulletin Board Message Center. This new BB system will house 4 Bulletin Board Forums:
  • Bruce Kulick's Virtual Studio Bulletin Board
  • The UNION Asylum Bulletin Board
  • KISS Army Online
  • KISS Traders Board
    All 4 message boards are located at the same place to help create more of an online community. We think everyone will really enjoy all the very cool features this message board system offers. This system is very much like something that America Online uses, where each person must register (which is FREE) and get their very own screen name and password. Also, bulletin board users can create their own online profiles exclusive to this bulletin board system. The system will be "different" from what most everyone is used to so it may take some adjustment, but we think in the long run everyone will enjoy this sytem and the boards will be a much more fun place to visit. It is our hope that it will help create a fun and exciting environment for Bruce/UNION/KISS fans to discuss their favorite bands. Do yourself a favor and join this Online Community at the Bulletin Board Message Center.
    Click Here To Access The Bulletin Boards!

    July 6

    Bruce To Play At KISS Nite At The Ball Park
    The Prince William Cannons, a Carolina League Affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, a minor league baseball team, will be holding a special night dedicated to KISS. The Prince William Cannons Rock And Roll All Night - A Tribute To The Rock Band Kiss will be held Friday July 24, 1998 at 7:30 PM. DC 101, the biggest rock station in the DC area, is the sponsor of the night and they have promised to commit 100% to pumping the event. The big news is that Bruce Kulick will be at the game to perform the National Anthem prior to the game! Bruce will sign autographs and have UNION merchandise for sale, and he will also be interviewed on DC 101 prior to the game. For ticket information and directions to the Cannons' stadium go to:
    Click Here For More Details About This Great Event!

    Bruce & John At Pittsburgh KISS Expo
    The 1998 Pittsburgh KISS Expo is Saturday July 25 at Graffitti's. Confirmed guests are Bruce Kulick & John Corabi. There will be a Q&A as well as a live performance from Bruce & John. More details including ticket info and Expo start time will follow shortly.

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