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September 1999

September 28

Bruce Kulick On The Road
Bruce Kulick will be a travelin' man in October, appearing at KISS Expo in Chicago on October 3, then heading off to a friend's wedding in Thailand, returning in time to appear with ESP in Dallas at another KISS Expo on the 17th. Later in the month, UNION has a few California gigs booked, including dates in San Diego at Brick by Brick on the 21st, San Gabriel at the Brave Bull on the 22nd, and L.A.'s Coconut Teaszer on the 28th. -- Metal Edge Online

September 26

New Bruce Kulick Merchandise
Great news for Bruce Kulick fans. There are three brand new personally autographed Bruce Kulick photos available on the Bruce Kulick Virtual Studio Merchandise page. All photos are full color glossy prints, and all photos are hand autographed and personalized to you by Bruce! The photos include the one displayed to the right, as well as two very cool photos of Bruce from the KISS era, one posed and one live onstage. Click over to the Bruce Kulick Virtual Studio Merchandise page to see all the photos and get detailed ordering info!

New UNION Show Dates
Great news for California UNION fans! Three new UNION Show Dates have been announced for the month of October. The dates are: Thursday, October 21st at Brick by Brick in San Diego; Friday, October 22nd at the Brave Bull in San Gabriel, LA (261 S. Mission Dr. - 626-979-4950); and Thursday, October 28th at the Coconut Teaser in LA.

September 22

Bruce Kulick Interviewed By Metal Sludge
Bruce recently did a 20 Questions written interview with the infamous Metal Sludge website. For those who aren't familiar with the Metal Sludge interviews, the questions asked tend to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. Bruce was a great sport with his answers to some rather "unique" questions, so click over to Metal Sludge to read the interview.

UNION Not on Guns N' Roses Tribute Album
It has previously been reported elsewhere online that UNION would be appearing on a Guns 'n Roses tribute CD to be released September 28, 1999, performing the track "Rocket Queen." Bruce Kulick informed that report is "false" and asked that we post this correction to clarify any confusion that may exist as a result of the incorrect information.

September 20

UNION's "Love (I Don't Need It Anymore)" Guitar TAB
Here it is all you guitar playing fans of Bruce -- the first TAB from UNION's debut album. George Christodoulou has taken the time to create a TAB for the song "Love (I Don't Need It Anymore)." So, if you are a player, or just curious as to what the heck one of those guitar TABs looks like, click over to the Virtual Studio Music Page and check it out!

Recent Additions To The Bruce Kulick Photo Album
A batch of cool new photos has been added to the Bruce Kulick Photo Album. Included are pictures of Bruce with UNION from Rocketqueen, an outdoor venue, as well as some of Bruce jamming at the Baked Potato. Click on over to the Bruce Kulick Photo Album to check out these latest additions!

September 10

Message From Bruce
Thanks to all the great fans in Cleveland who turned out for the recent Expo! I had a great time meeting everyone and the questions were cool. Thanks also to Ed Trunk and WNEW radio for having me on for an interview and allowing me to share a couple of songs with everyone from the new UNION CD ("Dear Friend" and "Do Your Own Thing") and from the upcoming Eric Carr solo album "Rockology" ("Eyes of Love"). It was nice to hear the great reaction to the songs from all the fans that listened and called. Also had a blast at the Megadeth show at Roseland and thanks to Concrete for hooking me up. Finally, while in town (NY) I did some interviews with VH 1 for their Rock Show program so be on the lookout. I'll talk to everyone again soon!

September 1

Bruce Kulick Attends 1999 Cleveland KISS Expo
UNION guitarist, Bruce Kulick, was the special guest at the 1999 Cleveland KISS Expo on Sunday, August 29th. Bruce fielded questions from KISS fans during a 45- minute Q & A session, then later met with fans, posed for photos, and signed autographs. When asked to mention some of his current career activities, Bruce replied, "It's a very busy time in my life... it's been exciting!". He spoke about the new UNION album being finished and confirmed its January/February release. "(Producer) Bob Marlette is a very talented guy. He really kicked our ass!,"said Bruce. "As for myself, my guitar work is very REVENGE/UNHOLY-like... so if you like that kind of era of my guitar playing, you'll hear a lot of that style on there. It's very varied. And there's a song that I sing... finally I sing a song on a UNION album that's not just a bonus track... for Eric Carr called DEAR FRIEND. It's a really cool tune." Bruce admitted he was very excited about the new album, but explained that it was still too soon to really talk about it in length.

Bruce spoke a little about the official rerelease of ESP. He said that the album should have a good distribution, and described it as "a party record... the kind you play at a Sunday barbeque". He also stated he looks forward to doing more projects with Eric Singer, John Corabi, and Karl Cochran as ESP.

The KISS fans were very interested to hear Bruce discuss his many Eric Carr projects, including the ROCKHEADS EP, the TALE OF THE FOX video, and the Eric Carr album (ROCKOLOGY), which is scheduled for an October release. The album contains many "incomplete" songs and "work tapes" with little or no lyrics. However, Bruce took the time to include a booklet in the album, which contains his personal notes about each song. "This is not the long lost solo record of Eric", Bruce explained. "It's kind of like the lost Lennon tapes... this is all we have left of Eric, unfortunately, but at least it's current Eric... and you'll see that in the style that it was truly 80's rock 'n roll. If you're a fan of Eric or of 80's rock 'n roll, you're gonna love the record, OK? Of course, it's a great tribute to him. I really enjoyed doing the work on it... it was a labor of love." The TALE OF THE FOX video will be out in September, while the Eric Carr album is scheduled for an October release.

Bruce happily answered many "standard questions" that are generally asked at KISS expos, such as "What bands were you in before KISS?", "Who is your favorite guitarist?", and "What's the most challenging KISS song to play?" He also spoke briefly about Gene and Paul's involvement in CARNIVAL OF SOULS ("They were always there."), and his singing debut in I WALK ALONE. He admitted to no real involvement with the PSYCHO CIRCUS album, with the exception of demo work with Paul, and mentioned that the lawsuit concerning the song DREAMIN' has been settled, but not for "millions of dollars" as it has been claimed by the media. Bruce also talked about attending the premiere of the movie DETROIT ROCK CITY ("I enjoyed it... I laughed really hard."), and mentioned the many tribute albums being currently produced by his brother, Bob Kulick.

Finally, Bruce was asked his opinion on whether the year 2000 will prove to be KISS' final tour. Bruce: "I have a feeling they'll call it The Farwell Tour... I have a feeling it could be the last tour for quite a while, if not further. Paul loves doing 'The Phantom', so he wants to do more theatre stuff... Gene wants to do more mogueling... Ace, I'm sure wants to do more, you know he only got the one song and a bonus track on PSYCHO CIRCUS, so he can (put out an album)... Peter might just be happy that he proved himself to the world that he can cut it with KISS, and make amends... who knows what he wants to do. They can do anything they want; they could be KISS, or not. I can't tell you for sure what'll happen, but my guess would be they could start the new year, 2000, go out there and call it The Farwell Tour, and put out another live album...".

After thanking the fans, Bruce invited everyone to contact him by e-mail. "Do you know my e-mail? It's I DO answer my mail... sometimes I don't answer very long... sometimes it's like, 'Thank you. See ya, Bruce.' But at least you know it's really me, and not someone acting like me." By the end of the day, another KISS Expo had come and gone. But the 1999 Cleve-land KISS Expo had become a very special event with the attendance of guitarist, Bruce Kulick.

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