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September 2000

September 30

KISS Expo/You Can't Stop Rock Tour 2000 Featuring Bruce Kulick
Bruce Kulick will be the Special Guest of the KISS Party/You Can't Stop Rock Tour 2000, signing autographs and telling everyone all the latest news about UNION, his upcoming book and solo-album, and a lot more. At the end of the night Bruce will also perform a few songs with SHAMELESS. Below is the current KISS Party/You Can't Stop Rock Tour 2000 schedule:

  • September 30th -- Zaandam, Holland * Venue: De Kade, Zuiddijk 9-11, 1500 AA Zaandam * Doors open 2 pm * E-mail: * website: * Phone: 075 6176972
  • October 1st -- Duesseldorf, Germany * Venue: STAHLWERK, Ronsdorfer Str. 134 * Doors open 3pm * E-mail: * website: * Phone 0211/ 730350
  • October 3rd -- Frankfurt, Germany * Venue: BATCHKAPP, Maybachstr. 24 * Doors open 3pm * Phone 069 / 95218410
  • October 4th -- Ludwigsburg, Germany * Venue: ROCKFABRIK, Grönerstrase 25 * Doors open 5pm (Bruce will start the Q/A Session 7pm) * E-mail: * website: * Phone 07141 / 47420
  • October 5th -- Munich, Germany * Venue: METROPOLIS, Grafinger Str. 6 * Doors open 5pm (Bruce will start the Q/A Session 7pm) * Phone 089 / 49042195
  • October 7th -- Berlin, Germany * Venue: MUSIC HALL, Storkower Str. 135, Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg) * Doors open 2pm * Phone 030-4232909

    September 25

    Bruce Kulick Guitar Clinic at Feedback Music Store In The Netherlands
    Just 2 days before the KISS-Party tour with special guest Bruce Kulick takes off there will be a Bruce Kulick guitar clinic at Feedback in Rotterdam. This will be Bruce's only guitar-clinic in the Netherlands! Date: Thursday, September 28; Time: 20.00 hours; Place: Feedback Rotterdam, Ceintuurbaan 191; Tickets: f 10,- reservations/info: 010 2757377

    September 16

    Sorry for my delay in this report. I had to go to NY to be with my parents for two weeks. But more on that later. My trip to OMAHA was short but sweet, and everyone at KISS ARMY OMAHA and the bands who performed, and the people who attended had a GREAT time. WHY? Well of course the usual merchandise from vendors was available (and at good prices), and of course I made an effort to take pix with all, and of course did an informative Q&A, but the entertainment was really good at this event. Johanthan Bear, who works for Z92 in Omaha, promoted the event and with help of his KAO, and along with HOOTERS (the girls rule!!! And special thanks to Carla for helping me at my booth.) and Sam Goody, etc and McGill Travel (who helped change my flights a zillion times) all worked hard to make the event go off without any problems at all. Jonathan was able to get some very cool local bands to entertain, but best of all of course for the crowd, was three guys who learned many KISS songs and really did them justice. And even though they did not wear make-up, they had pyro (courtesy of Jonathan himself!!) and a special guest .... ME! Now I never commit too much to jamming because you never know how good they are etc... and that it's difficult if the gear, or musicianship, is weak. But NOT the case here! I played not 2 or 3 songs, but 7 songs! If my memory serves me: Lick it Up, Domino, She, Parasite, Cold Gin, Tears are Falling, and Rock n Roll All Night. But the funniest thing, when I accidentally unplugged myself before my Domino solo, I stopped the band and made them start up again so I can get it RIGHT! The fans loved the fun we all had on stage and I want to thank the guys from the KISS ARMY OMAHA band. They made a great event even better.

    The following morning I had to leave to go to NY, as I had planned to stay and see KISS a night later ( I still haven't caught this year's Farewell show because of my schedule). If you remember my last report, you know I have been helping my parents to move out to Los Angeles. But this trip was harder as they weren't in the best of health, and imagine living in a home for 35 years how much stuff is there to pack, etc. So.... 55 boxes later, and lots of help for them both from yours truly, suddenly, I was the parent and they were my children! It brought me very close to them, which as hard as it was, made it all worth it (cherish your youth and your parents!). So work on my solo disc, and book, etc, has NOT been priority number one. And I know you all understand that. Curt Cuomo and Ken Gullic are aware, and of course been supportive. As things develop more, I will let everyone know what is happening with news here at the site. What I have learned is to take life a day at a time. Everyday will reveal itself, and you cannot ever predict and make plans that will actually happen. Life does not work like that. So I am learning to be more flexible, and to take things as they come. NO exciting report from NY, as I was in my parents home for two weeks straight! My laptop was my link to the world, and even then I am behind in my emails and work. So more news when things develop. Of course you are all aware of my Baldwin Piano on Ebay!!! I will miss it, but it will be sold. Hope to see my fans in Europe soon on the trip that is coming up. Thanks to all, and especially to my Parents and my true friends who are always there for me when things get rough..... you know who you are!

    September 10

    Baldwin Piano Owned By Bruce For Auction
    Own a piece of KISStory (and help The Eric Carr Foundation!). A beautiful Baldwin Piano owned by Bruce Kulick is now up for auction at Ebay! Puchased and owned by legendary KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK, this original, fruitwood colored Baldwin Howard Spinette was bought in the 1970's while KULICK attended Queens College for his degree in music. It stands 35" tall and is in MINT CONDITION, serial #926329. Click over to the Ebay auction page for more details and to bid on this unique piece of KISStory!

    September 2

    Bruce's Chicago & New York Photos
    Great news everyone, Bruce has kicked it into high gear with his new digital camera! Pictures from Bruce's recent adventures in Chicago and New York have already been linked up in his detailed written report about those travels to give you a visual of the story, but now we've also gathered them all together on their own page so you can check them out all at once too! As you will see, the pictures are crystal clear, and more should be coming very soon from Bruce's most recent trip to New York & Omaha so be on the lookout for them!
    Click To The Bruce Kulick Photo Album To View The Photos!

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