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  • NEW! Bruce Interview with Rockeyez
    [March 4, 2012 - Rockeyez] A new audio interview with Rockeyez. Nearly 30 minutes long and covers a lot of material including Bruce's thoughts on Davy Jones and Ronnie Montrose, the Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camps, Eric Carr, Mark St. John, and more.
  • NEW! Bruce Interview with Rock Show Critique
    [February 29, 2012 - Rock Show Critique, by Chris Kiebzak and Joseph Suto] Bruce Kulick is a guitarist who currently plays with Grand Funk Railroad. His past credits include a long tenure in Kiss (1984-1995). He also played with John Corabi in Union as well as with Michael Bolton in the 70's band Blackjack. He has released three solo albums.
  • Bruce Interview with Suite 101
    [October 2010 - Suite 101, by Adrian Peel] The long-time lead guitarist for one of rock's most legendary acts chats to Suite 101 about his time with the group.
  • Bruce Interview on
    [August 2010 -]
  • Bruce Interview with Loud Trax
    [August 2010 - Loud Trax, by Antonio Marsillo] Bruce Kulick released his 3rd solo record, "BK3" earlier this year. It was received with much acclaim given his status in the rock world, and the impressive list of special guests which include John Corabi, Nick Simmons, Kenny Aronoff, Steve Lukather, and Bruce's former bandmate, Gene Simmons. Bruce took some time to speak with Rock, Metal, Punk download site, and below is the text version of our conversation.
  • Bruce Podcast Interview on Iron City Rocks
    [June 2010 - Iron City Rocks, with John Katic]
  • Bruce Interview with They Will Rock You
    [June 2010 - They Will Rock You] Most rock fans would point to Bruce Kulick's twelve year stint (1984-1996) with KISS as his most recognizable work but Kulick was shredding well before and continues to rock long after his time spent with KISS.
  • Bruce Interview with Metal Express Radio
    [April 2010 - Metal Express Radio, by Mick Burgess]
  • Bruce Podcast on The Right To Rock
    [April 2010 - The Right To Rock, with Genghis and Ragman] The boys round up Bruce Kulick for a one on one. Bruce discusses his latest solo CD BK3 and what it took to make it. Bruce also gives us the skinny on his days in KISS, as well as his involvement since the reunion.
  • Bruce Kulick on Guitars, His New Album and Life After KISS
    [March 2010 - Guitar International, by Dr. Matt Warnock] Bruce Kulick is a guy who likes to lay it on the line. Who puts his heart into his writing and playing and who isn't afraid to take chances with his music. Ever since he stepped into the role of lead guitarist with the legendary band KISS, after founding member Ace Frehley left to pursue a solo career, Kulick has been wowing audiences with his technical proficiency and penchant for finding the right melodic riff for every occasion.
  • The Gibson Interview: Former Kiss Guitarist Bruce Kulick
    [March 2010 - Gibson Guitars, by Elianne Halbersberg] "The soul of a human being and the hands of a legend" is how producer Jeremy Rubolino describes guitarist Bruce Kulick, with whom he worked on Kulick's third and most recent solo album, BK3. The disc is receiving outstanding reviews worldwide and entered Billboard's Heatseekers chart at No. 12. With two solo albums to his credit, a wealth of touring and session work, and of course his years with KISS, Bruce Kulick is a guitarist's guitarist. He has an innate understanding of what to play and when to play it, and can approach any genre of music with the necessary finesse or aggression to complement the song.
  • Bruce Interview with Eddie Trunk
    [March 2010 - Eddie Trunk Live] Bruce called in to Eddie Trunk Live on the Boneyard on Monday, March 1, 2010.
  • Bruce Interview (Podcast) with Talking Metal
    [March 2010 - Talking Metal] Topics include Bruce's new "BK3" solo album, Nick Simmons, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, John Corabi, Tobias Sammet, "Doug" Fieger (Note: this interview was recorded a few days before Fieger's passing), the "BK3" track "I'll Survive", Paul Stanley, KISS' "Carnival of Souls" and "Sonic Boom" albums, Blackjack, and Michael Bolton.
  • Bruce Interview with More Metal
    [March 2010 - More Metal, by Holger Mordhorst]
  • Bruce Interview with Jewish Telegraph
    [March 2010 - Jewish Telegraph, by Mike Cohen] BRUCE Kulick has never legally changed his named to 'Former Kiss Guitarist Bruce Kulick', yet it seems that every magazine feels obligated to call him that. But Bruce, who was with the rock legends for 12 years from 1984 to 1996, is quite happy with the moniker.
  • Bruce Interview with Big Music Geek
    [March 2010 - Big Music Geek, by Todd Newton] Who was the most talented Kiss axeman? Ace Frehley? Vinnie Vincent? The late, woefully-underrated Mark St. John? The possibilities seemed endless. Fortunately, this question has at long last been answered with the long-overdue release of BK3, the latest solo offering from acclaimed Kiss/Union/Grand Funk Railroad alumnus Bruce Kulick.
  • Bruce Interview with Diamant Noir
    [February 2010 - Diamant Noir, by Fred Vehert] Now with "BK3", Bruce has got one more reason to be proud of his post-KISS career as the album certainly is one of his very best releases, if not the best! Bruce recently spoke to Diamant Noir about this fantastic CD as well as his career with KISS.
  • "Bruce Kulick Discusses Gear and Recording for BK3"
    [February 2010 - Premier Guitar, by Jordan Wagner] Kulick recently spoke to PG about the new album, his vast gear collection, and the thrills of recording and writing with some of his favorite artists.
  • Bruce Interview with Metal Exiles
    [February 2010 - Metal Exiles, by Jessica Bohatch-Easton] From Meat Loaf to the Good Rats, Blackjack, Union and KISS, Bruce Kulick has always delivered the goods. Now with the release of his third solo album, BK3, Bruce has raised the bar higher and has easily shot over it. BK3 is not a typical guitar player's solo album; there are meaty album cuts and singles that are begging to be played on radio with some of the best singers in hard rock today.
  • Bruce Interview with
    [February 2010 -, by Thomas S. Orwat, Jr] On Feb 2 ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick released his third solo CD, "BK3." This Cd showcases Kulick's awesome guitar work and great songwriting. We caught up with Bruce to discuss his new Cd and his history with Kiss.
  • Bruce Interview with I Love Music
    [February 2010 - I Love Music, by Johnny Price] I spoke with Bruce at the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC for his CD release party on February 6, 2010. I asked him how he felt about the initial response from the fans and critics on his new release.
  • Bruce Interview with CWG Magazine
    [February 2010 - CWG Magazine, by Jeff Markunas] "You're sort of the Swiss Army knife of Rock and Roll. You're a guitarist, songwriter, arranger and singer and you're very adept at all of these roles. Before we talk about BK3 directly, how is this album different from your other solo albums and what inspired it?"
  • Bruce Interview with AYP Magazine
    [February 2010 - AYP Magazine] We recently had the pleasure of hooking up with arguably the most talented lead guitarist to ever play with Kiss, BRUCE KULICK. The Kiss Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC hosted a release party for Bruce's latest effort, BK3, and the Kulick and Kiss faithful were out in full force. In this three part video interview, Bruce tells us all about BK3 and the virtual who's who of all star musicians appearing on the cd.
  • Bruce Interview with ESP Guitars
    [January 2010 - by]
  • "Ex-Kiss Member Bruce Kulick, Gene Simmons and Eric Singer Get Reality Check at 'BK3' Release Party"
    [January 2010 - Rock Music Examiner, by Phyllis Pollack] Last night's party celebrating ex-Kiss member Bruce Kulick's release for his BK3 album released today, was filmed for Kiss bassist Gene Simmons' television reality show, Gene Simmons' Family Jewels. The party was held at the Cat Club on Hollywood's Sunset Strip.
  • "The Only Member Of KISS On Planet Earth That Hasn't Worn Make-Up"
    [January 2010 - BW&BK, by Mitch Lafon]'s Mitch Lafon recently caught up with former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick to discuss his new album, BK3, and touch on Kulick's KISS career.
  • Bruce Interview with The Sheena Metal Experience
    [January 2010 - by Sheena]
  • Bruce Interview with La Chaîne Guitare
    [January 2010 - by Pierre] Another guitar super-star on The Guitar Channel with none other than Bruce Kulick himself!! World wide known for his 12 years as the lead guitarist for KISS, he is now pursuing a solo carreer as well as being involved in many different projects. I had the pleasure to do a Skype interview with Bruce to talk about his latest solo album BK3 and many other subjects.
  • Bruce Interview with PodKISSt
    [January 2010 - by] Bruce Kulick is about to unleashed a monster! His new album "BK3" arrives in stores on February 2nd, 2010, and it is fantastic! Bruce was kind enough to grant us an exclusive PodKISSt interview, packed with insights and info about this great new album.
  • Survivor: An interview with Bruce Kulick
    [January 2010 - by] Ace Frehley was first and Tommy Thayer wears the makeup now, but no KISS guitarist has had a longer tenure than Bruce Kulick. His years (1984 to 1996) yielded several hit albums and one of the best records of the band's 35-year career, 1992's Revenge.
  • Bruce Kulick Talks KISS & The BK3 Solo Album 
    [January 2010 - by RockStar Weekly, Avril Savoie ] On February 6, Bruce will be releasing BK3, his third solo album featuring an all-star cast of friends. The album takes listeners for quite a ride over its twelve songs...from the frenetic and anger-fueled "Fate" (co-written by Kevin Churko, known for his work with Ozzy Osbourne) to the philosophical and uplifting "Life." Never one to mind sharing the spotlight with other talented musicians, Kulick invited several guest artists to appear on BK3, including Gene Simmons of KISS on the anthemic "Ain't Gonna Die," Doug Fieger (lead vocalist of The Knack) on the soon-to-be pop classic "Dirty Girl," Tobias Sammett (EdGuy, Avantasia) and Eric Singer (KISS) on the fierce "I'm The Animal", Nick Simmons (son of Gene) on the first single "Hand of the King", former Union cohort John Corabi on the moody "No Friend Of Mine," and guitar legend Steve Lukather (Toto) on the exciting instrumental "Between The Lines."
  • Bruce Interview with BackstageAxxess
    [January 2010 - by Dee Haley] Bruce Kulick, the former KISS/current Grand Funk Railroad guitarist, is about to release his third solo album BK3, on Twenty 4 Records/Rocket Science Ventures, on February 2, 2010. The veteran axeman has an impressive guest list on his upcoming CD, including members of KISS, the Knack, Toto, Motley Crue and more. talked extensively with Bruce about BK3, his dream team of guests, working with Gene and Nick Simmons, his involvement with Fantasy Camps, Grand Funk Railroad, and a whole lot more. Listen first hand to what Bruce had to say.
  • Bruce Interview with Nightlife Online Magazine
    [January 2010 - Rock Rapport, by Ross Catalino] The New Year finds Kulick unveiling an eleven track attack loaded with well crafted lyrics and exceptional guitar work. The record fires right out of the chamber with the explosive opening track "Fate" barreling through to the records expressive closer "Life". Lyrically the guitarist strips away the layers of his life opening the door to his soul as friends & former bandmates like Gene & Nick Simmons, Eric Singer & John Corabi to name just a few join in to help weave the tale.
  • Bruce Interview with Full Metal Rock
    [January 2010 - by Aniruddh 'Andrew' Bansal]
  • BK3 Is Kulick's Charm
    [December 2009 - by] Say the name Bruce Kulick to fans who grew up as fans of KISS in the 1980s and 1990s and the following words are likely to come to mind: talented, professional, consistent, versatile, musical. Kulick came into KISS in 1984 at a point where all of the above attributes were needed, and then some.
  • Bruce Interview with WoodyTone
    [December 2009 - by] You'd have to be newly arrived from Jupiter - with no Internet connection - not to know that Bruce Kulick was KISS's lead guitarist during the shreddy (and then grungy) '80s and early '90s.
  • Bruce Kulick's New Album Packs a Punch With Big Time Guest Appearances
    [December 2009 - by Noise Creep, Christina Fuoco-Karasinski] When former Kiss and Meat Loaf guitarist Bruce Kulick is reminded he has had an amazing career, he takes it in stride. "I can't say I've had a boring career, that's for sure," Kulick told Noisecreep with a laugh. "Certainly, there's no doubt that the Kiss years were really cool."
  • Bruce Interview with Sleaze Roxx
    [December 2009 - by Ruben Mosqueda] Bruce Kulick has been very productive since his departure from KISS in 1996. He's recorded three solo albums, released two studio albums and a live record with Union, has made countless guest appearances and has been a member of classic rock act Grand Funk Railroad, touring extensively with them during the past nine years. Recently I had a chance to talk to Bruce about his upcoming solo album BK3 which will be issued on February 2, 2010. I hope you enjoy the interview as much I as I enjoyed talking to Bruce - he's a class act and a good interview.
  • Bruce Interview with Deuce News
    [December 2009 - by Fabio "Deuce" Mainardi] Today is a great day, Deucenews readers! I'm pleased to host an interview with Bruce Kulick. Bruce left KISS back in 1996, since then he released three albums with Union, one live, and recorded two solo albums, Audiodog and Trasformer. Now we are in the pipeline to witness the birth of his third and best album ever BK3!
  • Bruce Interview with Crusher Magazine
    [December 2009 - by Alissa Ordabai] Sounding both modern and timeless, familiar and original, Bruce Kulick's new record BK3 is on the one hand all about his grasp of the tradition that got the man his gig in KISS, and on the other it brings home the fact that it's Kulick's own unique flair that makes him stand out among legions of other chopsmen of his generation.
  • Bruce Interview with House of Hair
    [December 2009 - by Ray Van Horn, Jr.] Interview With Bruce Kulick of KISS for House of Hair Online
  • Bruce Interview with Rock Eyez
    [December 2009 - by Brian Rademacher]
  • Bruce Kulick Q&A with May The Rock Be With You
    [November 2009 - by Troy Culpan] Bruce Kulick is coming back to Australia armed with his first new solo album in five years - BK3 - and a brand new live show that promises to delve into the depths of material from his twelve year tenure with KISS and his work in the last thirteen years as a solo artist. BK3 is Kulick's third solo release, hence the title.
  • Q&A: Ex-KISS guitarist bringing the funk to Rock 'N' Roll Marathon
    [November 2009 - by San Antonio Metal Music Examiner, Jay Nanda] If Bruce Kulick's status were to be phrased in the form of a "Jeopardy" question, the answer might go like this: "Meat Loaf, Billy Squier, Michael Bolton, KISS and Grand Funk Railroad have all enjoyed this guitar talent's services." The ensuing "Who is Bruce Kulick?", unfair as it may seem, may be apropos given the fact Kulick is often tagged as "the new guy."
  • Bruce Kulick Q&A with KISS Army Australia Fans
    [November 2009 - by KISS Army Australia] The KISS ARMY AUSTRALIA is proud to present a Q&A by the fans, for the fans with the legendary Bruce Kulick who will soon be back in Australia for a tour in December 2009!
  • Comando Rock Interview With Bruce
    [November 2007 - by Antonio Rodrigues Junior] Bruce was interviewed by Brazilian hard rock magazine Comando Rock in their November 2007 issue. The topics covered include: Bruce's next solo CD BK3, his visits to Brazil for KISS conventions, his time with KISS, the ESP live CD and DVD, KISSology, and much more!
  • Living His Rock 'n Roll Fantasy
    [August 2006 - by Karyn Collins/Asbury Park Press] An article in the Asbury Park Press (online) that spotlights local resident Steve Savitsky's experience at the NYC Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp '06. Steve was a member of Bruce's band, "Hell's Kitchen", and there are serveral quotes from Bruce throughout the article.
  • Guitar Player - 2006 Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp
    [May 2006 - by Mike Molenda] An article in Guitar Player by Mike Molenda which recounts Molenda's experience at the 2006 Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp, where Bruce was his Camp Counselor/Band Leader.
  • Bruce Interview In Australian Guitar
    [2006 - by Paul Southwell] An awesome interview by Paul Southwell in Australian Guitar in which Bruce covers everything from KISS to UNION to GFR to ESP, and talks guitar tech as well for all you gear heads!
  • UNION in Burn Magazine (UK)
    [February 2006 - Andy Lye, Staff Writer/Live Editor Burn Magazine] While in London during their Fall 2005 tour, Bruce and UNION were interviewed for the British rock magazine Burn. Click here to download a PDF version of the interview, or click the title link to see the interview as images.
  • Bruce Interview In Australian Guitar
    [2003 - by Paul Southwell] A cool 1 page article/interview with Bruce that focuses primarily on Bruce's solo CDs, as well as covering some guitar/tech info.
  • Columbus Guitar Clinic Review
    [April 2002 - Terri Bey and Ken Rodenas] Columbus, OH was treated to an intimate clinic with guitar great, Bruce Kulick on Wednesday, April 3. The event, sponsored by ESP guitars and KRA Music Store in Columbus, featured a very candid Bruce talking guitars, career and music. It is not a "clinic" per se in the sense that he did not go into exquisite detail on guitar techniques or go into theories and chord progressions. Instead, he played lead to songs with backing tracks and spoke a bit about the inspiration for each of the songs. And this worked perfectly since the majority of the crowd appeared to be fans, not practicing musicians.
  • 2 Kool Dayz With Koolick
    [February 2002 - Andrew Treadwell] When Bruce first hinted to me in October last year, he was coming to Australia, I immediately couldn't wait. He didn't let me know very much, only that "It would be very exciting". Within a few weeks he let me know that he'd be coming down to do solo shows. I knew straight away how special and unique this would be so I made up a few real basic promo posters and started emailing around everyone I knew, to spread the word. I was originally planning to go to both of the shows in Sydney and Melbourne, but having a family doesn't lend it self to taking off to do stuff like that, besides, my wife would have just plain killed me. So I decided to concentrate all of my efforts on helping to make Sydney a success.
  • Bruce Kulick Live In Australia 2002
    [February 2002 - Various Fans] Click above to read fan reviews of Bruce's live concert performance in Australia. Photos included in some reviews!
  • Star Interviews Online - Bruce Kulick Interview
    [October 2001 - Star Interviews Online] I first saw Bruce Kulick in Richfield, Ohio playing guitar for KISS in 1984. I was expecting someone named Mark St. John but he was either kicked out of KISS or had to quit, couldn't perform, depends on who you talk to. In my opinion, Bruce Kulick didn't fit in KISS. He was too good for them. Sure, you could argue that KISS is legendary and great, but I am here to tell you, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are showmen, not true musicians. They are good at what they do, have a large following, and I love KISS too. But that's old KISS. To me, when Bruce came into the band, it was the 'Kulick Era' because no matter how good or how bad the music was from 1984 to 1995, one thing shined, the guitar.
  • Bruce Kulick's 20 Questions With Metal Sludge
    [September 2001 - Metal Sludge] We last talked to Bruce Kulick on September 21, 1999. Bruce has a new CD out so we thought it was time to find out what he was up to. He has a few brutal answers to a few of our questions here, so enjoy!
  • Interview with Bruce Kulick
    [July 2001 -] Recently Bruce took the opportunity to do a two part interview for all his fans to read here at so everyone could keep up to date with what's going on in Bruce's life. Here in Part One, Bruce answers questions about what's going on now -- including "Audio Dog" and Grand Funk Railroad -- as well as what's in store for the future -- convention and expo appearances, biography, and possibilities for additional solo albums among other topics. Read on to see what's going on in Bruce's life!
  • Metal Edge Reviews "Audio Dog"
    [June 2001 -] Let's face it, unless your name is Gene or Paul, being in KISS can be the kiss of death. How's that? Who'd have thought that Bruce Kulick--arguably the most talented guitarist in KISStory--could release an album in the height of a KISS reunion and receive a response more in line with a national guard than the KISS Army?
  • An Audio Dogs Life
    [April 2001 -] Although Ace Frehley is considered the quintessential Kiss guitarist by most fans (he was an original member and vital force), it was Bruce Kulick who occupied Kiss' guitarist position for the longest amount of time - 11 years, from 1984-1995.
  • Bruce Kulick's Audio Dog EP Fan Reviews
    [February 2001 - Bruce Kulick Fans] is looking for fan reviews of Bruce's "Audio Dog" EP. Click the link above to submit a detailed "track by track" review of the Audio Dog EP and to read what the other online fans have to say about this awesome new EP from Bruce Kulick!
  • Bruce Kulick: "My solo album will be 'Joe Satriani meets KISS' style music"
    [September 2000 - KISS Kollector] Late September former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick spent some days in Holland to catch up with his friends down here, since he already had to be in Europe because of his appearances at the KISS Expos with glamband Shameless. He was the special guest at the KISS Expo in Zaandam (Holland) and travelled through Germany early October were he appeared as the special guest at five KISS Expos there. While in Holland, Bruce also gave a guitar clinic in Rotterdam at a store called Feedback and of course he also checked out Amsterdam while staying their and he also did a recording session at a local studio. As it had been a while since I last did an actual interview with Bruce, we also decided to do an interview at the end of the second day of his stay in Holland.
  • Live Chat With Bruce Kulick
    [3-14-2000 -] Click above to read the transcript of the Bruce Kulick fan chat.
  • Metal Sludge Interviews Bruce Kulick
    [9-21-99 -- Metal Sludge] This week's interview is with Bruce Kulick. As most of you know, Bruce was in Kiss for about 10 years before he got the boot, and now he's in Union! Who needs Gene and Paul when you can have Brent Fitz and Jamie Hunting??
  • Bruce Kulick Interviewed by Starlog
    [8-99 -- Starlog] Despite the fact that he was their fourth lead guitarist in just three years, Bruce Kulick has the distinction of having been a member of KISS for more consecutive years than any of his predecessors, including original guitarist Ace Frehley. When Mark St. John was afflicted with the debilitating Reiter's Syndrome just prior to the Animalize world tour, it was Bruce who stepped in as a temporary-and ultimately, permanent-replacement.
  • Russian KISS Army Interviews Bruce Kulick
    [7-10-99 -- KISS Army Russia] Recently (in July) Bruce Kulick gave an interview for the Russian Kiss Army. Read on to see what Bruce had to say!
  • Bruce Kulick Proves He Can Kick KISS's Ass No Problem
    [5-98 -- Guitar Magazine] Getting kicked out of a band as a victim of baby-boomer reunion fever really sucks, as ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick and ex-Motley Crue singer John Corabi likely would tell you. Hell, Kulick was a member of Kiss Longer than Ace Frehley (12 years versus nine for Ace). But rather than wallow in the ignominy of being replaced by original, but less talented members of those bands, Kulick and Corabi have channeled their frustrations and/or anger into their new band, Union.
  • WRSE-FM Radio Interviews Bruce Kulick
    [5-29-98 -- WRSE Radio]On May 29, 1998, the day which would have been their Chicago gig at Jackhammer's in nearby Schaumburg, Bruce Kulick called for a phone interview at WRSE-FM, Elmhurst College, where I was the metal music director up until my graduation two days later. Although not given the chance to be aired, the interview was very informative, and a thrill for a KISS fanatic like myself to partake in. With that, the interview follows.
  • UNION: Hired Guns No More
    [3-98 -- Good Times] When a member of a superstar band leaves to pursue other musical outlets (usually when they start believing their own press) the results are usually unremarkable. Anyone remember "Carved In Stone" by Vince Neil? Any of the solo albums released by Peter Criss? I didn't think so. So I can understand any apprehensions you may have about UNION, the new group formed by Bruce Kulick and John Corabi along with Brent Fitz and Jamie Hunting. Let me cast aside any doubts you may have. This band is the real deal and their self titled debut rocks and will surely wind up in my year end top 10.
  • Bruce Reviews The UNION Studio Album
    [3-98 -- RAG Magazine] Recently RAG had the opportunity to talk with Bruce Kulick about his new band UNION and their self titled album which was released February 24th on Mayhem Records. We thought it might be interesting to have Bruce review his own album. He walked us through each track, and explains some details about each song. We started right at the top with the first track on the album.
  • Bruce Kulick & John Corabi Form A More Perfect UNION
    [3-98 -- RAG Magazine] The interview in the magazine was an edited version and The UNION Asylum is proud to present, with full permission of interviewer David Fyke, the entire original interview that was the source for the magazine's edited version.
  • A Most Perfect UNION: UNION's Debut Album Reviewed
    [1-98 -- The UNION Asylum] "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union..... do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." Well ladies and gentlemen, it took 210 years from the time our forefathers wrote those words for it to happen, but a MOST perfect UNION has finally emerged in our great nation!!!"
  • Michelle Gibson Interviews Bruce Kulick
    [12-8-97 -- Kulick-It-Up Website] Michelle Gibson, ("Kulicker" on AOL and a HUGE Bruce Kulick fan) interviewed Bruce Kulick and here is the transcript that Michelle graciously gave us to reprint.
  • Bruce Kulick & John Corabi AOL Chat Transcript (11-3-97)
    [11-3-97 -- America Online NightClub] See what the internet fans had to ask Bruce and John.
  • The KISS Asylum Interviews Bruce Kulick
    [10-17-97] Bruce Kulick talks about the KISS "Carnival of Souls" album, his new band UNION and more!
  • Kiss and Tell: Thunder Downunder
    [11-13-96] The original Kiss reformed. Great! Well great for fans that is, but what about two of the "Johnny come lately" members now left out in the cold, Bruce Kulick (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums)? The fact is both are aware that the reunion tour is going to last at least two years, so they better be doing something else. Right now they have combined forces and are coming to Australia as part of the Unholy Downunder Tour. The tour not only includes a selection of live gigs but also special clinics for other musicians, who wish to gain from their expertise.
  • Bruce Kulick Unholy Roller
    [11-96] Recently departed Kiss members Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer will appear at Metropolis next tuesday, November 26, as part of their Unholy Downunder clinic tour. BOB GORDON spoke to Kulick about life within and beyond Kiss.
  • Bruce Kulick Clarification
    [10-96 -- Vintage Guitar Magazine] The October 1996 issue of Vintage Guitar featured an interview with veteran guitarist Bruce Kulick, the lead guitarist for Kiss when our conversation was recorded. Just prior to press time, Kulick left that platinum-selling band, and VG opted to run his interview as it was recorded. The introduction to the interview noted Kulick's recent career move, and stated that the opportunity for an update from Kulick was in the offing. And such was the case when Bruce Kulick called Vintage Guitar's Southern Regional Office soon after his interview was published. In a brief and cordial conversation, he filled us in on the details of his departure from Kiss, and his future plans.
  • Bruce Kulick AOL Chat Transcript (9-5-96)
    [9-5-96 -- America Online NightClub] So all you internet chat nuts fire away some cool questions.
  • Bruce Kulick - No Kiss-Off
    [8-96 -- Vintage Guitar Magazine] This is one of those "dead-line dilemma" articles. Just a few days before this issue of VG was to go to press, media reports said guitarist Bruce Kulick and drummer Eric Singer had left Kiss, and a phone call to ESP's Matt Masciandaro confirmed such. Because Kulick's interview was recorded prior to his departure, it was decided to run the interview as it was recorded. At the very least, the opportunity for an update from Kulick is now in the offing.
  • Axe King's Fret on Fire: Bruce Kulick, National Indoor Arena, Birmingham
    Rock guitar superstar Bruce Kulick barstormed his way through his most intimate gig in the last five years - playing to just 400 fans at the city's International Guitar Festival.
  • Bruce Kulick: "Here to Stay"
    [4-25-96 -- KISS Karisma Fanzine] I asked Bruce about the new album that KISS completed before Gene and Paul decided to do the reunion tour. You've all probably heard by now that Bruce is singing lead on the album for the first time on the track "I Walk Alone." I started by asking him how the band managed to get him, Mr. "I only sing in the shower," to sing on an actual recording.