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August 2000

August 28

Bruce In "Vintage Guitar" Magazine
Be on the lookout for the new "Vintage Guitar" magazine everyone, as it contains a full three page article on Bruce and UNION. It's the October 2000 issue, with Larry Carlton on the cover. Great article so be sure to check it out!

August 20

"KISS Guitarist Comes To Holland"
The following newsbit appeared recently in a Dutch newspaper concerning Bruce's upcoming visit: "Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick comes to Holland. He will be the special guest at the KISS convention on September 30th in the city of Zaandam. Kulick played with the legendary group KISS from 1984 till 1996. He has got his own band now called UNION. Currently KISS is very busy at the moment with their Farewell tour in the United States." Don't forget to catch Bruce in Holland & Germany on the KISS Expo/"You Can't Stop Rock" Tour 2000 if you are a European KISS fan!

August 19

Message From Bruce
"The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in the Midwest"
Hello everyone! Back from my trip to Detroit, Chicago, and New York. I had quite an amazing time, so let me get right to the story. Flew into Detroit on a stormy Saturday and the promoter of the Expo had not a dinner for me to go to -- as I mentioned earlier in my report -- but a radio station sponsered KISS Expo party at a club called Bullfrog Bar and Grill. Great place and the people who own and run it were very cool to me. UNION should play there! I met my friends Lisa Zinn, Nancy O, and others who I want to thank, of course, for helping me. I am blessed with great friends that I have met through the years of being with and without KISS. The Riff, the rock station in Detroit, had one of their DJ's interview me and do a Q and A. I then gave away some KISS tickets from a drawing, and a guitar as well (not a real expensive one for those of you that are excited!). A tribute band called Detroit Rock City played, and I stayed for half the set, and then off to a late dinner with the promoter and my friends.

Next day was the Detroit Expo, which remember I needed to leave by 3:00 PM because I needed to catch a flight to Chicago for the Foxxfest. Well, that was a bit stressful. I never did two in one day, and you know the weather in the Midwest can be quite unpredictable. The fans in Detroit were very cool and the event was well received. I took lots of photos etc., and really remembertwo teenagers who were much younger when they had the privilege of jamming with KISS at the '95 KISS convention.. you know the one that sang "X in Sex" and her brother who played drums.. It was cool to see them growing up. Thanks again to my friends who helped!

Off to catch a plane to Chicago and that was a lucky flight. Ten minutes after arriving in Chicago "All Hell's Breaking Loose" to quote KISS, and the sky opens up with a monsoon. An elevator that I was in with my luggage stopped midfloor, as the storm shut down power for a few minutes. NOT a good feeling. The promoter Faith of the Foxxfest sent a very cool girl to help, and she got me safe and sound to the hotel to freshen up before arriving at the event. I missed Carrie Stevens, an old and dear friend of mine, but I was glad to be in one piece and on the ground even if it was soaking wet! The crowd was enthusiastic, but smaller than I hoped. But everyone there had their heart in the right place. Did my Q&A on the stage... I joked it was like an HBO special. The hall was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Eric would have been proud. Bobby Rock did a clinic, with over 20 drums on stage! I met a friend Lauren Silver who some of may know as one of the "Girls of KISS" when they originally started that on the KISS site. She also signed and gave out promo cards for her site She is very bright and takes extremely amazing photos that quite honestly the boys really love! So check out her site. She is good friends with KISS, and NOT the way you are all thinking! She also co-owns a gallery in Evanston, Ill called Marilyn Philby, so check that out if you are in the Chicago area. Very cool place.

After the event was over we all headed for a bite, and of course I got to hang with the promoters, and Jack Sawyers, who was the producer of the Tale of the Fox. It was fun to all hang out in Chicago, and I even stayed another day to shop and relax. BUT, this is amazing.... we were all in the Water Tower Place Mall and who do I run into but OZZY OSBOURNE!! We chatted for about 10 minutes about the biz, and I wished him well on the successful OZZFEST tour. He was tired, but his manager/wife Sharon was happy to be shopping in this sneaker store! What a trip! I have always been a huge fan of OZZY. All in all a great time in Chicago, and I want to thank all of the people who helped put on the Foxxfest. Keep up to date on Eric stuff at Loretta's site and remember there are still cool auction items with the money going to cancer charities as Eric wished. Check it out at:

"Return to the Past": Or Putting Your History In Boxes]
Next off to NY to visit my parents and help them move to Los Angeles... finally! I had to pack up so much stuff of mine and my brother's that was left behind. I did get to catch up with some friends, and even some from Los Angeles! First off, I gave my friend Gabrielle (who is a great UNION fan... her and her sister are like family to me) 7 boxes of vinyl from the Kulick collection! I know she will cherish it, and I named her "Analog gal"! Her family helped garage sale some stuff as well, although I know she keep the guitar stand I didn't want!

Next was a night in NY to visit a friend from Los Angeles who is now a "Crue Slut" (a background singer for Motley Crue!!!). La La (her real name), a talented singer from LA, has been a friend of Corabi and mine for many years. She is a tall red head, and the other singer with the Crue is Meatloaf's daughter Pearl. Now, I didn't really ever meet her, but since I was cleaning my parents home I found some cool stuff on her dad (me and brother Bob played together on the now infamous "Bat Out of Hell tour"). So, I brought a package of items for her. Manhattan was great, busy as usual and a "hot summer night" to borrow a Meatloaf lyric! They stayed at the old KISS hotel, the Royal Righa. That brought back memories of tours and Unplugged! We had a bite, took photos and talked about so much. Had a great time.

Back to packing at the folks', but then off to the Motley show at Jones Beach. Being a New Yorker for so many years, I never saw any band play there! KISS, when I was with them, played the Nassau coliseum many times... but off I went with my friend Mike Namoli, a big fan of KISS who the band had known from many years of hanging around. He also owns my original Crazy Nights suit and two guitars with those radioactive symbols on them. LONG story how he got them, and I have no time to get into it now, but he did get them fair and square.... but not from ME! The Crue were good, and the weather behaved... but it was a monsoon going there!Saw some friends there as always, and a good time was had by all. Even saw UNION fans from Argentina! People asking me what was up and all. And of course I did an interview from the back of the arena... a phoner to a station in Ohio! I never stop do I?

Well, my trip of going through and packing things at the folks was almost over. UPS came, and then it was time for me to go home to LA. But not before dinner at Mike's house to have the famous pasta and meet his family. What a trip... I was STUFFED! Took photos of the collection (the jacket sitll fit!), then Mike asked if I ever saw where Eric's family lived when Eric was a child. I said no, and off in the Cadillac we go to East New York to visit the old Caravello homestead. After a quick photo in front of the house, it was time to head to JFK.

Saw Ben Stiller and Tony Danza get off the plane I that was headed back to L.A.! I love seeing celebrities!! Even ran into an old friend on the plane, who is now married and pregnant (congrats Julie)! So, finally home with my dog, back in the studio working on the music. It has been going great recording and I finished two more vocals already. Getting to three quarters of the way done now. The book is moving slower, but progress is still being made (thanks Ken).

Well, more news and lots of pix when I figure out how to download from my new digicam!! Thanks again for everyone who helped me and to my parents for well..... being my parents and letting me be ME!

August 8

Bruce Reviews Bon Jovi For Metal Masters Website
The Metal Masters website has instituted a unqiue new program to have a panel of musicians review their fellow musicians' newsest releases. Bruce Kulick has agreed to be a reviewer for Metal Masters and, in his latest review, shares his opinion on Bon Jovi's newest album "Crush" ("What they accomplish here is the result of their maturity, and you don't hear them trying to compete with Limp Bizkit - thank god!").

August 5

Bruce Kulick Interview On The Blaze
Bruce Kulick will be doing an interview with Sparky from the Blaze on Monday, August 7th at 3:00 p.m. You can listen to the broadcast on the web by going to

August 2

Photos From Bruce Update
Hey everyone, there are some new photos up in Bruce's Photo Album here at the Virtual Studio! Straight from Bruce's personal collection, the new photos include shots of Bruce in the studio with Curt Cuomo recording tracks for his upcoming solo album, some new shots of Bruce's signature series ESP guitar, including some nice shots of Bruce jammin' with his signature model, Bruce hanging out with Tim Sullivan (DRC) and Jack Sawyers (Eric Carr "Tale of the Fox" video) and some really cute pictures of Bruce's "little beasty dog" Joe. Click Over To Bruce's Photo Album To Check Out The New Photos

Bruce Kulick Guitar Tabs
Just a reminder for all of Bruce's fans that can play guitar -- there are some great tabs available here at you should check out, including: "Dead" * "Do You Know My Name" * "Empty Soul" * "Love (I Don't Need It Anymore)" * "Old Man Wise" * "Around Again" * and "Unholy" (sheet format, not tab).
Click Here To Check Out The Tabs

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