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September 2001

September 26

The KISS Farewell Party Tour of Norway With Bruce Kulick
The KISS Farewell Party of Norway with special guest, Bruce Kulick, will take place Friday, September 28th at Moss, Mollhaven with the doors opening at 8:00pm (ages 20 and up). On Saturday, September 29th it will take place in Bergen, Garage with the doors opening at 9:00pm (ages 20 and up) (www.garage.no). Additionally Bruce will be doing an instore in Halden, Norway near Sweden on Friday the 28th at 12 Noon. The two events are KISS parties with KISS stuff, autographs, live band, Q&A, contests, and more. It should be a lot of fun so if you can, make sure to attend! When Bruce returns to the states, expect a full report from Bruce about the event right here on KULICK.net. [Post Your Comments]

September 25

Bruce Kulick Fan With Bruce Kulick Tattoo
Bruce Tattoo Helen "ogri" Bennett - Well, I realized my leg was looking a little boring and bare (I hate a plain canvas!). I saw Janet's Audiodog tat and thought that was a good idea but I don't like getting the same work as other people and I figured that if I was going to get a tattoo to represent Bruce, then it would have to be a tattoo of Bruce! I'd always loved this picture and I just felt it said a lot. I've since decided to make it into a project and other guitarists will be added, including Ryan Roxie (Glenn Tipton is already on). Of course the challenge is going to be getting all of these guys to sign my leg... By the way, it was done by Jessica June at Purple Panther on Sunset in Hollywood! [Post Your Comments]

"Star Spangled Banner" Guitar Tab
Emil - Once in a blue moon there are quite a few requests for one particular song. That has been the case lately and I think we all realize why. So, here's a tab with which Bruce Kulick fans and the KISS army can show their colors. [View The Guitar Tabs...] [Post Your Comments]

Photos From The Puerto Rico KISS Expo With Bruce Kulick
In August of this year Bruce Kulick was the special guest at the Puerto Rico KISS Expo. Black Star Entertainment Group, the hosts of the Puerto Rico KISS Expo, have up some great photos of the event including some great photos of Bruce. Click over to the Black Star Entertainment Group website to check out all of the photos. [View The Photos] [Post Your Comments]

September 14

Bruce Kulick's 20 Questions With Metal Sludge
Metal Sludge - We last talked to Bruce Kulick on September 21, 1999. Bruce has a new CD out so we thought it was time to find out what he was up to. He has a few brutal answers to a few of our questions here, so enjoy! [Read The Interview...] [Post Your Comments]

September 13

Updated Information On U.S. UNION Shows
Some more additional information has been sent in with regards to the two upcoming U.S. UNION Shows.
October 11th: Live at Paladino's - Canoga Park, CA - 6101 Reseda Blvd (1 mile North of 101 Fwy.) - club info line 818-342-1563. Tickets are $10 and $5 discount list. 11:30 p.m. set time.
October 12th: The Shack - 1160 N. Kramer, Anaheim, CA - phone number is 714-522-1780. [Post Your Comments]

September 6

Bruce Kulick To Perform U.S. National Anthem At Montreal Expos Game
Bruce Kulick is going to perform the American Anthem at the start of the Montreal / Philly evening game on Saturday, September the 8th . [Post Your Comments]

UNION U.S. Tour Dates!
There are now two confirmed UNION dates in the U.S. that will serve as warm up shows for UNION's big show in Argentina. The dates are Thursday, October 11th at Paladino's in Canoga Park, CA and Friday, October 12th at The Shack in Fullerton, CA. More information forthcoming. [Post Your Comments]

KULICK.net Bruce Kulick Picks Feature
Ken Rodenas - KULICK.net is proud to introduce a new feature to the site, Koolick's Picks. Very few people have the opportunity to pick the great guitarists they want to play with. But, us fans do get opportunities at concerts to obtain a pick that has been played with by a great guitarist. Koolick's Picks is a reference guide to the various signature guitar picks used by guitar great, Bruce Kulick throughout his career. Enjoy this trip down memory lane. [View Koolicks Picks] [Post Your Comments]

GFR Bruce Kulick Photos From Louisville KY 8-18-01
There are some cool live GFR Bruce Kulick photos posted on the GrandFunkRailroad.com website of their August 18th tour stop in Louisville, Kentucky. [View The Bruce Kulick Photos] [Post Your Comments]

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