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August 2001

August 31

Details On The UNION Show In Argentina
KISSFEVER Online - If this will be the beginning of a new UNION tour or their farewell show it's unknown at this moment, but certainly you don't want to miss an event like this! So be sure to reserve your place buying your tickets for the show in El Teatro, Buenos Aires for Friday, October 19th, 2001 in the following places:
Show info: UNION live in Buenos Aires
WHEN: Viernes 19 de October
WHERE: El Teatro - Federico Lacroze y Alvarez Thomas, Capital Federal.
Ticket price: $18 each.
Ticketek (add $2 for service charge) By phone: (011) 4323-7200
To buy your tickets online: http://www.ticketek.com.ar/cartel2.php?showtag=UNION
For Ticketek locations (Capital Federal, GBA, Mar del Plata y Rosario) please check http://www.ticketek.com.ar/pventa.php
Locuras - (Plaza Once)
Leechi - (Sante Fe 1470, Galería Bond Street, Local 42)
Daiam - (Talcahuano 140)
Rock Soldiers - (Av. Rivadavia 6733, Galeria LeBoulevard. Flores).
Metal Rock - (Cuenca 2840, Local 14. Villa del Parque) Phone: 4504-7858.
Before the show there will be a small KISS Expo. We'll have the details about that very soon, so stay tuned! [Post Your Comments]

August 21

UNION Live In Buenos Aires Again
KISSFEVER Online - UNION/KISS/Motley/music fans are lucky if they plan to be in Buenos Aires during October, because UNION, the band featuring Bruce Kulick, John Corabi, Brent Fitz and Jamie Hunting will be getting together with their friends from Argentina in that month! Yes, you read it right, October 19th, 2001 the comeback of UNION to the stage will take place at El Teatro in Buenos Aires doing their own thing, which is, rock you till you drop, like they did it when they came to Buenos Aires for the first time in December 1999, leaving a crowd of new friends and fans wanting for more after two historics shows! Soon we'll let you know all the info regarding the tickets and the details of this event, stay tuned!!![Post Your Comments]

August 18

UNION Goes To Argentina
Bruce Kulick has informed KULICK.net that UNION will be going to Argentina shortly. No more information is available at the moment but as soon as it is released, it will be posted right here on KULICK.net [Post Your Comments]

MetalMasters.net Reviews "Audio Dog"
If you are familiar at all with the band Kiss then you probably know who Bruce Kulick is, but just in case you donıt, he was the lead guitarist during their time without the makeup and he was in the band longer than Ace or Peter. Personally I think the music that Kiss made with him was the best, especially the Revenge CD (by far their best CD!). If you like Kiss at all, then you will definitely like this CD, as it is flavored with a lot of grooves reminiscent of Kiss, in fact I often envisioned Paul singing a lot of the songs. After Kiss, Bruce joined forces with John Corabi (The Scream, Motley Crue) and started the band "Union" and since John is currently touring with Ratt, Bruce has decided to go solo, and what an impressive solo effort it is! But enough about Kiss, this is ALL about Bruce. Other than a little help from a guy by the name of Curt Cuomo, this CD is written, produced, engineered and mixed by Kulick with him performing all guitars, bass and lead vocals. This CD kicks in with a great Instrumental groove entitled 'Pair of Dice'. My favorite track on the CD, once it gets going I canıt help but think that it belongs on Joe Satrianiıs "Surfing With The Alien". Yeah, itıs that good and that fun to listen to. Not entirely an instrumental CD, itıs packed with rocking, grooving, up-tempo and fun songs, everything is well written, this is one of those CDıs I can put in my player and listen to all the way through, over and over and over again. To be honest, thatıs why this review wasnıt done sooner, it meant that I had to stop listening to it, think about it awhile and really "listen" to it! I was enjoying it a bit too much I suppose. [More...] [Post Your Comments]

August 1

Audio Dog Tattoo On Kulick Fan
Janet Harris Nunn - I've been a big fan of Bruce Kulick for many years now. Bruce is a special person and an incredible musician, and his music plays a very important role in my daily life. My husband Ken is a licensed Tattooist, and I had him ink a purple UNION symbol on my ankle back in 1998. Since then, I've been wanting to get a tattoo to honor Bruce, but I've never come across a piece of art that I felt would accurately represent him. When Bruce's AUDIODOG EP was released this year and I saw the cover of the CD, I knew instantly that the cartoon Audio Dog would be the perfect choice as my 'Bruce Tattoo'! I surprised Bruce by showing him my new tattoo before a Grank Funk Railroad gig in Clio, Michigan. (And I think he digs it!) I'm really proud of Bruce, and I'm thankful for all the wonderful music he's given me over the years. Wearing my Audio Dog tattoo is an opportunity for me to express my gratitude for the blessings I've received through him. [Post Your Comments]

Hairband Central's Interview With Bruce Kulick
Hairband Central welcomes Bruce Kulick as our very first online interview! Through his time with KISS, Union and now Grand Funk Railroad, Bruce will fill us in on his new album, "Audiodog", the world of KISS, and much more! [Read The Interview] [Post Your Comments]

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